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Do you have a specific person that you use as a reference for Axel's realistic drawings? I'm not asking cause it looks familiar but he just seems to have such individualistic features in your drawings! Sometimes realistic drawings look all somewhat generic but yours each seem to be their own people

No, I mostly just look at character’s models and face structure and go off what specific ones they have and implement stuff that also plays a role in facial structure like more realistic rendering of traits in certain ethnicities the characters are or what I headcanon them to be (like drawing Xigbar as half-East Asian, Xaldin as half-black (i hc them as having the same mom and different dads), etc.) along with other small features like giving them dimples, freckles, scars, whatever.

I mostly end up drawing him looking more like his newer model, even though I like the facial appearance of his old one so rip I’ll get there someday


Who Broke It?- Kingdom Hearts [Animatic]_Organization XII

I dunno it really fits…. ahaha!


An interesting proposal! @xwolfangx !
I don’t really see this happening, what with what Lea/Axel had to go through, and his newfound Keyblading shenanigans, but if he were to backtrack, and betray Sora, I feel it would be more along the lines of, persuasion and dark influence. Much like what Xehanort did to Terra.

And he would just, completely revert back to Axel, only Norted.. ish.

And bring back those smexy tear drops.