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TEW Dating Headcanons

Dating Sebastian would involve:

  • Falling asleep alone but waking up with him. He doesn’t like staying out late for work, but definitely makes up for it with warm cuddles
  • This man cannot cook but will try his very best to impress you with plenty of home cooked meals and other little labors of love
  • Sometimes when he’s drunk he really can’t keep all the horrible things he’s seen, and all his fears from spilling out. He’s always afraid you’ll leave because of he’s such a unreliable wreck. Just hold him tight. He’s a sensitive guy and needs love and support.
  • Big on PDA, no mater the time or the place if he gets the urge to kiss and cling to you it’s going to happen
  • Acts really confident and serious during lewd acts but will fall apart if you give him attention
  • Seb’s a detective. He almost always a pair of handcuffs on hand. No need to say anything else.

Dating Joseph would involve:

  • He is such a dork and will try to be really formal and polite the first few months you are dating. A bit old fashioned and always a gentleman.
  • Working at the KPD is overwhelming but with your support he feels like he can do anything
  • So passionate it’s rather infectious. Seeing him get excited about a movie/book/whatever seems to rub off on you even if you have zero knowledge/investment in what he’s obsessing over
  • Loves receiving PDA. Hoh boy its wild how reactive he is to every little touch. He’s a bit loud though, so maybe save it for home and not at the station.
  • He’s so soft spoken and gentle but he is fucking strong. It’s almost frightening when you see him work with an axe to cut wood. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that.
  • Soft cinnamon roll in the streets, total freak in the sheets

Dating Ruvik would involve:

  • First and foremost is his work. If you really are serious about being with him, be ready to lend a helping hand in the lab
  • PDA is a no go at first. He’s not too self conscious about his burns but still doesn’t like being touched or exposed for prolonged periods of time. gradually he’ll come to enjoy holding hands and hugs, but it’ll take some trust.
  • Ruvik is petty as fuck and will hold grudges. Expect small acts of revenge (nothing lethal or really harmful) in the strangest of places.
  • His version of ‘talking dirty’ is using very detached and scientific observations to describe the situation he has you in and what he plans to do you. Don’t expect your actual name to be used. You are just another test subject after all.
  • While he doesn’t seem to care and appears cold at times, he is trying so hard to be a better man. While they are few and far between, he will make grand gestures to try and show how he really feels.

Dating Laura would involve:

  • Sneeking out in the middle of the night to see her at the Victoriano mansion
  • She is so soft and beautiful but she is such a fighter. She has a strong spirit and will do anything to protect what she believes in and you are constantly amazed by her sheer resolve
  • She will always blush really hard if you compliment her, without fail. She says she doesn’t like all the flattery but really she holds everything you say close to her heart
  • She will sing until you fall asleep, and loves writing small songs about you
  • She isn’t super confident with PDA, so you’ll have to make the first move. With some reasurement that you love being seen with her she’ll get much more daring with handholding/kissing in public
  • The last gift you receive before the fire from her is a small locket with a picture of the both of you inside.

Dating Stefano would involve:

  • Art. 24/7. You’ll never not be hearing about his art or other artists that he admires.
  • Stefano is rather private about how his art is made and doesn’t divulge many details, but loves the fact that you constantly ask how he does it.
  • Will never ask you to model for him. Don’t take it personally. He just wants to keep you all to himself. The world doesn’t deserve to see the true face of his muse.
  • Not super into PDA but he does leave plenty of marks in the bedroom. No public displays are needed for other people to know that you’re taken.
  • Stefano might take a few pictures now and then when you don’t realize he’s watching.
  • Despite his smug and superior attitude, he does have a good heart (most of the time) and always is someone you can depend on
  • Might like having you depend on him just a little too much…

Dating Tatiana would involve:

  • Team mom will do everything in her power to make you feel safe and loved
  • Not the best at expressing affection out loud and usually comes off as sarcastic but man is she a sap for writing poetry for you
  • She tries to maintain a small ‘garden’ in her office so she can give you bouquets when pretty flowers are in season
  • Middle of the road when it comes to PDA. Either no physical contact whatsoever or she goes full force.
  • She’s a dom. Sorry I don’t get to make the rules
  • She loves spoiling you with gifts

(Bonus: Monsters)

Dating Reborn Laura would involve:

  • General disclaimer, watch out for those nails
  • You were sure the thing was going to maul you the first time you encountered it, but soon the resemblance between the creature and your deceased lover makes sense
  • It’s hard to tell if this Laura remembers you or not, but you aren’t dead yet so that’s got to count for something
  • No need to fear the other creatures of STEM when your significant other is top of the food chain

Dating Haunted Joseph would involve:

  • It’s never clear if he wants to kiss you or eat you
  • So many bite and scratch marks.
  • Despite his aggressive nature, Joseph seems to have brief moments of lucidity in which he frantically apologizes for what he’s done to you.
  • Possessive and nasty as fuck. It’s not beneath him to openly take out his aggression on other Haunted so that any and all monsters will keep away from you and him.
  • Returning his affections will calm him… temporarily

Dating The Keeper would involve:

  • B i g boy
  • Expect to be carried in his arms or over his shoulder everywhere
  • Honestly the best at hugs and cuddles
  • The tentacles that sprout from the inside of his safe are a bit frightening but they seem to help The Keeper sense his surroundings and gradually become less scary.
  • Cant really kiss but will bend down to softly press his head against yours to show affection
  • Look you will probably die if you attempt lewds. If you are so determined to bang the Keeper just take it slow for your own sake

Dating Obscura would involve:

  • Loves cuddles but she doesn’t really realize that the size difference might be a bit hard on her human
  • Touching her ‘face’ makes her purr, just avoid smudging her lens!
  • Loves bringing back gifts and random things she finds in STEM. Some of these things are more pleasant than others…
  • Stefano is protective of his sweet Obscura. Don’t piss him off.
  • Obscura especially loves ‘surprise hugs’. Try not to have a heart attack when she drops from the ceiling to engage in some PDA

kaleenjackson  asked:

Oh does the FrostIron Fairy has me intrigued. I would wonder if Tony questions his willingness to engage with him. How long has Loki really been following him and is he one of the fairies that visits Thor?

Loki has visited Thor several times, but never gets too close to the woodsman. He is a giant after all, but Thor always leaves pretty things for Loki, and one time as Loki perched in the the tree above Thors wood pile, watching as the man swung an axe to fill his wood shed, Thor spoke without looking up, without pausing in his work–

“You remind me of my younger brother, Thomas. His hair was curly, but the way you are quiet and watch is how he used to. He died when we were young, we were on a bridge and he fell off the edge and I couldnt save him. But with you hanging about, it almost seems like he is here again.” 

Loki didnt answer, because he never did, but the next time Thor left one of those lovely scarves out on his deck as a gift, Loki wove a flower crown and left it as a thank you. 

He laughed until he nearly fell from the tree when Thor wore it the next time he went to chop wood. 

They have an odd friendship, but Loki thinks if it wasnt for him, Thor would be all alone in the woods, and that makes him sad, so he keeps coming back. 

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Animorphs #8: The Alien, Chapters 9-11

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Chapter 9

To my sorrow, we’ve skipped over the actual awkwardness of Marco taking Ax to the bookstore and teaching him to read, in favor of picking up again a day later when Ax is out in the woods reading the World Almanac.  He’s cheerfully picking up all sorts of utterly useless trivia about things like the life span of the average sheep, but also observing with some concern how fast humans evolve technology, going from flight to space flight in a relatively short period of time.

(He’s also standing with one hoof in the water to drink, so I guess he was telling the truth before about absorbing his nutrients through his feet?  Not to be species-ist, Ax, but I’m kinda weirded out by that.)

Anyway, here’s Tobias, sent out to find Ax because everyone else needs to talk to him Right The Fuck Now, because I was right in the last chapter - Ax should not have screwed around with Marco’s dad’s work equations.  Apparently Ax accidentally invented several new ways to do astronomy, and a new branch of computer science, and Marco’s dad is flipping out about it.

Marco did some damage control by convincing his dad that Ax definitely just hit some keys by accident and is not some kind of astronomical genius, but that leaves the greater question that Rachel is keyed up about - what if the Yeerks get wind of a human just happening to suddenly invent a metric fuckton of advanced mathematics?  It’s gonna be a wee bit suspicious and paint a target on everyone’s back.

Ax is thrown for a loop by the realization that he just accidentally handed several major scientific advancements over to the humans, in violation of his Andalite code.  But he also is extremely interested in the mention of a “radio telescope” that Marco’s dad uses. If Ax could get his hands on a radio telescope, he could do some Handwavy Andalite Scientific Bullshit and rig up a way to send messages to his own world.

Rachel tries to call Ax on getting very weird all of a sudden, but he lies and says that he’s definitely not freaked out by or hiding anything!  No ma’am, not at all!  Meanwhile he’s busily pondering the fact that his duty to his people requires him to find a way to destroy the technological advances ASAP, but that perhaps “ASAP” could stand to wait a little while so that he can contact his family first.

(Um, Ax, even in the late nineties there were backups.  I’m pretty sure you can’t just march in there and delete one file and walk back what you did.  Your scientific advance is out there, buddy, that horse is not going back in that barn.  You might as well go ahead and send your parents an alien Snapchat, since the damage is already done.)

Chapter 10

After everyone else leaves and it’s dark enough to run around in the woods safely, Ax goes out for a bit of running around, dinner, and thinking about the situation he’s accidentally created. He’s so tied up in his own thoughts that he doesn’t even notice he’s getting dangerously close to Cassie’s house until he runs into her, in her horse morph.  Apparently Ax isn’t the only one who likes to go running around at night, although Cassie would like her use of horse morph for personal fun kept secret from Jake, who might disapprove.

Cassie asks how Ax’s research into humanity is going, and he tells her what he was thinking about earlier - that humans are sort of terrifying in their ability to advance technology quickly.  He thinks Yeerks aren’t after humans just to enslave them, but to stop them before they can amass enough technology to be a serious threat.  

They run into a conversational wall, though, when Cassie wants to know how fast Andalites developed technology compared to humans, and Ax goes all avoidant again.  Ax tries to explain that he doesn’t want to lie or hide information but that his oaths as an Andalite require him to avoid giving information about Andalites or their technology.  Cassie points out that Ax’s brother broke that law when he gave them morphing power, and Ax doesn’t have a great answer for that.  But “he was a prince and I’m basically still just a nerdy little kid who doesn’t have the authority to do things like that” ends the conversation for now.

Cassie, because she is too good for this world, too pure, a cinnamon roll of the highest order, pushes past her frustration and disappointment to see that Ax is lonely, and invites him to come in and meet her family.  Morphed into Jake form, to explain why he’s there.

Oh, Cassie, honey.  I was right there with you until that last bit, but I just don’t see this ending well.

Chapter 11

Ax’s Earth Diary, excerpt, summarized: “Earth music is terrible, but Earth food is great, A+ job cultivating the hot pepper, humanity.”

Back in the story:

Ax shows up for dinner in his Jake morph, which is zero surprise to Cassie’s family,, because Cassie and Jake and their adorable teen love are apparently a secret to absolutely no one.  Ax is very interested in observing human family dynamics and meeting Cassie’s parents, who have the expected number of arms and legs, so that all seems fine to him.

Ax ends up discovering spicy food (which he LOVES) and small talk (which he enjoys but is not particularly good at, spouting random factoids from the World Almanac), and he gets to watch some Earth TV.  It actually doesn’t go nearly as badly as I was expecting.  When Cassie walks “Jake” out after dinner, she offers him a new book to peruse.  It’s a collection of famous quotes, which surely will not in any way turn out to be a bad idea.  They debrief a bit on the subject of Cassie’s dad’s male pattern baldness and the Andalite equivalent, hooves getting dull with age.

Cassie tries to ask about Ax’s parents but he gets all choked up and sad about missing his family.  Cassie tells him that it’s okay to miss his home, and that all of the Animorphs care about him, even if Rachel and Marco are on the suspicious side.

Ax is not so good with Having Emotions right now, so he responds to this attempt at a heart-to-heart by morphing back into his Andalite form, awkwardly thanking Cassie for introducing him to chili, and then running away.

That’s…not unlike how social interactions tend to end for my awkward self, actually, so it’s pretty relatable.  “Excess of emotions - must escape!” is extremely sympathetic to me.  Poor Ax.  I mean, he should really just come clean about some stuff and also stop fucking around randomly with Earth stuff if he’s so worried about influencing humans, but still, I feel badly for the guy.

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