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What Bruce Campbell characters would you kiss?

Bless you, anon. Bless you.

The answer is … ALL OF THEM!!! Kidding. I wouldn’t kiss the surgeon general of Beverly Hills. But, I have watched so many of Bruce’s movies that it was actually difficult to narrow it down to ten.

So, here goes. I’m using pictures because some of these characters are too obscure for gifs.

1. Ash Williams (Evil Dead)

2. Brisco County Jr. (The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.)

3. Sam Axe (Burn Notice)

4. Autolycus (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Xena: Warrior Princess)

5. Jack Stiles (Jack of All Trades)

6. Coach Boomer (Sky High)

7. Van Helsing (Sundown: A Vampire in Retreat)

8. Jack Forrest (Maniac Cop)

9. Bill Church Jr. (Lois and Clark)

10. Virgil (McHale’s Navy)

This was way more fun than can possibly be reasonable.

@killian-morelike-killingme I know you’ll love this


Mastodon’s Guitars - as requested! 

Brent Hinds: 
Epiphone V Brent Hinds Signature 
PRS S2 Singlecut Standard 
Custom Brent Hinds First Act Signature 12 String 

Bill Kelliher: 
The Gibson Bill Kelliher “Golden Axe” Explorer 
Gibson Les Paul Custom 


my favorite neon yellow antagonists!! 

both the flower pot floweys and bill cipher earrings will be coming with me to ax this year and I’m super excited!! (bill’s eye even glows in the dark!!)

personally I think they both turned out pretty cute <3 

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💣- Do they have an affinity for large and/or dangerous weapons? swear to heck if u answer this with ur sick GUNS !!

OOC: The following video is necessary for effect.

Subetei is, legitimately, a character from Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure under his clothes. He will flex his shirt off and strike a pose.

Except not because he’s too busy finding new and inventive axes to crush people under. Subetei’s physical strength is a good weapon, but even better is the array of axes he’s found, been gifted or had made specifically to -demolish- folks. Heavy hunting tomahawks for taking down fleshy beasts, multi-prong bill axes for disarming and gutting foes, massive armor breakers for cleaving into structures or heavy targets (Garlean armors beware), or the specialty axe he utilized in Ishgard, fighting Dravanians and their scaley friends. He’s got axes of all shapes and sizes, uses and intentions.

Fun fact; Subetei’s signature axe, the Parashu model in game, is the aformentioned Ishgardian Campaign Axe and is his signature weapon, weighing in at fourteen ponze of cobalt and ishgardian steel. The only other axe that he owns that surpasses it is the Armorbreaker, represented by the Warwolf Axe in game, and that axe’s blade alone weighs ten ponze on each blade.

So yes he loves overlarge heavy and goddamn destructive weapons.

[filling my gf void with theories]

[A/N:  So, uh, I saw @renmorris‘ really interesting theory on the aftermath of Stan and Bill’s mindscape clash [] and I felt inspired to write something.  In my defense, I had too many emotions following the finale and need to get it out somehow.

…Getting it posted now so I can hopefully forget about it until tomorrow and work on my actual work, damn it.  Warning for weird shifting tenses.]  

The unearthly shrieks and screams of demons still echoed distantly, but the sky had turned bright Oregon blue and when a gust of warm wind blows past with a faint aroma of pine sap, Stanford knows that the fight is over. 

Cool relief soothed his aching body, every nerve burning from Bill’s torture, but then Ford sees the slumped figure in the middle of the clearing, head still held upwards and arms slack at his sides, and.

At that moment, nothing else in the world mattered but his brother.

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E is for “Everybody, throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care who this money actually belongs to.”

That’s a lot of money. Ben Franklins literally flying in every direction. Not much else to think about, is there? Where did it come from? Doesn’t matter. Who does it belong to? Not you - unless you act fast.


William Shakespeare’s will on display at King’s College London alongside other unique documents that witness his life. Photograph: Adrian Brooks/Imagewise.

The most entertaining of the documents…is the bitter complaint in 1601 from their former landlord that the actor manager Richard Burbage, and members of his company believed to include Shakespeare, had stolen his theatre after a dispute about the lease. They are accused of dismantling the theatre, shipping it across the river and rebuilding it on their own site on the South Bank, “in very ryotous, outrageious and forcyble manner”, while armed “with divers and and manye unlawfull and offence weapons as … swordes, daggers, billes, axes and such like”.