Silver had fallen asleep on the beach again after she had gotten home from her classes. She had been drawing before hand and her sketchbook lay open beside her. She had been drawing Axel. She normally drew people she knew to remember what they looked like or just for a fun memory they had. The memory of this drawing was Axel asleep on her couch. She could feel the afternoon heat on her skin and hear the ocean but she stayed asleep. The tip of her pen was hanging from her mouth.

axeleternalflames showed up in Shibuya

Neku watched as another person entered the small backstreet Neku had chosen as his spot for the day, this time a guy dressed in black with spiky red hair. Rrgh, great. Like he needed any more people around. Shibuya was full enough as it is.

“Hmm, you want something?” Neku sighed as he waved off the newcomer. “Cause if not, I’ve got other places I could be.”

((RP with axel-eternal-flames))

Kairi wandered around Twilight Town, bored out of her mind and eating a Sea-Salt ice cream. She came here to see if there was anything she could occupy herself with since the islands she used to play on was kind of a bore to her due to the absence of Sora and Riku. Finishing the last of her ice cream, she sighed and was about to leave when she heard someone’s footsteps behind her. She turned to see a familiar face not too far away. 


axeleternalflames has entered Shibuya

Joshua had known other Axels naturally existed from alternate realities… however to see one in his city… one that wasn’t his usual Axel…well, it was unexpected. He couldn’t help it. He ended up watching the guy as he walked about in his city.