In time…I awakened to a new purpose.

Cool, so you’re…like…not taking the ice cream I got you then? And am holding out towards you? Because I’m happy to eat it, but if I just leave it like this waiting it’s gonna melt. Never mind the waste’a munny, it’ll get all over my coat, and - and get this memorized - this thing ain’t machine washable.

What is the purpose of Saix approaching Lea? Everyone thought it was leading to a battle. But he approaches… only to sit with a resigned posture and have a heart-to-heart? That doesn’t seem Saix-like.

Why does Lea have two ice creams? Was one intended for Saix or someone else? Kairi? Why were they in Twilight Town to begin with?

What does Saix mean when says he’s awakened to a new purpose? Is he talking about being Norted or something else?

Something is missing. We are missing something.

I can’t wait to find out what.

It might not be Xion

As much as I would like it to be, the possibility of the new mysterious cloaked figure being Xion is not set in stone. Watching some people debate whether or not it is Xion had me thinking…

Here we see Siax saying, “I would hate to think we invited you back into our ranks for you to fail to deliver our final vessel.

Who do we know defied the Organization? Xion and Roxas.

They both deflected in their own ways.

Here we see the figure wielding the Kingdom Key. Both Roxas and Xion can wield it along side Sora. So far it is an even match up on the possibilities.

"But we see Roxas wielding Oblivion?”

Remember when he regained his memories in KH2? Remember the epic final battle of 358/2? In both situations, he was wielding the Kingdom Key and switched to Oblivion and Oathkeeper. So he could be doing the same here.

As you can see, the it is the same location, just a different spot, and we all know KH physics allow for some insane jumps.

As much as I want it to be Xion, I have to admit that is may not be.

She better come back eventually though or we all will be like Lea.

It better be her. I am still holding out hope.