axe em jacks

I can't even begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to college.

I mean, I’ll be on my own, getting an education, joining clubs, meeting new people, and all around generally getting my life started. SFA is going to be a great place to do that, I can already tell. When I went and took the campus tour, it all just seemed… Right. Like that was where I was supposed to be. So I’m definitely excited.

The only thing I’m worried about is getting an awful roommate. I don’t know why, the odds are that whoever I get will be just fine, but I’m so scared I’m gonna get a jerk or something for a roommate.

Y'all! This picture makes me so happy. SFA is honestly the most underrated state university in Texas, & we constantly produce greatness. I’m proud to see Gus Johnson doing big things & representing his alma mater on such a caliber status! FOREVER AXE EM! 💜🏈