ax tomorrow


A small gift for my friend, Rachel! I honestly had a blast drawing this piece and I gotta admit, I’m sorta proud of how it came out.
Anyway, I’ll be cosplaying as Pacifist!Chara while they’ll be cosplaying as Date!Undyne tomorrow at AX! I’m really excited for this weekend since I’ll be at AX all 4 days! I’ve never been able to attend a con all 4 days, so this is pretty huge for me :’D It’s like a holiday I’ve been planning for months now! So, yes, this means I will be off until Monday, BUT, if anyone else is going to Anime Expo this weekend, tell me! I’d like to meet you all there! 

Headed back to Virginia tonight! If I’m not too jetlagged, I’ll try to get my online store updated with new AX 2015 merch by tomorrow evening - otherwise, expect an update Monday. I should have a few prints, all new bookmarks, and button sets. Thanks!


Hello everyone! If you’re buying from AXS tomorrow morning or anytime after BTS’ the red bullet U.S. tickets go on sale, I just wanted to remind you of the extra fees! Make sure you have enough for the ticket that you want!

I contacted AXS and got a reply back saying ticket fees should be about $15-20 so make sure you have 20 extra just in case.