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Why Axel/Lea is the most tragic character in Kingdom Hearts

-Hollow Bastion fell when they were just kids, that means Axel lost his heart when he was just a kid and was probably just lost in the darkness for years until he became a nobody

-He does all the dirty work so that Saix could get to the top of the Organization

-He and Saix drifted apart while in the Organization, getting into multiple arguments (a lot of these involving Xion)

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-Axel lost Ven, even though they met once they still became friends and the fact that Lea never knew what happened to him.

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-Axel found Roxas, whom he probably thought was Ven when they first met no doubt.

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-And then Axel lost Roxas, one of the only people he actually cared about in the Organization (besides Saix)

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-Axel lost Xion, someone he knew was just a replica yet he cared for her dearly and did so much to try and help and protect her

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-Immediately after losing Roxas, Axel has to go find Xion even though she refuses to come back again and he’s just so upset with everything that it results to Axel breaking down in front her and ending in a fight.

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-Axel’s last “memory” of Xion is of them fighting. Axel passed out after their fight and didn’t wake up until after Xion was gone, so he lost all his memory of her already. Their last moments together were in pain.

-The Organization tasked Axel to destroy Roxas. They were forcing him to go and kill his best friend.

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-He tried so hard to get Roxas to remember him, and Roxas didn’t until it was too late and he had to return to Sora.

-Axel was on the run from the Organization all through KH2, he had nowhere to go.

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-Even after Roxas was gone, Axel still searched for him tirelessly, even resorting to kidnapping Kairi just to get Sora to come to him to have a chance of seeing Roxas.

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-Axel comes back TWICE to try and free Kairi, getting severely injured each time.

-He was basically killed by his friend (Saix)

-After Axel is stabbed by Saix, he wanders through the dark portals, pushing himself to keep going because the only thing he wants is to see Roxas again.

-Axel knew that he was going to fade, so he put his entire “existence” into his attack to save Sora and the others

-When Lea wakes up in Hollow Bastion, the first thing he’s thinking about is Roxas; even after he faded he was in a dream with Roxas and had to finally say goodbye, crying none the less

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-Lea lost Isa. He was searching for Isa throughout KH3D and only to find that he had been taken by Xehanort and now a vessel.

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TL;DR Throughout Kingdom Hearts Axel/Lea has been in constant pain and losing those he cares about.

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I guess the closest thing we Nobodies have got is our past.
You know, memories of the stuff we couldn’t bear to lose,
back when we couldn’t bear to lose it.


Thank god the whole keyblade weilder thing worked out for all of them, because school was looking like a real dead end. 

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  • Kairi: Where do you keep going?
  • Axel: Not saying.
  • Kairi: Tell me, Axel.
  • Axel: Nope.
  • Kairi: Come on, tell me.
  • Axel: Not talking about it.
  • Kairi: Tell me, tell me, tell me...
  • Axel: (at the same time) Nope.
  • Kairi: Tell me, tell me, tell me—
  • Axel: Fine. I was in the bathroom. I'm having stomach problems.
  • Kairi: Oh, okay.
  • Axel: Yeah.
  • Kairi: Sorry.
  • Axel: It's real bad—
  • Kairi: No, that's all right.
  • Axel: You should've been there.
  • Kairi: I don't have to hear it.
  • Axel: It was like a massacre.
  • Kairi: No, you can—
  • Axel: Multiple flush.
  • Kairi: Please stop.

Day 1: Favourite Scene

[ He was  w e a k . ]

… he says, while showing so much sadness, disguised as anger, as despise.
I don’t know what he thinks about in this moment, which memories come to his mind, yet it is easy to see the grief he denies feeling.


DAY 01: Favorite Scene

You know, for beings without hearts, there sure was an undercurrent of resentment and bitterness in their scenes together.