axel curtis

Honestly though, WWE have been so smart about The Shield reunion.

You had The Miz,Bo and Curtis attacking Dean for weeks and he moved onto insulting Seth and Seth coming out and helping Dean out, therefore the miztourage attacked Seth as well. Which resulted in Seth and Dean helping each other out, You had their will they, won’t they moments, until they ended up fighting each other to get rid of the tension between them and now they’re one of the strongest tag teams on RAW and the tag champs.

You’ve got The Miz going after Roman now and insulting everything to do with The Shield because he knows that’s how to get into Romans head. Hes been going after the pack of dog mentality as the shield done with their 3-1 attacks.

Where does Cesaro and Sheamus come into play? Well, for months Sheamus and Cesaro have hated nostalgia acts since the Hardys returned. Mentioning both the shield and the Hardys and how they used to be big before not anymore. Cesaro and Sheamus think they’re the best tag team and can’t accept anyone else taking their place let alone a tag team that’s reunited/returned.

Tonight though, when they came out and attacked Seth and Dean it’s to get back at them. They’ve also seen since Seth and Dean got back together, no matter how much they insult them they come out on top. Everyone is aware in the WWE locker room, the way you get inside Seth,Roman and Deans head is by mentioning the shield. That’s why they went to attack Roman tonight, because they knew it’d affect Seth and Dean more than anything else.

That’s why The Miz has constantly been using The Shield tactics against Roman,because Roman can easily beat The Miz but when you throw in The Shield it gets inside his head,more than anything.

The steelchair as well, one of the most easily grabbed weapons you can agree with that. But the symbolisation of the steel chair and The Shield is so much. The Shield constantly used it in their matches,when they were backstage or at ringside they’d always more than likely be using a steel chair on someone. The steel chair was also what broke the shield up in 2014. The steel chair is what helped bring Seth and Dean back together. And ultimately that’s what’s helping the shield reunite.

WWE have been so smart in this, from Bray playing mind games with dean,“you have nothing to fear dean, because you have nothing to loose. There was time a though, wasn’t there dean? A time when you did have something to fight for? But what happened dean?! What happened? That love was ripped from you.” Seth redeeming himself before mania by saying,“I liked myself before I met you.” “I gave up everything to stand by you and for what?!” To Seth wearing a shield on his Wrestlemania 33 gear and so much more. The WWE have literally been planting seeds for this to happen for months and it finally is.