Videos from the Homestuck Meet-Up at Anime Expo 2011!! Lots of win in here. And an adorable Tavros getting cookies from the best Terezi.


Anime Expo 2011. Lots of high quality cosplays. :3

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Anime Expo 2011

I’m goinggg

but unfortunately I don’t have a ride/enough money for all 4 days so I’m only going the first two days! Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd with samcruzpinay (cosplaying JBF!Megurine Luka) and rongi (who is boring and not cosplaying) !

I’m not completely sure whether I’ll be cosplaying both friday and saturday but I WILL be cosplaying Italy from Hetalia (Genderbent Gakuen)

here’s a picture of what I’ll be wearing! and say hi to my cat sdflkj

aaand just recently I had a friend help me with the curl so here’s a picture of the wig I’ll be wearing (p.s. the wig looks so ugly if I style the bangs how italy’s is supposed to be so I’m just gonna leave it like this LOL..)

..maybe I’ll trim the bangs a bit…


So yeah tell me if you’re going! We don’t have a table or anything but we do spend a lot of time in the artist alley! Hopefully you can find us wandering around there! ovo