axe away
Strange waters - chapter 2

That night as the rest of the crew slept Mako slipped away from his duties, he found an axe to hack away at the chains and locks keeping the mermaid sealed, it was a little dull but with Makos strength he was sure the chains wouldn’t withstand.

“Remember your end of the deal..” Mako says

“I promise..” He could hear excited splashing in the barrel. He doesn’t hesitate to lift the axe over his head and in one heavy swing it chops through the thick metal chain, breaking a link and causing the chains so clash to the ground noisily around the barrel.

Mako felt a bead of sweat run down his forehead, slight fear, some uncertainty.. this was a monster he’d released, who knew what it would do when out of its confines.

There was some high pitched giggling coming from the barrel, Mako backed away from the ominous noise as the lid slowly lifts off, the end of the monsters tail flops out having been cramped up against the lid.

Some water sloshed out of the barrel, fingers curled over the rim as it pull it’s self up.

It was the first time he’d gotten a decent look at the human proportions of the mermaid. It looked sick, eyes and cheeks sunken in, skin looking like it’s never been in sunlight. It had blond hair, with bald spots. He didn’t know how much was the mermaids natural traits, and what was caused by captivity and mistreatment.

The thing flopped onto the ground, it’s tail never seemed to end as it slowly pulled out of the barrel. It struggled to breath, ribs protruding, clearly malnourished. There was a gross looking gash through its bright orange tail where the harpoon had hit, white puss leaking from the wound, the surrounding scales looked dull. The wound was much smaller before, clearly it had spread

Mako moved closer to get a better look, which startled the creature, it looked straight at Mako, with wide eyes.

Before he knew what was happening the creature pulled itself up with its arms, using them to drag it’s body up the stairs, it was damn quick for something with no legs.

“Wait!” Mako grabbed at its tail to try and stop it from escaping, only to be thrown back into the barrels of pickles and eggs. He heard the monster hiss. As it disappeared to the top deck.

Mako jumped up and ran after it, but by the time he was on deck he saw the end of the orange fin falling over board, followed by a splash.

Makos nose was bloodied and broken, his eyes swollen near shut. The crew was unforgiving, knowing full well they’d never have that sort of luck again.

He wasn’t surprised that they planned to kill him, honestly he expected it the moment he realized the mermaid had lied to gain it’s freedom. He was foolish to trust it, he tried to look forward to his death, tried to see it as being free.. but he couldn’t see it that way, he couldn’t die at peace, not when Captian Staves was alive, not when all these bastards were alive, he wanted them to suffer and die at his hands, he wouldn’t know peace until that day

he heard the rattling of chains against his ankle, the other end attached to a canon ball. As soon as the canon was pushed over the edge he watched the loose links slowly being pulled down with it. He took one last breath of fresh air before being pulled violently into the water.

He disappeared under the waves, feeling the rush of water around him as he was pulled deeper. He struggled in his binds, watching as the water’s surface got further away. The pressure building on his skull was immense and only increased as he sunk lower into the darkness, it hurt. His lungs burned as he tried to breath, sucking in the salty water that surrounded him.

He could see a black shape circling in the distance, long and slim, as it dared to get closer it became clearer what it was. The orange tail from before, the mermaid that had betrayed him and left him to die.

He was unsure what would kill him first, the pressure building on his skull, the water in his lungs drowning him, or the monsters sharp teeth and appetite.

The mermaid swam under him, and suddenly he was no longer sinking, the pressure on his ankle stopped and he watched the broken chain fall out of existence to the bottom of the ocean without him.

The monster swam behind him and slashed his binds, freeing Makos arms who began to slowly swim to the top desperate for air. The mermaid circled him before Mako took hold of its shoulders, and he rocketed to the surface faster, dragged along with the fish.

As soon as they broke surface Mako coughed up water in his lungs, before breathing heavily, sucking in air with desperation.

He grabbed onto a peice of drift wood that was waiting for him on surface. His eyes were stinging from the salt, his chest burned and his head was spinning. He set his head flat on the surface of the plank until he could no longer feel the world spin.

“What happened to helping me?!” Mako spat into the water, the salt was coating his mouth and tounge, disgusting. “What happened to giving me a ship, the ocean?!”

The mermaid had a guilty smile across its face, he looked nervous but amused. “I lie.. but come back..”

Mako wasn’t surprised,he knew the stories, mermaids were tricksters, thives, assholes. “What if they had just shot me, then what?”

The fish sunk in the water a little more, it shrugged “I eat Mako”

Mako kicked in the fishes direction, causing it to be startled and dive under the water, leaving Mako to clear his head and come to terms with his near death experience.

The mermaid had disappeared, it wasn’t until a few hours later that Mako saw the top of its head peeking out of the water a generous distance away.

He was left with no paddle, subjected to the harsh elements. He figured the fish must have gotten he drift wood from a near by island, if only he knew the way, but every direction looked the exact same to him.

“Hey!!” He called loudly before a small salt enduced coughing fit. The Mers head dunked under water again, startled.

Mako punched the water, frustrated at the fish, but luckily it didn’t stay gone long. It peeked above water again, a bit closer

“Where did you get this?” He knocked on the board he was floating on.

The fish looked around before pointing it’s stump arm in the direction he’d gotten the plank

Mako used his hands to turn the plank the right direction, then began to kick, he slowly began moving the way he was told.

To his surprise the mermaid wasn’t making its retreat. It followed behind, a safe distance, quietly watching Mako “bad swimmer” the fish giggled, Mako rolled his eyes. “Shut up”

“So slow.. never get there..”

Mako ignored him, glaring ahead of himself, watching the big open ocean, this things voice was getting on his nerves.

After about an hour the mermaid must have gotten board as it swam off again. Returning a few hours later, putting little clams on the plank of wood infront of Mako. The man looked at the offerings, knocking them back into the water dismissively. The mermaid went under again.

It came back with a fist full of seaweed, putting that infront of Mako instead. Swimming backwards infront of him.

“This is your fault” Mako shoved the seaweed off into the water. This thing almost got him killed, it had gotten his face beat in, and standard in the middle of no where.

He could see a dark island shaped silhouette in the distance, hoping it wasn’t just the salt water he’d injested playing tricks on him. He hoped there was food on the island, sweet coconut water, bananas, actual food.

The island was decent in size, thick with trees and wild life. He recognized some of the foliage there, definitely fruitful. Mako abandoned the plank once he could touch ground and dragged himself out of the water into land, his shirt and pants were heavy and drenched, he was weak from the heat and exhausting swimming

Mako left the mermaid in the shallow waters, hearing it clicking in distress as Mako left the beach and went to cool off in the trees, feeling the effects of heat stroke from a day in the sun.

He couldn’t remember ever eating as good as he had this night, the island was untouched and the fruit was all big and ripe, he drank from coconuts and washed off the salt in a fresh spring that was in the middle of the island.

The waterfall served as a little watering hole where he watched a family of feral pigs drinking. They weren’t wary of Mako, they must not have many predators here, seeing how relaxed they seemed.

Mako whistled gently, crouching slowly towards the family. He held out a palm full of blue berries, feeling the mama pigs snout sniffing his fingers then taking the offering.

Mako smiled softly, some of the berries fell to the ground and the piggies sniffed around for them, Mako pat her back, her fur was rough to the touch but they all looked happy, it made him happy.

That night Mako slept in the fluffy grass, still feeling the illusion of waves he’d let rock himself to sleep for years.

He woke up late to the relaxing ambiance of the island birds chirping and bugs humming. It brought him back to his island, they were both very similar.

The thoughts caused an ache in his chest, missing his home, his people. Even if he could return his gramma, his mother and father would be gone by now, would his friends even recognize him? There would be a whole new generation, he wouldn’t belong anymore, that strong sense of community no longer included him.

Mako tried to sleep, tossing and turning until his rage caused his body to shake, his knuckles white, hands clenched into fists.

He used up all that negative energy by going for a long walk back down to the beach. He felt the sand between his toes, watching the waves gently caressing the shore.


He sighed, he just wanted to be left alone, was that too much to ask. He looked towards the tree line where he heard that irritating clicking sound. He saw shuffling in the bushes. The moon shone enough light to see the pathetic creature had gotten it’s already damaged fins stuck in some branches and twigs.

Mako was surprised to see a fish willingly out of water “What.. are you doing?”

Roadhog amused himself with the idea of leaveing it there to dry out, but ultimaty his hands got to work carefully pulling the delicate fins from the twigs, trying not to rip them more then they already were.

“You didn’t come back!” It said

“So you beached yourself? Stupid”

He put an arm under the mermaid, and threw it over his shoulder. It felt dry already “don’t you have other mermaids to annoy” Mako threw him into the water, managing to toss the fish pretty far out, but it still swam back, dragging itself into shallow water with its arm, still deep enough to have its tail covered.

“No! I not seen others, I kill if I see!“ The gills on its neck fanned out.

Mako were these creatures territorial? so much for those stories about a magical Kingdom under the sea. “You don’t need to hang out with other mermaids. But you can’t hang out with me. Find someone else to annoy” Mako walked away from the water line again.

He used what he could remember from his home to set up a small fire on the beach as the night got cooler. He watched the stars, finding he had gotten closer to his island then the last time he bothered to measure them.

There was an internal debate clouding his mind.. should he go back, would anyone be happy to see him or would he just be a outcast in an otherwise tight knit community?

He couldn’t help but notice the creepy little creature staring at him from the water, just the top of its head watching ominously, it probably didn’t know how weird it was being, clearly it didn’t have a good grip of social ques. Roadhog turned his back to the water, finally managing to get a little sleep.

With Halloween just 8 days away….

I bet Stiles drags Derek to a haunted house and Derek pretends to be scared so Stiles doesn’t feel bad when he screams at the guy with the fake chainsaw waiting by the exit. Or when he jumps at the girl with the ax who jumps out from behind a wall.  Or when he hides behind Derek during the walk down a completely dark hallway. 

Derek even holds his hand through the entire thing and let’s Stiles squeeze it as tight as he needs when he gets extra scared. 

And takes him out for a milkshake after.  And only teases him a little about how scared he got. And kisses him goodnight on his front porch before telling him he’ll keep all the crazy ax murders away.  

Stiles is only a little annoyed at the teasing because he finally kissed Derek and they have an apple picking date planned for the next morning. 

tbh the part of this CM crap that is mostly going over my head is them using tG apparently being irritated with Shemar for being late all the time as evidence of how off kilter he is.

yo, if my co-worker was routinely late for eleven years i think i’d have a problem too, especially when you have  to work like, 14 hour days sometimes???

I think most people would be irritated tbh. 

For Honor, or how to make you feel just powerful enough in video games

As the rain was falling over the Viking stronghold me and the three other knights ran in towards the stronghold together with our small forces of soldiers. Up ahead was the first capture point, filled with Viking troops. I sprinted towards them with my great sword and started swinging and taking down three troops at the time and started to take control of this point f the stronghold, but then I heard a battle cry to the right of me.

I swiftly held up my sword and blocked the incoming attack from the big Vikings great axe. I sidestepped away from another great hurl by his axe and then quickly jumped in to swing my sword at him and try to make a few cuts. I hit him twice but he swings his sword from the left and I bring up my sword to block his attack not even a second from getting demolished by his axe. I take a big risk and ready up for a large attack and hurl my sword against him but he makes a light but quick swing and hits me first, and then he goes in for another one and another one.

Just another cut and I will be another dead soldier on the muddy ground. But just then a fellow knight jumps in and swirls his sword onto the large Viking warrior from behind. I quickly use this advantage and me and the other knight throw a bombard of sword cuts against the colossal Viking until he plummets down to the ground. For just a second I catch my breath and look at my lifesaver. Then we both sprint into another group of enemy soldiers and fight on. 

This is just one of the different ways that a encounter has been for me in the open beta of Ubisofts new online multiplayer game For Honor. For Honor is a game that is released in like a week but has had a open beta this weekend, since I probably won’t be able to buy it when it gets released I decided to give the beta a shot. I’m glad I did.

So in For Honor you get to play as a warrior who either is a Viking, Samurai or Knight. You can then choose from some different game modes like Duel which is just you against a single player in a duel, but the main mode of For Honor seems to be Dominion where two teams with 4 players, a bunch of AI controlled in each fight over three control points around the map. And one of the things that struck me after playing a few matches of the Dominion game mode is how well the game makes you feel empowered without making you overpowered.

Because fighting the lesser AI controlled soldiers is no challenge really, you can easily start swinging and take them down one after one and they made this feel real good. There is a certain weight to every swing and you can almost feel the impact of the soldiers wooden shields breaking and the soldiers being thrown to the ground. It does make you feel like some sort of legendary hero of the battlefield, but it’s when another real human player steps in that things get a bit more interesting.

When you see another player the gameplay mechanics change and you are now able to lock the camera onto them. Then with the right stick you can turn into three different stances that are right, left and up. These stances will decide from which angle you will attack the other player and the way that you block incoming attacks is by staying in the same stance as they are (stay in left to block a incoming attack from left and so on) This turns the game play into a more tactical one on one dueling game where every attack, block or parry can decide the outcome of the fight.

So unlike the fights against the AI grunts that sometimes just feel like canon powder in the most power fantasy kind of way the player versus player fights are less hack and slash where you have to think about every move you make and taking on multiple enemies can be a death sentence. So in a way the two different kind of encounters are kind of the opposite but they manage to make the change to and from the two different “modes” dynamic and it all feels fluid.

And I feel like both these modes or stages of gameplay help to build this sense or feeling within the player that they are a vital part of the battle, like a high-ranking soldier or legendary swords wielder instead of some disposable anonymous grunt that will just end up as another dead body after the battle is over.

And when I am sitting there I actually feel both empowered smashing away the grunts defensive line with my enormous great sword and fragile when I go into a one on one duel against another knight, or perhaps a viking or a samurai. But it’s not that my state of being overpowered from battling the lesser soldiers have been taken away, but it’s more that my power has been matched by this samurai warrior that is holding up their katana ready to challenge me to a duel where only one of us can be victorious.

And heck, that’s some real good game design folks. Good on you Ubisoft!


hi im going to ax!!! im slaving away on fresh art for the con because it’s either that or use 2 yr old merch n _n lies down

anyways idk how I ended up with 2 daenerys posters but yas…. these are both based more on the book than the series and I didn’t try for a show likeness or anything so no one is going to be able to tell who it is lmfao

Do they still call it infatuation? That magic ax that chops away the world in one blow, leaving only the couple standing there trembling? Whatever they call it, it leaps over anything, takes the biggest chair, the largest slice, rules the ground wherever it walks, from a mansion to a swamp, and its selfishness is its beauty…. People with no imagination feed it with sex – the clown of love. They don’t know the real kinds, the better kinds, where losses are cut and everybody benefits. It takes a certain intelligence to love like that – softly, without props.
—  Toni Morrison, Love
Kingdom of Fools-- Chapter 1

Summary: Fairytale!AU in which Agatha is Sleeping Beauty and Simon and Baz are princes who are both supposed to awaken her with true love’s kiss. (Click here to view on Ao3.)

Even before the letter arrived, Prince Simon was having a terrible day.

His morning had begun (as his mornings so frequently did) when a large man wielding an axe burst through the door of his bedchamber and attempted to remove his head from his neck.

Simon’s eyes flew open just in time for him to see the thick blade descending towards his exposed throat, and he was unable to stop himself from letting out a strangled scream. His sword, lying sheathed on the bedside table, was just out of reach, and he would have never reached it in time anyways.

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this is definitely my favorite screenshot ive ever taken from over the garden wall because out of context it looks like wirt just effed up the whole mill with the axe and is walking away from the wreckage all happy and pleased with himself as the woodsman stares in horror at the destruction caused by a innocent looking gnome child which actually pretty close to whats happening


7.11.2015 - Evening

Time to Chill…

I’m at home all day and still; I enjoy the weekends as much as the next working commuter. Ahh, the joy of haven’t to do completely nothing still excites me. Hubby stepped into my office around noon and mention something about an invite to a family members company picnic. The details, I vaguely remember. I tried to sit up and appear enthralled until he mentioned he just wanted to chill-ax the day away. I smirked as I slouched back into my chair and continued tumbling.

Shortly after agreeing together to relax, we simultaneously got two more text invites for evening events. One was for a festival tonight and the other was a bowling birthday gathering. The irony of invites tickled me. Hubby and I stared at each other and began raised a brow.

“Man! We’ve gone somewhere every weekend, I’m not budging.”

*Glad I wasn’t alone on this thought.*

If it’s one thing that we as a whole don’t understand, it’s last minute invites. We both like to be told well in advance. We have schedules. We have to “prep” our body AND mind for these type of things. And to think, that I get mocked for planning my son’s birthday parties six months in advance stills baffles me.

We carried on with our day nice and smoothly. Jordyn indulged in arts & crafts, Jax enjoyed a snack in his high chair (as always) and I doodled in my notebook. On the other hand, hubby gets bored so fast that it’s mind blowing. He asked for a project and of course, as any wife would do, I gave him a list. Being the smart man that he is, chose only a few. He removed the tall dresser out of the boys room for hazardous reasons. We have seen our two year old climb up it one to many times to grab his binkie and enough was enough; before something tragic decided to happen. Let me just mention this, I don’t care how safe they say those furniture wall straps are, as a parent, you’ll never stop extreme child proofing.

He then went into the basement to open up some cardboard boxes marked with a felt tip sharpie, “Toys” to fill the space. That was pretty much the last that I saw of him. Much to my surprise, he set up the tent for the boys in their room and fixed an entire play area in the basement. I called for pizza and I knew that would bring his presence back from unconsciously…working. We finished eating and he put the boys in the tub right before putting them down for bed. I jumped in after, I desperately needed to shave my legs! All was quiet and I KNEW exactly what time it was for the hubster. “Happy Hour”!


**Disclaimer** Good Company is is about a mother’s comical aspect of holding down the fort with three fellas at home. It’s about parenting, motherhood, companionship, family and a married couple’s wing-and-prayer approach to balancing it all. ♥**