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There’s so much to love in this. 

  • Sasha and Kofi enjoying a bowl of delicious Booty-O’s cereal.
  • Big E telling Alicia to Leggo Sasha’s Booty-O’s.
  • Xavier Woods clearly playing Pokemon Go.
  • Truth and Goldust being an old married couple.
  • Sami Zayn talking to… absolutely no one.
  • Corey Graves and Cesaro telling each other where they buy their suits.
  • Curtis Axel trying to blend in with Graves and Cesaro.
  • Braun Strowman hanging out in the back, desperately trying to not look socially awkward.
  • D-Von getting annoyed that Bubba Ray is talking to Sin Cara.
  • Lana not really realizing she’s on television.

And here goes another birthday game!

IMPORTANT BELOW AND AS ONCE AGAIN.. my program was being stupid and put in Luke Harper twice, 15 is NOT Luke Harperhhhh! XD and it also cut out 11 so… 15 is Big E 11 is Big Show

This is only a tint dirty XD
But yeah, enjoy :3

When people say that Roman Reigns is only successful because of The Rock…yet, his dad is the one that’s the Hall of Famer. And he wasn’t nearly as popular as Dwayne because wrestling was incredibly racist during that time, and so was his gimmick in The Wild Samoans.

So, I find it funny that no one ever says he’s successful because of his dad. Wanna know why? Because then they’d have to apply that same statement to Randy Orton, Natalya, Cody Rhodes, Bray Wyatt, Curtis Axel and anyone else from a wrestling family.

They’d have to acknowledge that they’re hypocrites for not applying the same criticisms to everyone else.

Like it or not, Roman is successful because of himself. He put himself through developmental, he learned the ropes, he’s taking the bumps, he’s putting on amazing matches, he’s risking his health, and he’s the one dealing with everyone’s vitriol. Not The Rock. Rocky didn’t even want to be associated with Roman last year because his PR team thought it would be a bad move.

FCW Florida Tag Team Championships:
Gavin Spears & Dolph Ziggler Vs. Heath Miller & Joe Hennig (Champions)
Florida Championship Wrestling
[October 26th, 2008]

Imagine if things had worked out originally and that the duo of Gavin Spears and Dolph Ziggler would have been called up to WWE TV together? You had Dolph Ziggler, who had debuted on WWE Raw by introducing himself to the WWE roster, teaming with Gavin Spears, who would gain much more notoriety by fans of the WWE several years later when he became known as Tye Dillinger. These two knew each other well from time spent wrestling together at OVW. The tag team of Heath Miller and Joe Hennig is interesting, as the two would team up several years later as Heath Slater and Curtis Axel in the Social Outcasts. Slater shows a lot of charisma in this match, and fans of FCW get behind himself and Hennig, who wears his father’s trademark yellow. However, for how strong the fans are behind Hennig and Miller, the team of Spears and Ziggler work twice as hard just to immobilize Hennig.

I made a list of WWE Network shows/episodes with Finn Balor

I may have missed some short stuff. I did not watch every single NXT episode start to finish. Apologies if I did, but enjoy this until Finn gets back!

- 248:Balor debuts at end of episode to aid Hideo Itami vs the Ascension
- 249:Balor and Itami vs Kidd and Justin Gabriel, starts episode
- 251:Balor main events vs Tyson Kidd, 36mins in
- 252:Balor and Itami tag vs Breeze and Kidd, 29 mins in
- R-Evolution: Balor and Itami Vs Ascension 31mins in. Balor debuts the demon.
- 257:Balor and Itami vs the Ascension in R-Evolution rematch, 34mins in
- 259:Balor vs Kidd, 2mins in
- 260:Balor vs Curtis Axel 11mins in, #1 contender preliminaries
- 261:Balor vs Itami, 34mins in, #1 contender semi finals
- Takeover Rival: Neville vs Balor, 42mins in. Demon, #1 contender match finals
- 266:Balor vs Brian Kendrick 34mins in, main event
- 269:end of episode, Balor fights Kevin Owens 53mins in
- 270:Balor vs Owens title match main event, 30mins in
- 272:Balor vs Breeze 20mins in and Balor vs Itami 35 mins in
- 274:Balor vs Dillinger 3mins in
- 277:Balor and Itami vs Rose and Breeze 37mins in
- Takeover Unstoppable: Balor vs Breeze 2mins in
- 280:Balor vs Dillinger 42 mins in
- 281:Balor vs Rhyno 46mins in
- 284:Balor defends Itami against Kevin Owens 6mins in, Balor vs Rhyno 46 mins in
- 285:Balor and Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens and Rhyno 46mins in
- 288:Balor starts show with NXT championship, Balor and Owens sign contract 47mins in
- 290:Balor talks about match against Kevin 32mins in
- 291:Balor vs Marcus 25mins in,Owens attacks him after match
- 292:Owens calls out Balor 50mins in
- Takeover Brooklyn:Balor vs Owens ladder match, main event
- 296:Balor and Joe vs Lucha Dragons Dusty Rhodes tag team classic tournament  41mins in
- 299:Balor and Samoa Joe vs Enzo and Cass, Dusty Rhodes tag team classic tournament
- Takeover Respect: Balor and Joe 2 matches for Dusty Rhodes Tag team Classic
- 305:Balor vs Apollo Crews 31mins in
- 306:Balor comes out to confront Samoa Joe 48mins in
- 308:Balor and Samoa Joe sign match contract in beginning of show
- 310:Balor and Apollo Crews vs Joe and Corbin 41mins in
- NXT Takeover London: Balor vs Joe Main event
- 316:Finn receives 2 year end award 15 mins in
- 319:Apollo Crews vs Finn Balor 43mins in
- 323:Balor vs Neville 35mins in
- 326:Balor vs Rich Swann 12mins in
- 327:Balor attacks Joe 51mins in
- Takeover Dallas: Balor vs Joe main event
- 332:Balor and Joe at house show losing championship 15:50mins in, did not air on network
- 334:Balor starts off NXT, Balor vs Elias Sampson 36 mins in
- 337 Balor and Joe interview 17mins in
- Takeover the End: Balor vs Joe for championship, steel cage match, main event
- 340:Balor promo 45mins in
- 342:Balor and Shinsuke promo 28mins in
- 344:Balor and Shinsuke short promo at beginning of episode. match 12mins in 

Main Roster
- Raw 1209 Balor debuts on stage beginning of episode: 6:45mins in, Fatal 4 way: Balor vs Owens vs Cesaro vs Rusev 10mins in, Balor vs Reigns 1hour 55mins in. Promo at 1hr 16mins. Promo at 1hr54mins
- 1210:Balor and Rollins promo 41mins in
- 1212:Balor and Rollins promo 1hr 20mins in
- Summerslam Balor vs Rollins and wins Universal Championship
- 1213:Finn starts off show by relinquishing his title :(

-Breaking Ground: Takeover Respect episode: 18mins in with Bayley and quickly shown in a few other episodes, but nothing to note
-WWE 24 Takeover Brooklyn Special throughout
-Unfiltered with Renee
-Swerved: “You’ve been had all day” in NXT sections of episode
-Finn Balor The Demon Revealed special

-NXT All Star Panel-Original Special

-Beast in the East:Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens for NXT Championship