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hey Red, I saw this topic somewhere and I wanted to ask you about it. I love all your ocs or at least the ones you've shown so far so, if they were in the fade where the tombs that show your greatest fears, what would your Hawke, Axel and Lavellan's greatest fears be?

You wouldn’t believe this, but I hadn’t actually thought about this much before you asked. So now I’ve had to think about it hard and I got the feels. Still, a very interesting question, thanks nonnie!

I think for Axel it would be or Dishonor first, further down the line it would definitely be Weakness or Failure. Or both.

Xander Hawke would probably be Silence at the beginning of the game, and Loss by the end of it.

And for Éadaoin Lavellan… I believe it would be Helplessness pretty much throughout. But specially after Trespasser.