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Throughout the years, I’ve heard many things said about animated shows, whether they be good or bad. And that’s their fair opinion, and that’s okay! Everyone is entitled to one. But it just hit me hard when people, usually adults, are so blunt about it.

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there’s lots of things i have to tell myself not to watch or i’ll cry:
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Assorted Glaive Headcanons:

Because I love my wasted potential garbage children and need to Organize my thoughts before continuing my writing endeavours. (masterlist)

  • Axis cuts his hair by himself, that’s why it looks kinda choppy, but he likes it that way and deeply insists they never cut it the right way when he goes to a salon
  • Pelna’s favourite way of having rice pudding is with lots of cinnamon, some raisins, condensed milk drizzled on top, coconut shavings and preferably made with coconut milk.
  • Axis deeply regrets the years he spent as Tredd’s roommate because Tredd spoiled his cat rotten and now he’s a little shit.
  • In that topic, Axis’s cat is named Domino and he’s a sphynx. Tredd originally disliked the strange wrinkly creature but quickly became fond of him.
  • Luche collects stamps and secretly adores trashy pop music, like REALLY trashy pop music, like, Aqua and Toybox trashy pop music. 
  • Speaking of him, Luche has a cat named Empress, she’s a white turkish angora with heterochromia and is ridiculously sweet and mild mannered, he hit the jackpot when it comes to cats, honestly
  • Axis listens to deathgrips and pinkly smooth. So does Nyx. Nobody else can understand their taste in music, or lack thereof.
  • Nyx also has a cat, it’s a stray he picked up one day, his name is daredevil, he’s has a very fluffy chocolate coat and his temper is the absolute worst. They meet because daredevil steals Nyx’s lunch one day and when he chases the little thief and finally catches him he realises he was actually extremely skinny under the thick fluffy fur. He felt bad for it and decides to keep him, it took a lot for the cat to warm up to him, though…
  • Pelna absolutely adores birds, but he doesn’t want to get one as a pet, he feels it’s rather cruel to keep a creature meant to fly freely in a cage.
  • Libertus cooks and bakes to relieve stress, sometimes so much he doesn’t have to worry about lunch for a couple of days
  • Sonitus and Axis make bets about whatever weird shit Tredd’s gonna do next sometimes
  • Nyx can sleep anywhere, and I mean anywhere, okay? He’ll take 15 minute powernaps in a bathroom stall if he has to. It’s a skill he developed after many years of having to work after long nights of not being able to fall asleep.
  • Tredd’s music tastes include InnerPartySystem, Divide The Day, Nine Inch Nails, and Noisia, among others
  • When he isn’t listening to trashy bubblegum pop, Luche quite enjoys the sounds of children crying and innocent souls screaming in anguish… At least that’s what Libertus described his playlist as, no one else has actually heard it. There’s a lot of rumours about it.
  • Luche has never stepped into a strip club and Tredd really wants to take him to one
  • Crowe is really damn good at cooking but if you want her to cook for you you have to be at social link lvl 10 and chose the romance route
  • Nyx is disturbingly fond of walking to places and no one really gets why he loves walking so much. He finds it relaxing and stress relieving.
  • Tredd is the kind of dudebro with a gym membership. 75% of the reason he goes is he keeps hoping the cute chicks that do poledancing will finally notice him. They don’t really care for him, or men for that matter. 
  • Sonitus has the most fascinating inner monologue ever and if you can get him drunk enough he never shuts up, unfortunately that might also mean you’re gonna have to listen to him endlessly complain about “That damn leprechaun and his huge ego” always getting him and Axis into trouble.

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“You want it ?” Someone was teasing violet with a dollar bill 💀💀💀💀 lmfao she’s savage 😂😂😂😂😂

Anime characters in nutshells
  • Natsu Dragneel: I'm all fired up.
  • Haruhi Fujioka: Fancy tuna.
  • Feliciano Vargas: PASTA!
  • Edward Elric: I AM NOT SHORT!
  • Light Yagami: I am God!
  • Yuno Gasai: *kills everyone then makes out with Yuki*
  • Yato: I love money!
  • Kaneki Ken: I swear I am human!
  • Ciel Phantomhive: Sebastian, get me some fucking cake!
Anime the Signs Should Watch

Aries: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Taurus: One Piece
Gemini: Haikyuu!!
Cancer: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Leo: Rosario + Vampire
Virgo: Beelzebub
Libra: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Scorpio: Kill la Kill
Sagittarius: Eyeshield 21
Capricorn: Tiger & Bunny
Aquarius: Ouran High School Host Club
Pisces: Axis Powers Hetalia

AU where fandoms are put into a gym together
  • Hetalia Fandom: Fall asleep on the equipment until they're either yelled at or offered food.
  • Undertale Fandom: Carry around a motivational poster of Papyrus with the picture of him on his Steam Trading Card.
  • Pokemon Fandom: Brings a boombox and plays the Pokemon Theme in a never ending loop.
  • Free! Fandom: whERE THE FUCK IS THE POOL
  • Earthbound/Mother Fandom: Split off into groups of four and do the exercises together whilst making unpleasant grunts to one another as their form of communication.
  • Kuroshitsuji Fandom: Bring friends who actually work out and climb on their backs, piggyback riding them the whole time while critiquing their exercise routine.
  • Vocaloid/Utau Fandom: "Our Day at the Gym" - A musical phenomenon.