axel464 doodles


I wanted to make some stickers for myself, and thought making a few of my oc’s to stick onto things. XD
I was looking for a company to get them made, but most of them are either to priced or they don’t do single sheet. Next best option is to look for some good sticker paper and print them at home. 8)
I am in love with Minibug and Wasp holding hands~ Cuteness level intensified. My other ones are Spitfire, Blue and Coldblaze.

Also concept sketch’s from my sketchbook and digital sketch’s as well. 


Wanted to give a shot at drawing RID bots. Got to do Sideswipes and Bumblebee~ (Could of done SS’s a bit more buffer). And forgive if something is off or missing, had little reference or improvised. XD

Gonna take a breather and finish another commission before thinking about drawing another RID character. (Strongarm~~)

Wanted to draw my Swiftblade in the mtmte/RID style. (or Dawn of the Autobot’s?) Still haven’t caught up with my reading yet, but hell i need too!

Anyway i couldn’t resist doing it. Swiftblade reminds me of Windblade so much because of the face markings. (I know the markings honor Caminus)

I’m not proud how her wings came out, but maybe future works of her will update as i go. 8) I also need to work on her Tessen weapon and fighting. 

Swiftblade © Me


Here are some good pic’s of SwiftBlade (may change name) i did yesterday. All done in Open Canvas pencil tool (Except the 5th one, done in Photoshop). I never used my ol’ Open Canvas since 2007? I fell in love with the pencil tool again. Now to figure out how to color on it.

SB is coming out smoothly, I decided to change her Alt Mode for earth to a Gripen. Because that the other one i didn’t think would of suited her. In the 5th image i was working on her Cybertronian mode. I’m trying to make her seem oldish because she goes way back before the war started, like around when Optimus was Orion Pax. Yeah, she’s an old. Before she joined the Decepticons.

Now to start doing more sketch’s and color some maybe. 8D

SwiftBlade-© AXEL464

Omogosh, i’ve known about ‘You Are Umasou’ for quite a while. I watched like the begining of it last year, and forgot about this amazing movie. So today after work and finding gifs of this roaming around i looked it up again and found the whole movie with subtitles in it and watched it.

SO MUCH HEART STRINGS PULLED HERE. I just lost all my shit watching it. This is an amazing movie!~<3

And so did a few sketch’s because holy cow i’m so pumped with it! Light is just akdlfjslkfjak! And Heart, such a sweet baby! I just wanted to hug them both.

And of course, I added two girls into this because you know, one day their gonna find a mate (or girl) and couldn’t help it.

Later today i might to more sketch’s if i’m still pumped. Talk about it with me my peeps! so i can get pumped again later. (its 4am right now and my arm kind of went for a loop so sleep hnn) And if you want the link to watch this amazing movie message me to post a link.