axel464 doodles

Wanted to draw my Swiftblade in the mtmte/RID style. (or Dawn of the Autobot’s?) Still haven’t caught up with my reading yet, but hell i need too!

Anyway i couldn’t resist doing it. Swiftblade reminds me of Windblade so much because of the face markings. (I know the markings honor Caminus)

I’m not proud how her wings came out, but maybe future works of her will update as i go. 8) I also need to work on her Tessen weapon and fighting. 

Swiftblade © Me


Wanted to give a shot at drawing RID bots. Got to do Sideswipes and Bumblebee~ (Could of done SS’s a bit more buffer). And forgive if something is off or missing, had little reference or improvised. XD

Gonna take a breather and finish another commission before thinking about drawing another RID character. (Strongarm~~)


The Doodles i did in the stream today! Usually i put these on my other account because it not being TF. But I did these under this name so bleh. >8P

The top are the doodles i did of Shane Acker’s 9 film. I love that movie and have been in the fan base since the movie came out. My oc’s Zero is in there because she’s gonna teach 9 the proper way of wielding his staff. (instead of shaking it around and all phhh)

7 who’s on a Ravens back i may fix it a bit more with the wings and color it. 8D

The second images are the request of some peoples oc’s. 8) (And i love Yedg’s Mel 8> )

Oh man i’m exhausted, gonna go put my close in the dryer and get ready for bed. Till the weekend! I may stream again!

The only thing i could actually draw at the moment. I had been itching at drawing some animal gargoyles. And wanted to practice drawing a Hyena gargoyle. 8D

Now, i barely even draw animals and wow i learned a few things while looking up references for them.

The numbers located on around them are the order i sketched them.

I’m posting my Gargoyle stuff on my Fly-free accounts now.