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Hey, guys! After KHII iKairi, what medals do you think we should be looking forward to? And, if possible, when are they estimated to be released in NA KHUx?

To be very honest, there has not been any premiums in JP KHUX so far that is a must have as KH2 Kairi Illustration [M] was. 

However, there are premiums released in JP KHUX that are nice to have but not exactly necessary.

  • Cloud EX [P], Axel EX [S], and Sora EX [M]
    These premiums gives TAU+3 and TDD-3 for their attribute at the cost of 2 SP. They’re extremely powerful, however, only Cloud EX [P] was guaranteed after 20 draws, and Axel EX [S] and Sora EX [M] are not guaranteed after a set amount of draws. (Someone has made 60 ten medal draw for Sora EX [M] and didn’t get him. And another JP KHUX player had to make 28 draws for Axel EX [S].) So, don’t put your hopes on getting these. I bet Square will probably put these premiums behind a paywall for NA KHUX because they’re so very OP but who knows.
  • HD Wisdom Sora [M] and HD Ventus [S] 
    These premiums gives enemies GDD-2 and higher multiplier = more abilities used. While Maleficent Dragon [P] also gives GDD-2 as well, her multiplier relies on HP and she gives HP sacrifice as well, which makes her less desirable compared to HD Wisdom Sora [M] and HD Ventus [S]. I expect these premiums to be super powerful if you have double attack ability unlocked on these. While Maleficent Dragon [P] is a strong medal to have, she is not a good candidate for double attack because of her HP Sacrifice. 
  • KH 0.2 Riku [P] and other premiums that give GAU+2 and TAU+2 for 2 turns
    So far, only GAU+2 and PAU+2 for 2 turn premium has been released, and that is KH 0.2 Riku [P]. I am expecting a speed and magic version of these premiums to be released in the future as well. These premiums overshadows Riku Illu. B [P], Sora Illu. B [S], and World of Chaos [M] because of the GAU+2 buff. 
  • GDD-2 and TDD-2 for 2 turns premiums
    While these premiums have not been released yet in JP KHUX, I do expect to these premiums to be released as well since we have a GAU+2 and TAU+2 for 2 turns premium, probably at the cost of 5 or 6 SP. These premiums, once released, will overshadow KH 0.2 Mickey [P], KH 0.2 Aqua [M], and JP KA 9 [S]. 

The expected release date in NA KHUX, assuming about 1 new premium per week, for the premiums that have been released in JP KHUX so far:

  • Cloud EX [P] ~June 16th, 2017 (12 premiums from MX&V [S] to Cloud EX [P])
  • Axel EX [S] ~July 7th, 2017 (Released same week as SP Vanitas [P])
  • Sora EX [M] ~Aug. 4th, 2017 (Released same week as KH 0.2 Riku [P])
  • Maleficent Dragon [P] ~June 16th, 2017 (Released the same week as Cloud EX [P])
  • HD Wisdom Sora [M] ~July 14th, 2017
  • HD Ventus [S] ~July 21st, 2017
  • KH 0.2 Riku [P] ~Aug. 4th, 2017

Of course, the dates might be a couple of weeks off, maybe a week later than it’s suppose release date because Square might not release Halloweentown Sora Illustration [S] until Halloween since that premium was suppose to be released after KA 3 [S] and before HD Ursula [M]. (Or I can’t count weeks properly. Or Square might change up the release dates on premiums.)

For me, since it is rather difficult to go for all of these premiums, you should focus on trying to get the premium you have the weakest deck in. For example, if you are missing in a SAU+2 buffing medal, it is probably best to go for Axel EX [S] or Ventus HD [S]. I would personally go for Ventus HD [S] because medals of other attributes and NOVA can benefit from GDD-2 whereas only speed medals will benefit from Axel Ex’s [S] SAU+2 and SDD-2.

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1/3 of Ex Cathedra is people being gay in a field, and it’s not just these two

Fun fact this AU has the longest timeline out of any of my AUs (14 yrs)

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Time taken away and wasted or given up willingly, but is it wrong to believe there is still time to make it worth it?

I can’t wait to see Yuri!!! on Ice! 

I already love Yuri Plisetsky. I can imagine this angry kid having the flexibility to do a biellmann spin — it would be like watching magic on ice.

I drew the costume from the official art, but since the whole picture is painted in blue, I had to imagine the colors. In any case, I think Yuri looks really good in blue.