Four Continents FS - Yuzuru Hanyu Performing “Hope and Legacy” by Joe Hisaishi, put out a strong performance hitting a quad loop, Salchow and two quad toes as well as two triple Axels. 

The only glitch came when he doubled a planned quad Salchow. The 2014 Olympic Champion picked up a seasons best with 206.67 points and won the Free Skating portion. Overall he moved up to second at 303.71 points. 

“I didn’t feel so much pressure. I was trying to feel relaxed and to enjoy the performance I have practiced for so much. I’m very excited about the score, I showed what I had practiced and I am satisfied with what I did. I will practice my quads more to make them perfect and I’d like to be more confident in the next competition”, 

the two-time and reigning World silver medalist commented.

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Happy Birthday Kat and Peter!! Your comment about you and Peter occasionally going by Thing 1 and Thing 2 made me laugh so hard. You see my best friends of over a decade are identical female twins who frequently go Thing 1 and Thing 2 since their mother adores Dr. Seuss. And the faces they pull about it are this cross between fond, exasperated, and embarrassed. It never fails to make laugh and that's where my mind went immediately.

xD My older brother Axel practically raised us, and according to him we were obsessed with The Cat in the Hat when we were little, so the names stuck. We’ve never minded overmuch, I’ll admit. 

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I just recently got into figure skating (Thanks to Yuzuru and his awesomeness) and since I'm still not completely knowledgable on scoring, do you think it's possible for a lady skater to break the 100 point barrier in the short program, given that they can do quads like the guys have been able to?


No, ladies can’t get to 100 points, even should they be able to put a 3A *AND* a quad in their program (and currently there is only a tiny bunch of ladies landing 3A in competition across junior and senior fields. There are videos and rumors about other skaters training for quads, but the only one who has ever landed it - although quite underrotated, must be said :P - is still Miki Ando).

That’s because, Base Value aside (and Yuzu’s Olympic Short Program is still the ONLY program to have ever got over 100 points with just one quad and one triple axel), women PCS have a lower coefficient (0.8 instead of 1.0 like men, so the highest PCS reachable is 40).

That means that, even if a woman gets all 10s in all components, to break 100 she would need 60 points on TES.

To give you an idea of what that means, Nathan’s 4Lz+3T, 4F, 3A + all level four spins and steps on Friday didn’t break 60 points on TES.

The only program who broke that barrier has been (so far) Yuzuru’s Chopin last season (twice, at GPF and at WC).

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So which of the children is which? What color does Lutz wear? What about Loop? And don't forget Axel!

I Have Pigtail and wear Purple -Axel

I have my hair in a bun, and wear light blue clothing. Lutz

I Just have a regular ponytail and I tend to wear pink. -Loop