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if you had a jojo stand what would it be? *o*

So i don’t know if you know about it but there’s this amazing fangame called the seventh stand user where it’s basically an amazingly well done self insert fanfiction of stardust crusaders. (i recommend this game 1000%) At the beginning of that game you take a personality test to determine the stand you get, and i got [JOYKILLER] and i love him and he’s my son. on the other hand, my “original” stand here is [BLACK BAlLOON] which is a hit song by the goo goo dolls which also has another hit, iris (which is my name). 

Why am I working with these morons? (Part 2)

After the son of Ares managed to thoroughly piss off our handler, she ordered us to give a report of what happened. The son of Aphrodite, who has ridiculous charisma and a power that gives him a bonus when trying to charm people, opens his mouth.

NPC: Ah ah ah, you be quiet. *pointing at son of Aphrodite*

Our son of Apollo opens his mouth only to get the same response.

NPC: *pointing at the other members of the party* All of you be silent. *turns to my character* Now, Arachne dear. What happened.

As I’m attempting to start to give a report, the son of Apollo, who is an alcoholic takes a very large pull from his flask and opens his mouth.

Son of Apollo: *in a tipsy voice* She had a shotgun! (about one of the enemies)

Our handler, who happens to be a daughter of Athena, summons a glowing spear after our GM rolled for her intimidation. Even the son of Ares, who can summon a fire ax, leans away.

NPC: If you cannot handle your liquor, I will make you handle it.

Son of Apollo: *in a small voice* Yes, ma'am.

After glaring for a moment, she allows my character to continue.

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The Sickness

Short opinion: You know, Jake, the whole I’m-the-leader-I-don’t-feel-pain thing stops being cute right around the time your entire team ends up LITERALLY up shit creek without a paddle because you didn’t think to mention you had the flu before leaving for the field trip into the sewage system.

Long opinion:

This is one of those Animorphs books that has it all: humor, nakama, horror, action, medical mystery, romance, interpersonal drama, suspense, and heart.  If I ever figure out how K.A. Applegate does it in 150 pages or less without feeling rushed, I’ll die happy.

Seriously, there are so many really excellent emotional notes in this book.  I especially love how well it handles the empathic misery we feel for Ax being sick while a million miles away from his mom and dad, and for Jake throwing up on the floor of a burning building because he can’t even keep it together long enough to get home.  Maybe it’s “just” the flu, but it’s also the last thing these poor kids need in their lives right now.  We also get a lot of awesome light moments, especially in the opening sequence with the school dance—I’m right with Cates that that scene of Rachel inviting Cassie to the spring fling on Jake’s behalf, and then accepting Jake’s offer on Cassie’s behalf, is one of the sweetest and funniest in the whole series. Add to that Ax getting more female attention than any of the guys who are actually interested in human females, the kids’ adorkably clumsy attempts to herd Chapman away from Ax, and the running motif of Rachel fighting off Cassie’s competition for Jake, and this sequence is utterly heartwarming.  

It’s also interesting that this book delineates the hierarchy of the Animorphs’ internal power structure more clearly than any other novel in the series.  We already know that when Jake’s out of town (or floating around dead in the Delaware River) leadership defaults to Rachel, and that when Rachel’s in charge then Marco is going to be the most likely to challenge her.  However, this time around we get to see Marco briefly leading the team after Rachel falls ill—and then when Marco falls ill in turn, Cassie and Tobias spend several minutes passing responsibility back and forth like a hot potato until eventually Cassie’s left holding the ball by simple virtue of Tobias being sick.  

The plot of this story interweaves two simple problems (Aftran’s about to get executed, and Ax has the flu) and their infinite complications (everyone else has the flu, no one knows whether to trust Illim, Cassie doesn’t have a way into the yeerk pool, the kids get lost as eels, leadership keeps changing hands, Ax needs a brain surgeon, Cassie’s dad might find Ax at any moment…) in a way that feels logical but also surprising.  This plot is rich, complex, action-packed, and heavy on Cassie doing everything that makes Cassie awesome: reading people, caring for sick friends, trusting yeerks, finding unique solutions to problems, operating well alone,  PERFORMING BRAIN SURGERY, sticking by her own morals, and pooping on robots.  

Speaking of characterization, I’m pretty sure that this book’s place in the series is no accident; its four immediate sequels (#30, #31, #32, #33) are about how various Animorphs do when fighting on their own.  Under those circumstances, we get to see how each of them copes when unable to rely on the rest of the team for guidance and assistance. In #33 Tobias discovers wells of inner strength he never knew he had: from his hawk instincts, from his human friends, and from his andalite ancestry.  In #32 Rachel flails around for a while but also gets herself together (pun intended) long enough to defeat Visser Three using her various strengths as a warrior.  In #31 Jake fails epically at coping with his own family conflict and would probably end up getting his friends and family killed and/or infested if Cassie and Marco didn’t go behind his back to save him from himself.  In #30 Marco goes a liiiitttle off the rails but still succeeds in keeping Visser One from exposing them all…

And in #29, Cassie excels.

When she doesn’t have to worry about deciding what the rest of the team thinks, Cassie really does turn into a “one-woman army,” for better or for worse (#54).  Her decisions when acting alone aren’t always the best (falling asleep while in morph, anyone?  How about that little incident with a certain controller and a certain morphing cube?) but she also gets shit done.  She doesn’t stop and wonder whether she should ask for help, she doesn’t spend so much time doubting herself that she takes unnecessary risks (*cough* Jake *cough*), and she doesn’t feel the need to justify herself to anyone.  In this book, she handles Tobias’s bout of flu and the Animorphs’ complex alliance with the Yeerk Peace Movement and Aftran’s rescue and Ax’s appendicitis of the brain and morphing a yeerk and controlling not one but two humans and Aftran’s near-death from kandrona starvation all on her own.  No offense to the other little cinnamon buns, but Cassie’s just about the only one capable of that kind of decisive action without backup.  Because that’s the thing about Cassie: she hates risking anyone else’s life, but she’s perfectly comfortable with risking her own (#4, MM1).  

It’s also striking that Cassie spends maybe more time going on missions alone than anyone else on the team.  At quick count, #19, #29, #43, #44, MM1, #39, and #34 all involve Cassie going on missions partially or entirely without her team.  No one else has that kind of track record for operating alone, not even Tobias with his heavy reliance on personal independence.  Cassie not only does just fine without backup, she also doesn’t rely on the team for decision-making the same way that the others do.  Rachel and Marco need their friends for moral guidance, Ax and Tobias need them for decisiveness, and Jake needs them for personal affirmation.  

Cassie doesn’t need them at all.  

All six of the kids are more-or-less codependent by the middle of the series, this is true.  However, there’s also a reason that Cassie survives the war more intact than anyone else on her team, and that’s because she never loses sight of who she is.  Cassie’s identity is more about her ability to look herself in the eye and still like herself than it is about appearing to be a good person (Rachel, Ax, Jake) or a tough independent one (Marco, Tobias) before the rest of her friends.  That refusal to consider what the rest of the team thinks if she has a definitive opinion is her greatest weakness in addition to being her greatest strength (#19 and #50 especially both feature her nearly getting her entire team killed with short-sighted decisions) but it is the quality that enables her not just to survive the war, but to thrive after it ends.  This book feels like foreshadowing for #54 in a lot of ways: the others drop off one by one, but when Cassie becomes the Last Woman Standing she gets by just fine on her own.  

Green Eyes in the night.

I woke up at the sound in the dark. It was the first time sleeping alone in my own room (and I was 4), so you can imagine my fear of things going to grab me while I sleep. As I scanned my room for the source of the noise, a voice startled me and made me jumped a bit. “Sorry if I woke you up, kid”. I turned around at the sight of a figure with glowing green eyes holding something in its hands. I scrambled for the light switch but the figure stopped me “Easy, kid…I’m a friend. Tell you what, I’ll turn on the light for you” and the figure did just that.

Once the room is alight with its fluorescence, the figure turns out to be wearing a greenish full body suit with his face covered up and there were goggles where the eyes are situated….and said figure was holding an axe. I tried to back off and scream but the figure then spoke “Easy, easy…I’m not here to kill you. See, I’m friendly” as he opened the mask of the suit, revealing a familiar face yet he is a stranger to me. “What are you?” I asked, my voice quivered. “I’m a….monster hunter. That’s what this axe is kill monsters.” The figure said as he slowly places the axe against the door of my closet. “M-monster? Here?” I asked while slowly retreating into my blanket and the strange man nods. “Now don’t worry, I’m here to kill’em. Now go back to sleep…and if you hear anything, that would be me killing the monsters, OK?” the man then gives me a pat on the head while ruffling my hair. I went back to sleep..and the man left and true to what he said, there were yelling out in the night but I ignored it and fell asleep.

The next morning, a police officer woke me up and I saw my neighbors in the house, one of them gave me a hug and said “It’s going to be OK”. I asked what happened…and then I saw it. My parents…both of them dead as they were hacked by an axe. Tears streamed on my face as one of the police officers took me away from the house. As I was sitting in the car, I noticed a piece of paper in my pajama shirt pocket. It was a note that said “I took care of the monsters for you…signed, your friendly monster hunter.”

“You know that killing them in the past wouldn’t change your past, right?” said my partner as I emerged from the time machine. “Yes…but I at least saved him from the monsters from ruining his life as they did mine.” I said as I put the axe away. “He might be scarred from that, you know” my partner continued but I responded “Better scarred from that…then be scarred by my parents.”

Imagine being a slave to Ivar (part 2)

Summary: Ivar is acting distant and since two days he forces you to sleep aside him in the bed. The burden of his mood and silence start to push on you. Until you one day wake up to see Ragnar sitting on a chair … and he has a question for his youngest son.
Words: 1736

Since two days he forced you to sleep every night aside him … you hardly slept. Sometimes you layed awake for hours, listening to his steady breathes. And when he came looking for you with his hand you tried to get as far away from it as possible. Sometimes it worked, other times he waked and pulled you closer again, so he could wrap his arm around you, resting his head against your arm or chest. You thought you would get just to it but you didn’t. Every night again you were afraid of what he would ask of you. Ivar had changed the last two days, he kept you in that little cabin and you weren’t allowed to go out, not even to follow him to the great hall for dinner. So half the day you did hardly something, all that spare time you used to think of possible things he could ask you, or forced you to do. But every time he came inside he said hardly a thing, kept his distant and looked troubled. You didn’t know why. Were you worried about him, no … maybe a little. He held his sarcastic comments for himself and barly looked at you. It was kind of a relief but you also knew that what he asked you, you had to do immidiatly. His mood, you didn’t challenged it, you obayed. At some points he was better like this, he hardly asked something and when he asked something it was all with that bottled up anger. So you just were as quiet as he was and you runned for him if he asked something. The only thing he asked was to sleep beside him, so you did. You didn’t dare to ask wath was on his mind, you just leaved him be, for the sake of your own life.

When you waked, you felt the heat of his body against your back. But that wasn’t the only thing that really troubled you. There was a sent in the cabin, the sent of sea air, salt, it was a distinct sent that wasn’t supposed to be here. You layed quite the distant away from the sea, why was it like you just laid aside it? You lifter your head, trying to get away from under Ivar his arm when your noticed a movement. You turned your head over your shoulder and like the little stupid girl Ivar thought you were you started yelling when you saw a man sitting on a chair aside the door. Ivar was within seconds awake, grabbing his axe and really … he pointed it at your throat. ‘Are you really that stupid.’ He hissed. You saw him almost thinking about chopping your head of with that thing. The cold blade leaved you no room to swallow.
‘Sorry, Ivar.’ You reacted scared. He groaned and pulled his axe away, turning towards the man you were yelling about.
‘Father.’ He murmured. You watched to the man, Ragnar? You weren’t that good awake to notice it immidiatly. The last time you saw him he gave you to Ivar. His beard was twice that long, his eyes piercing yours.
‘Y/n?’ He smiled amused almost. You didn’t knew what to say, it was only after you felt Ivar watching you that you reacted.
‘King Rangar.’ You nodded polite, looking at Ivar to get some further instructions.
‘She is your wife now?’ He asked his son. You just could hold your jaw from dropping down.
‘By all the gods no father, she just keeps me warm at night.’ The sarcastic tone in his voice brought Ragnar his eyebrowns up, he looked back at you again.
‘I see.’ He reacted swiftly. You pulled your dress over your head and got as fast out of that bed as you could.
‘Can I offer you something?’ You asked Ragnar, not that you had much here to offer.
‘Keep your mouth shut Y/n. Father why are you here?’ He asked angry. It didn’t take you long to paste the pieces together, his mood came from his father. Ragnar must have been back for a couple of days now, that why he was all bottled up in anger, crawling in his own thoughts.
‘I wanted to ask you something.’ Rangar began. Normally you would help Ivar get dressed but his movements were so harsh and uncontrolled that you were a little afraid for the effects of that. He didn’t commanded you to so you stayed put aside the window.
‘Oh, and now you ask! After begging with my brothers you have no other choise than ask a cripple.’ He spitted on the ground before his father. Ragnar was rather amused by it, not intimidated by his youngest son.
‘You can’t see it like that.’
‘How do I have to see it than?’ Ivar asked, his lip a little curled in a mean grinn.
‘You can go Y/n, it is best that your aren’t here for the consequences.’ Ragnar smiled towards you. What was he going to ask? But as you just to you turned you head towards Ivar and Rangar was quite impressed by the obedience you showed.
‘Go.’ He nodded towards the door, not even looking at you. You rushed out, ran the way through the village until you found enough people around you to just breath for a moment. You were out and you hoped you didn’t have to go in again for a while.

Ragnar his arrival back at Kattegat changed quite a bit to be honest, more restless. The dock laid full of ships, ready for departure. You found Margrethe with some other girls and go stood beside her. ‘Y/n, I thought,’
‘I’m fine, what is happening?’ You asked while looking over all the vikings and their ships.
‘Björn is leaving for a raid beyond Paris.’ She explained. You looked at queen Aslaug who kissed her son on the forehead.
‘Hvitserk will go to?’ You asked softly, Margrethe nodded. You watched how the boats slowly started to sail away, leaving a whole lot of woman and childeren behind in Kattegat. When everybody returned to his work you and Margrethe kept standing there, gazing at the horizon. ‘Why is Rangar back?’ You asked carefully. Margrethe turned around and the both of you started walking, slower that usual.
‘He wants to go to Engeland again, Ubbe told me.’ She said while watching Ubbe who walked aside his mother, like the good son he was.
‘And they don’t want to?’
‘No, Ubbe and Sigurd want to stay here for queen Aslaug and Hvitserk promised his brother already to sail to Paris. So that only leaves Ivar,’ her voice fadded and she looked at you with concerned eyes.
‘I hope he would.’ You whispered. All those years Ivar imprisoned you. It wasn’t always that bad but you were just a toy to him. The tense you had felt past days and weeks started to burden you heavily. So he going on a raid with his father wouldn’t be a bad thing.
‘Is it that bad?’
‘No,’ You began, sighed a little before continuing. ‘last couple of days were just so unpredictable and I’m just so tired.’ You closed your eyes trying to get some peace in to your head.
‘I pray for you Y/n.’

And Margrethe her prayers helped. ‘I’m leaving with my father.’ He announched the next morning. You looked away from the window, turning your body towards Ivar who sat on the egde of the bed, pulling his legs together with a belt.
‘When do you leave?’ You asked softly, not intending to do harm with those words but clearly Ivar thought different of that.
‘Is that the only thing you have to say about it?’
‘I thought it would be,’
‘I thought about taking you with me but on the other hand you just can stay here keeping an eye on my brothers and mother.’ He intterupted you. Why did you need to do that? It was clearly visable on your face because he asked you with a finger to come closer. You swallowed and walked over to him, he pulled you beside him on the bed, his fingers wrapped around you elbow just hard enough it felt uncomfortable. ‘I will leave for some time, maybe I don’t come back. Until somebody says otherwise you stay here. You are still my slave, same rules.’ He made the situation clear, you noded without looking at him, you looked towards your hand who layed in your lap. He laid his fingers under your chin and pulled your head around so you had to face him. ‘Understand?’
‘Yes Ivar, I won’t go away.’ You promised him. He studied your face a smiled a little arrogant, pulling your face towards him and placing his lips against yours, pushing his tongue in between, taking dominance like always. When he pulled back you were a little dazzled, rested your forehead against his shoulder.
‘Maybe I will miss you.’ He thought out loud. You slowly looked up to him, in to the blue eyes who could be so wonderfull if he wasn’t angry all the time.
‘Be carefull Ivar.’ You whispered, trying to smile a little before you got back up. Would you miss him …

That feeling came as you saw the boats laying while a bunch of men putted some food on board. Ragnar had gattered men who weren’t really fit for battle anymore, but he took them with him, because he had nobody else. You stood aside Margrethe and Ubbe, Aslaug aside him when Ivar came, on crutches. He could hardly hold his body up but he did, placing the one before the other. Offcourse it went wrong where everybody could see it. You felt compassion in that moment when he fell on the ground. You wanted to help but you saw that Aslaug held Ubbe back and Margrethe did the same with you. You closed your eyes, not wanting the see Ivar suffer under his own disability. He crawled further, eyes as tempered as the sea, confident so strong as always. You changed looks with him, you were the only one he looked at before he turned to his father. There was some weird knot in your stomach, bad feeling.
‘Come back home.’ You hardly whispered out loud for yourself to hear. And while they sailed away you looked at his boat until it was to small to recognized and  they dissapeared on the horizon. Yes, you would miss him.

Context: I’m dual wielding two characters because there’s only three of us playing. I’ve a gnome wizard and a dragonborn cleric. Other characters include a human barbarian and an elf bard (supplied by DM to help). We’re very loose with things and just switched versions, and this is paraphrased a bit.

We decide to stop for the night before heading into the mountains. Everyone steps on a snake in some very tall, dry grass. Barbarian kills his, goes to kill the bard’s- and ends up rolling a nat 1 and throwing his axe away.

Wizard (panicking): I uh, I point down and cast Firebolt at it. Oh, and at disadvantage, because it’s within 5 ft.

DM: You sure?

Wizard: I can’t really do much with my staff, so ya. (rolls a nat 1)

DM: So. So you point down at the snake and somehow miss it. Your robes are a bit singed, but your shoes are gone. There’s just like, soles left, with bits of leather.

Wizard: Great, and we’re going rock climbing… Uh, uh. For my bonus, I Misty Step over to the cleric. I really don’t like snakes I guess.

After discussing the merits of footwear and mountains and the lack of the former, barbarian takes out the very confused, undamaged snake with a spear, deals with the bard’s (who failed a Cutting Words against it), cleric takes out hers. Few minutes pass and-

Wizard:-wait. We’re in a field of grass, aren’t we.

DM (smiling): Yup. There’s just this, big black circle where you were and a slowly expanding ring of fire as everything burns.

Wizard: Shit.

We eventually managed to put it out before we set a nearby forest on fire… Next attempt at a Firebolt was also a nat 1 and singed the barbarian and an innocent wall. I quit trying after that.

A Merkismathr, You Say?

Warning(s): Violence

Note: I am always taking request! This can be found on my Ao3!

Requested by Anon:” Can you write an imagine where Ivar is bested in battle by a shield maiden and after the battle is over they take the living warriors of the opposing force ?”

It all had happened so fast at the time, you are still confused. One moment you and all your shieldbrothers and sisters were sitting in a local pub having a few drinks when you had heard the horn. Fritjof, the man who was on the stand of guarding the village, had seen the boats coming in and had blown the horn. Once you and your brothers and sisters had heard the horn, you all rushed up and towards the armory. You all had gotten weapons and and needed armor before rushing towards the gate. The villagers had gone wild, rushing to their homes or sneaking out the side to leave the village. As you all had looked towards the docks, the boats had already arrived and the men aboard were getting off. The last thing you heard before they had reached you all and chaos erupted was your real brother wishing you luck.

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Heyho I just picked a random prompt.... 38

Prompt:  “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

Oh gosh… this is going to be a tricky one. XD (and btw I’m doing all these prompts in the order I get them, so if you sent one it’s still on the way I just have a nice list to go through :D)


Hiccup shook his head, stumbling back against the wall while hanging desperately onto inferno, extending it before him at the blonde girl with the axe.

“Hiccup what’s wrong!?” The girl-Astrid- asked, holding out a tentative hand before tossing the axe away, letting it land into a barrel and smashing it to pieces. “Why… why are you fighting me?”

“D-don’t…” Hiccup growled, although he knew it was pointless. She had him cornered, and his blade with broken. There was nothing he could do… where was Ryker?

“Hiccup, it’s me.” Astrid went on, grabbing his wrist. He pulled back sharply and lifted his prosthetic, jamming it against her leg. She gasped in shock and pain before stumbling back, her hands scrambling to grip the wounded thigh. Hiccup gave a little shudder when he saw the blood seeping through her lavender leggings, staining them a muddy brown.

“G-gods…” He murmured, pressing back against the wall. His mind flickered momentarily. Somewhere deep in his brain he knew that she was… something… what was she? 

She’s the enemy. Ryker’s voice whispered inside his head. Hiccup shook it, hoping to try and rid the whispery sound… what was happening again? He blanked for a moment.

“Hiccup.” Astrid whispered, her eyes wide and filled with horror. “…Hiccup it’s me… Astrid. What’s wrong- what happened- I…”

She’s the enemy, all of the dragon riders are.

“Get out of my head!” Hiccup shouted, reaching a hand to clutch his hair. “Get!”

Astrid was shaking her head in confusion, but he ignored her for the time being. She was making no move to harm him, even after their quick sword fight. What was happening? If she was the enemy why wasn’t she killing him now? He was defenseless…

“Hiccup, calm down!” Astrid’s voice echoed, but he was drifting in and out of consciousness now. Something was wrong… his head was pounding, threatening to explode. Words were repeating over and over, and the black spaces of his memory seemed to be closing in.


Astrid. He thought faintly. In a flash he remembered- her clinging tightly to his back, holding on for dear life as the dragon-


-lifted them high into the air, leveling out and floating over a multi-colored sky of northern lights…

“Astrid!” He shouted, collapsing against the wall and letting inferno clatter to the floor. He sunk down to his knees, pulling them against his chest as he proceeded to sob against them, feeling like the worse being to ever walk the earth.

He’d just… he’d tried to kill Astrid…



He felt her touch his arm, and he shuddered under her touch. How could he have just hit her and fought against her only minutes ago? She was his best friend…

Ryker… that evil scum…

Hiccup took in a deep shaky breath, knowing deep down that it wasn’t his fault his memory had been temporarily erased. It was Ryker and the Changewing…

“Sorry sorry sorry m’sorry…” He mumbled repeatedly, trying to express his true remorse. He couldn’t look at her, he couldn’t stare into those eyes- the eyes of the girl he loved whom he’d just tried to kill. “E-everyone keeps telling me you-you’re the bad g-guy… that I hav-have to kill you… that you’re the enemy…” He wheezed, feeling lousy for trying to give an excuse. How low could he get?

“Hiccup…” Astrid’s voice was surprisingly soft, her touch equally so. He absently leaned against her hand, wishing he could feel it against his fact and hair again, like how it used to be. He smiled gently when he realized he could now remember those events, and how much he cherished them.

“I know, Hiccup.” Astrid whispered soothingly, her arms going to tentatively wrap about his shoulders. Hiccup bit his lip, shivering again at her touch. She was so gentle… loving, caring, forgiving. He didn’t deserve it. His eyes opened a crack, and he caught sight of the blood stained leggings.

“As-Astrid.” He wheezed. “Y-your leg…”

“A scratch, Hiccup. I’ll deal with it later, you’re more important.” She responded, running her fingers through his hair while pressing soft kisses against his forehead. “You need care too.”

“I’m sorry, so sorry…” Hiccup gasped, reaching out to grab her in a hug. “P-please-so sorry…”

“Shh…” Astrid began rocking back and forth, the rythymetic movement calming him. “I know you are, and it’s fine. I know it was Ryker’s fault.”


“Shut up, babe.”

Hiccup sniffled, knowing it was pointless fighting her, so gave in and curled against her protective and strong embrace. He knew he was safe now, it was just hard to shake the doubt…

“I’m here now, and I’m not letting Ryker get anywhere near you again.” She whispered fiercely. “I promise that.”

Hiccup hugged her harder, giving a little sob of relief and gratefulness. “Th-thank you.” He breathed.

He was safe.

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Imagine Ubbe protecting you from your father

Request: OMG IM LOVING YOUR UBBE SERIES! If you’re still taking requests can you maybe write another Ubbe x reader fic? where he always gives the reader hickies? Like if he’s jealous or if he just wants to tease/distract her, or whenever he’s had a rough day and needs comfort etc. Sorry if that’s a bit vague hahA. Thank you kindly 💕 
Summary: Helping Ubbe forget a terrible day is one of your favorit things to do. But he leaves his marks and you drunk father find one on your throat. So he drags you all the way back to the great hall to challenge Ubbe and offcourse Hvtiserk. Because both brothers give a great deal about you.
Words: 1676

You gasped by the force you were smacked against the wooden wall of the shed, in a good way. He placed his lips on the lower of you throat. He held your leg up aside his body, pressing you more against the wall while his hand stroke over your leg, under your skirt. You moaned when you felt his body so close to your. ‘Ubbe stop it.’ You laughed when you felt how his lips sucked against your throat. It didn’t hurt but it would leave a ferm mark afterwards. He pulled back, looking down you throat before meeting your eyes.
‘To late.’ He said with that boyish grinn of accomplishment on his face. You cupped his face and pulled his lips back to yours. He let go of you leg, traveling his hand up over your clothes squeezing your breast.
‘Was it such a bad day?’ You asked out of breath by the desire he runs through your body. He rested his hands on both sides of your hips, leaning his forehead against yours.
‘Arwfull. Mother is always complaining and Ivar had one of his moods again.’
‘Ivar always has those moods.’ You corrected him with a loving voice, placing a kiss against his cheek before you looked back to him. ‘I’m here, for whatever you need me to.’ You said playfull. He hummed approvingly, his lips lingering just over yours.
‘What should I do without you?’ He asked. You caressed his cheecks kissing him slowly, gently.
‘I don’t know, you never will find out either. But I need to go Ubbe, my father needs me.’ You whispered. He opened his eyes and looked at, slowly nodding. He said you goodbye, with a kiss you hardly could withstand.
‘Come back as soon as you can.’
‘Thank you for this,’ You pointed to the mark his lips left on your throat.
‘It’s so you wont forget me.’ He winked. Walking you out of the shed you both hidded in.
‘I could never forget you Ubbe Ragnarsson.’ You twirled around you own body and walked away with that lingering feeling down in your stomach.

You and your father lived on the egde of Kattegat. When you arrived home he wasn’t there so you walked out to fresh yourself up, splashing some water into your face you looked to your own reflexion. You pulled the colar of your clothes a little down and looked to the mark stained in your skin. You smiled, still feeling every place he touched you on your body. ‘What is that.’ Your father jerked you away from the water, holding tight of your neck in the back while he looked to your throat.
‘Nothing, father, please.’ You tried to pull away from him but he hold on fermly. ‘You’re hurting me.’ You hissed. He wasn’t the old kind of guy you could easily push away. He was for years one of the raidingscompanions of Ragnar Lothbrok, Ragnar leaving Kattegat changed him completly. He drank to much, picked fights and he certainly didn’t approved of you hanging around boys. So he didn’t know about you and Ubbe … or Hvitserk from time to time.
‘Who is it?’ He asked, a breath of ale coming your way when he spoke.
‘Father, please let go of me!’ You shouted, kicking your hand against his chest. He let go of your neck, holding you on your wrist instead. You stroke your hand over your neck and looked back at him. ‘You’re drunk, go in and sleep it off.’ You pointed inside. People started looking and you felt ashamed. You tried to get your wrist loose from his grip, planning on running of the first change you got.
‘Not before you tell me who did that. Was it one of Ragnar his sons?’ He asked, knowing of the repurtation they brought around. You frooze for a moment, he saw it hand spitted on the ground, pulling you with him.
‘Father no!’ You started begging.
‘I’m gonna learn that boy a lesson.’ He didn’t even knew witch boy it was. But the humiliation of the moment, you felt so ashamed in the way he treated you. He pulled you the whole way to the great hall, halfway you started to stop protesting because everybody was already watching you. So you walked head down, angry after him unil before the great hall. Your wrist hurted like hell, it would leave more visual marks than those from Ubbe.
‘Please father, let’s go back home.’ You said on a softer voice, hoping it would calm him down.
‘Boys!’ He yelled. You went to stood before him, pushing against his chest in the hope he would move his drunk ass back home.
‘Y/n?’ You turned around to Ubbe.
‘Please go back in.’ You begged him. Your father grabbed you with your hair, showing your throat for everybody to see.
‘Do you touch my daughter?’ He asked angry. He hurted you, pulling your head so much back. And you saw nothing good in Ubbe his eyes either. By all the gods, why were you hanging around those boys.

‘Let her go.’ Ubbe said on a calm voice. Your father let loose of your hair and you looked aside to him, begging hem to go back home, tears already welling up in your eyes.
‘You’re a shame for this village!’ You father spitted out.
‘Father please, I love him, he takes better care of me than you ever did.’ You tried. But Ubbe was already close enough. Despite his anger his touch was soft, trying to pull you away from your father. But he still holded your wrist.
‘Let her go.’ Ubbe repeated himself, his hand resting on his sword. Your father looked down to it.
‘You want to fight me?’
‘What is going on brother?’ Hvitserk asked walking out. Oh god, not him to. Hvitserk looked from Ubbe to you and to your father who holded your wrist. He came the few stairs off and right at the three of you.
‘Hvitserk,’ But to late. You father let go of you and lashed out to Hvitserk, kicking him right in the face. Ubbe pulled you away from your father and drew his sword. You ran around him and crouched down aside Hvitserk.
‘You alright?’ You asked concerned.
‘Nothing some love can’t fix.’
‘This isn’t funny Hvitserk.’ You reacted in despair.
‘No, let me help my brother.’ He placed a kiss on your cheek and hurried up. You stood up and turned around, one drunk viking against to younger less experienced vikings.
‘What is going on?’ A voice sneaked the shivers down your spine. You looked over your shoulder to Aslaug who stood aside Sigurd in the doorway of the great hall.
‘Nothing mother, go back inside. We are defending the honor of a girl.’ Hvitserk said.
‘Nobody is defending the honor of nobody.’ Aslaug reacted with a stern voice. She trew you a sharp look before she turned to the man, your father. ‘Please, leave my sons be.’ She asked him rather nicely. Nobody took it on with Aslaug, she wasn’t maybe a shieldmaiden like Lagertha was but she had quite the power of intimidation. You father took a step back, lowering his axe.
‘They stay away from my daughter.’ He hissed. Aslaug nodded and your father walked away, not looking over his shoulder towards you. He didn’t took the direction home, he went right back for ale.
‘You heared what the man said, leave her alone.’ Aslaug warned them, but mostly she warned you. You looked down to your wrist, his marks bleu printed on your skin. You started walking in the opposit direction of your father angry of what happened. Angry that you had a father like that.

It didn’t took him long, to come after you. You where gazing over the water when his hands sneaked around you from behind, turning you concerned back to him. ‘Y/n, you alright?’ He asked.
‘Do I see like I look alright Ubbe.’ You reacted angry. He pulled you closer in an embrace. You let your head rest against his chest, feeling his chin resting on your head brought you a little peace back.
‘Did he hurt you?’ He asked after a little while. You pulled back, looked up to him and shook you head.
‘I can handle it.’
‘It didn’t look like it Y/n.’ He protested softly. You sighned and let your head rest back against his chest.
‘He was drunk. That’s all.’ You whispered. Ubbe laid his hand against your cheek and looked down on you.
‘You can stay at our place.’
‘Can’t, your mother doesn’t want you to be around me.’
‘My mother has nothing to say.’ Like he wanted to prove you that he placed his lips on yours. You stroke his jawline and pulled back. ‘Stay. Hvitserk will come to.’
‘The both of you?’ You asked a little confused.
‘Can’t make your day good on my own after that.’ He said, stroking his hands over your back. You relaxed again. He strangled his fingers through yours and noticed your wrist ‘Y/n.’
‘It’s nothing.’ You protested. ‘The next time you leave me something to remember, do it lower.’ You smiled while biting your lip a little.
‘Is that an invitation?’ He asked. You shook your head and pushed against his chest. Ubbe started walking, his arm protective over your shoulder. You felt safe, secure. But on the way over to his home you looked for your father but he was nowhere to be found. You walked in before him and looked to Hvitserk who was eating … again.
‘You alright love?’ He asks concerned. Ubbe let loose of you and you walked over to Hvitserk who looked to your wrist.
‘It is alright. You both are way to concern.’ You smiled to the both of them. Hvitserk placed a kiss against the inside of your wrist. ‘Nothing a little love can’t fix.’ You repeated his earlier words.
‘Whatever you want love.’ Hvitserk reacted, giving his brother a promessing look while saying it …

If can make it a series, have some ideas. Depends if you want it or not. <3 This was a lot of Ubbe love in one day, gosh I love those boys!

Modern AU where Cynthia and Owain are part-time Ghost Adventures bros wanna-be’s, and often drag at least one other person into investigating the ‘paranormal’

HTTYD and Trollhunters crossover: Mixed Worlds Chapter 2


               I am so surprised by the feedback I got on this! 15 followers, reviews, and asks for more on tumblr. I mean, WOW! I hadn’t expected this story to get as many as 10 followers, seeing as how it is a crossover and those are never very popular.

               But seeing as how you all seemed to enjoy the first chapter, I thought I’d be nice and update sooner then what I originally planned! :D

               Jim gulped as the blue dragon dropped to the ground. Well- he assumed it was a dragon- seeing as how they seemed to be back in the time of dragons- but this one looked quite a bit different from Toothless, instead being a sky-blue color with two legs, being taller, bulkier, having a beak like snout and lots of spikes surround its head.

               But what made Jim do a double take was that there was a rider on this new dragon’s back. I mean, he could understand why Hiccup rode Toothless- he didn’t really have a choice given to the broken tailfin. Then again, it really shouldn’t’ve surprised Jim as much as it did that there was another dragon rider. It did seem like a very effective way to travel.

               The rider jumped down, and it was only then that Jim realized it was a female. He was about to step forward and introduce himself, but then her eyes caught his, and they narrowed harshly before she grabbed a HUGE, very sharp looking battle axe from the back of her dragon, holding it loosely in one hand, but looking, oh, so threatening.

               Jim gave a nervous laugh and took an involuntary step backwards, gulping when he realized that this blond could probably swipe his head right off in one quick swift movement, and he wouldn’t even see it coming. He backed into Claire, who by know was once again holding that stick, looking equally as fierce, but just not as… intimidating. A stick against a battle axe? Not much of a fight.

               “Uh… Astrid.” Hiccup said with a nervous chuckle. “You can- uh- put the axe away.”

               She glanced over at him, her eyes warming a bit as he said the words. She glanced back at Jim and the others, Toby huddling close to Claire’s side while hiding behind his paper bag.

               “But- you sent a distress signal-“

               “Toothless’s tailfin is broken.” Hiccup explained, waving a hand towards the black dragon; who by know was running about playfully with the other dragon, both chasing that same old butterfly.

               Astrid glanced back between Hiccup and the strangers, before nodding and lowering her axe. Jim breathed a sigh of relief, although he kept an eye on her, seeing as how she still had a hold on that axe. And she looked like she could still do some serious damage, even with only one finger on a weapon.

               Hiccup grabbed the blonds hand, pulling her towards Jim. They stopped before them, the two still holding hands, Astrid gripping her axe tightly in her free hand.

               “Jim, Claire, Toby, this is Astrid.” Hiccup introduced, looking fondly at the girl.

               Jim gave another nervous smile, laughing uncomfortably. “Uh- hey. I’m Jim.”

               Claire glared at the blond, shifting the stick in her hands. “Claire.”

               Toby peaked around the two, “I’m Tobias, but most call me Toby.”

               Astrid nodded to each of them, her eyes warming up to them- but only slightly. “So, who are you?” she asked. “Dragon hunters?”

               Again, Jim was confused. Dragon hunters? Were those similar to a Troll Hunter? And if so, why were these two so hostile towards them?

               “No.” Toby shook his head. “We’re Tr-“

               “Trying to find our way home!” Jim hurried to finish, giving Toby a warning look. He wasn’t certain they could trust these people with their secret. Trollhunters? Wouldn’t that sound rather suspicious?

               “So, you’re lost.” Astrid deduced, tossing her axe in the air and deftly catching it again, looking relaxed and calm- almost friendly. But the guarded look she wore denied that.

               “Um- yes.”

               Hiccup cleared his throat. “Yeah, about that, Astrid…”

               Astrid turned to look at him, her gaze unwavering as she silently told him to finish.

               Hiccup smiled nervously. “Uh, so… they’re actually kinda… they’re from the future.” He finished quickly. “They didn’t even know dragons existed until now. And I believe them, because they seemed beyond scared when Toothless found them. Besides, look at their cloths! And- and they have this weird… thing… that allows you to talk to someone from long distances.”

               Astrid looked puzzled, and she turned back to Jim and Claire. “Really? You’re from the future? How is that even possible?”

               Jim rolled his eyes and rubbed his neck, “Well, Blinky and all of us were in the Troll car, traveling back to another Troll Market, and somehow, he goofed up the travel system.”

               Claire waved her stick. “And also, if you try to hurt any of us.” Her eyes traveled over her friends.

               “I won’t.” Astrid replied, equally as firm. “Unless you threaten my friends or our dragons.”

               “So wait.” Jim interrupted the girl’s fight, “There’s more than just you two?”

               Hiccup nodded. “Yes. I mean, here there’s just me, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, and Ruffnut. But back on Berk, lots of people ride dragons. And Berserker Island, and even some on Outcast Island.”            

               Jim blinked in disbelief. “Wow, so… there are a lot of dragon riders.”

               Hiccup grinned. “Not too many. I can name all the ones who do, since it is rather difficult to allow a dragon to let you ride them.”

               Silence fell heavily and Jim’s eyes flitted from place to place, trying to find something to say. Claire stepped away from him, going to toss her stick in the woods before walking back, clapping her hands together to get rid of dust.

               “So…” Toby said casually. “Can we see your base?”

               Hiccup was already walking over to the dragons, stopping at Astrid’s to search through her saddle bags. “Yes.” Hiccup whispered happily as he pulled out a thing medal bar. “Toothless!” he called out, moving closer to the black dragon.

               While Hiccup was fixing the tailfin, Jim slipped his hand into his pants pocket, wrapping his fingers around the amulet to make sure it was still there. With all this crazy time-travel stuff, he wasn’t certain if it would stick with him. But, it was still there, and if it lasted this long, hopefully it would stay for the time they were in the time of dragons.

               “There.” Hiccup stated, stepping back and patting Toothless’s head happily. “Ready for the sky again, bud!”

               Astrid smiled at the two softly, making Jim assume that there was something between the boy and girl, which made him smirk to himself as well. Romance in the dragon age. Sounded like some fictional tv show you’d see on Netflix.

               “Ready?” Hiccup asked, turning to look back at Jim and his friends. Jim smiled nervously and nodded.

               “Um- yeah, I guess. But there’s three of us, and only two dragons…”

               Hiccup shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. Toothless can take two of you. Maybe Claire and you, and Toby can ride with Astrid.”

               Claire looked doubtful as she looked the smaller black dragon up and down.

               Hiccup laughed. “Seriously, my Dad- a 400 pound Viking- has ridden Toothless with me on him. He’ll be fine, especially for such a short flight.”

               Jim hesitated a moment longer before stepping forward and climbing up behind the saddle, his legs dangling in front of Toothless’s folded wings. Claire came next, climbing up behind him, her arms wrapping tightly around his waist, making his heart flutter oddly. It was still strange having her touch him.

               Hiccup was just about to climb on as well, but a little grunt from behind made him hesitate. Jim looked to where he glanced at, letting out a snort of laughter when he noticed that Astrid was struggling to help Toby aboard her dragon.

               “Er, here.” Hiccup offered, giving Toby’s behind a shove up towards Astrid. Toby practically rolled onto the dragon, coming to a stop when he flipped over onto his back.

               “I’m good!” he called out, lifting a hand in the air.

               “Okay.” Hiccup said, jumping up into the saddle, locking his feet/medal prosthetic into the pedals. “Ready to go?” He called behind him.

               Jim nodded and hung onto the saddle tightly while Claire tightened her arms around his stomach and buried her face into his shoulder. Toothless gave a little coo before jumping into the air, and they were flying.

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Holyyy shit that possession fic was brutal af especially the kaze angst 👌👌 more pls, maybe with chrom (man wouldn't that be ironic lmao) or Frederick?

[Frederick was the first one I came up with when I saw the original prompt tbh- I’m just so terrible to him  he’s my primary angst guinea pig- x”D]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Chrom: “Stay away from me.”

The words left his mouth harsh, but fearful. The syllables quivered, as if rattled to the very bone. He stood as far from you as possible, looking at you with frightened eyes. You were as scared as him, but you had to talk him down.

“I can’t do that.” You told him softly, “I’m here to help you. I know you’re shaken, but it’s over, now. You’re not going to do anything to anyone-”

“You don’t know that!” He snapped, drawing further away. “You don’t have any idea what it felt like- what I was thinking, I- I don’t want to hurt you.” He said, voice cracking.

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