axe mask

Sometimes I think about what it’d be like for Animorphs to be slightly less “everyone suffers PTSD” and more “not-as-mentally-scarring kid-thriller”

also I was watching Goosebumps on Netflix so


So here’s that hawk mask that I recently finished off , its a basic friction fit sheath .

Made from 4.5 mm wet formed veg tan leather which was then distressed on the workshop floor .

 Old copper was then shaped and hammered into place , then drilled and  riveted with copper saddlery rivets before being aged with brass black .

 The leather was then double dyed dark brown and then light for an aged effect before being rubbed back with wire wool for a scuffed effect.

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Reeves pattern Nessmuk Axe .

No its not mine just borrowed for a bit from a Mate as it needs re handling .

Mr Reeves is now sadly retired and this version is made from forged 1080 high carbon with a separate cutting and chopping face as per the original Nessmuk pattern and a flamed curly maple haft .

full specs here


This was a commission from my good Friend Andrew over at valleydeepmountainhigh for his Gransfors Bruks belt hatchet .

Coyote brown kydex axe mask , with a secondary safety lock feature using Mil-spec shock cord and a ITW Nexus toaster cord lock  to cinch down the cord behind the axe poll . 

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Custom Axe mask .

So here’s that carbon fiber pattern Holstex a thermoplastic similar to kydex axe mask that I recently made for a customer .

 There are 3 levels to the sheaths retention, first the close molding of the Holstex , second is the Mil-spec shock cord and cord-lock and 3rd a simple kydex hardware screw & post which allows the user to set the amount of retention / ease of draw .

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GB SFA Kydex mask .

 Its been awhile since I made up kydex masks for some smaller Gransfors Brucks belt hatchets  but wanted to make up a prototype version for my own small forest axe as well .

This Proto version has x3 points of retention , the first  the kydex mold itself , secondry retention comes in the form of a self tightening screw allowing the user to set the required retention and 3rd in the form of a Mil-spec shock cord loop with ITW Nexus hardware.

 I plan to make a few more versions of these including a full survivor model and will probavbly make a leather version in the same style for those anti -plastic kydex haters out there .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Wandered around fellow nerds, saw live music, got free goodies, saw three warboys, a Doof Warrior (with ax) and a masked Max, got a pic with Cap and the Dark Knight himself, and Elvis gave up a trolley seat for us. Glad we decided to check out the con area sans badges!