axa stadium

So basically I just had the worst day ever!

First off I asked my brother to take me to the hotel where the Portugal NT was staying at, but, as the good brother he is, he didn’t take me there -.- Then, I came super late to the match between Portugal and Azerbaijan and I had to run like I never had before. So, during the first part of the match I had to sit on the stairs, because some people decided to sit on MY FUCKING PLACE, but my dad didn’t want to bother them since he is too polite. Well, and I like I had promised you, I was going to take some pictures of the football players, but as soon as I was going to turn my camera on, well, I noticed it didn’t have battery. CAN MY DAY GET ANY WORSE? Hopefully my dad is gonna take me to their hotel tomorrow. HOPEFULLY. Sorry to bother you all with my life :/