I was tagged by the source of most of the great Veronica Mars meta on my dash, @cheshirecatstrut​. :)

RULES: Tag 9 people you would like to get to know better. I’m gonna tag the last nine people in my activity: @sonicskullsalt​, @olynea, @colour-of-crazy​, @ax3battery​, @jadegiantess​, @spaceage-sapphic​, @lesleynope​, @izzyisamachine​, @samcaarter​, and anyone else who’d like to do this.

Relationship status: very married, very happily

Favorite colours: sunflower yellow, orange, midnight blue, turquoise

Pets: I finally get to answer this with YES. :D Two kittens, a brother and sister named Cinna and Saoirse.

Last song I listened to: uh…I think it was Titanium, by David Guetta featuring Sia.

Favorite TV shows: Current faves include Brooklyn Nine Nine, Elementary, Pitch. The 100, Sense8, The Good Place. Perennial faves include Community, Farscape, Stargate SG1, Veronica Mars, et al.

First Fandom: The first thing I fell head over heels in love with was Star Wars, when I was 5 and saw Empire Strikes Back in the theater during its original run. The first fandom I lurked in online was X-Files, when it was airing. The first fandom I actually participated in was Chuck.

Hobbies: reading, cooking and baking, photography, crocheting, traveling, beta-reading/editing, watching TV and movies and yelling about them on the internet.

Currently Reading: Thanks For The Money by Joel McHale; whatever @ponyregrets writes as part of the @chasholidays fic-every-day-in-December bonanza; re-reading @jeffwik‘s post-S6 J/A Community fic, Everybody Knows. (And I’m waiting patiently for more of @jenndoesnotcare‘s story.)