A bit of warming up soloing over “You Do Something to me”

Ibanez AS2630 - Fractal Audio AxeFx Ultra - QSC K10



The master of the Axe Fx breaks down how to play the solo to the Tyketto classic. 



* Watch in HD! *

Been awhile since my last video! Since then.. I’ve been bogged down with loads of work and spent a week in hospital. Finally found some time to record and upload some new stuff, hope you guys like it! 

Guitar and Bass cover of the Planetshakers’ song “Good To Me” off the ‘Heal Our Land’ live CD. Really like this song! Have been looking forward to it since I heard the demo version. Love the catchy bridge riff!

The guitar used is a 1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus. Its got Suhr Doug Aldrich ’s humbucking pickups and a set of RS Guitarworks electronics into it. These upgrades made the whole guitar open up even more and sound better than with the stock ceramic pickups. Plugged directly into the Fractal Audio Axe FX II which goes into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and then through firewire into my macbook pro. I used the FAS amp model on the Axe Fx II. 

There aren’t that many EG parts in this song so I added another in.. On the album version, the guitar does NOT come in on the Pre-Chorus.. In the video, I played guitar on the pre-chorus as well because I feel it helps to build the song into the chorus. 

For the bass.. I used an Ibanez Prestige SR1005EFM bass, it’s got active bartolini pickups in it and the vari-mid EQ circuit. Running straight into the Axe Fx. Here’s the interesting part.. I’m not using any amp with the bass. Inspired by a patch on the fractal forums, I tweaked a tone using only filters and Geometric Equalizers and this is what I got. Credit for this idea goes to the guy on the forums (can’t remember his username!) Again.. from the Axe Fx II into the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and then into the MacBook Pro. 

I’m not sure why the video for the bass is a bit out of focus.. But oh well! I tried to do a multiple angle guitar shot for the guitar take (as you can see there’s another tripod in the frame), but I couldn’t import those videos to my mac for some reason so I had to settle for just one angle! I originally intended to record a drum cover as well of this song, but am running short of time to do so given that I’ve got some major exams coming up. Maybe in the future! 

The blue wire dangling down the side of my jeans is for my In-Ear Monitors (Westone UM3x), which I was using to listen to/play along to the original track. 

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Guitar: 1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus w Suhr Doug Aldrich Pickups
Bass: Ibanez Prestige SR1005 EFM
Cable: Klotz LaGrange w Neutrik Plugs
Amplifier: Fractal Audio Axe Fx II / Vox AC4TV
Effects: Fractal Audio Axe Fx II
Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
DAW: Garageband on a MacBook Pro
Camera: Sony HDR 10E
Lens: Wide angle converter VCL - E07A
IEMs: Westone UM3x
Video: iMovie 09

Instagram: jmsmusic

* All original Audio tracks for the song are property of Planetshakers Church!



Pretty awesome future sounds here. 


It’s happened, not 5 months after receiving my Axe FX Ultra, Fractal audio have announced the Axe FX II, and it won’t be much more expensive than what I paid for my Ultra either.

You might think I would be irritated or annoyed by this, but I’m not.

Fine, on paper it appears to be a considerable improvement on the Ultra, I’m not saying that it isn’t, but the Ultra is still amazing and will absolutely provide everything I will need musically, at least for the foreseeable future. I am still only just getting to grips with the Ultra, and so to suddenly up and sell it in the hope of not having to wait too long until I can purchase and receive the new unit is just mental.

Besides I’m one of those guys who has always been easily persuaded by the minimalist approach, to try and make do with the minimum, which is what I do even if owning an Axe FX in the first place might not seem it. However the fact is that, with my current set up I could be called up on a Monday and get asked to sub in a band of any genre for that Friday, and I could show up rolling my entire rig through the door and a guitar on my back having created sounds just as advanced and suitable than any players who had been doing it for years, if not more so.

My point is that I don’t need the Axe FX II, and seeing how I’m not a dumb as fuck gadget freak, I don’t feel compelled to own one right away either. I may very well own one at some point, but it’ll be if/when my current Axe FX breaks down and I need a replacement.



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This is a rig we built for client Mark Elliot. We can build one for you as well to suit your needs.




Another great video from the king of Axe Fx demos. This time he does a spot on cover of the Def Leppard classic, “Foolin."