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AX 2017: FMA Live Action Footage Description

| My descriptions of the clips shown during the panel at Anime Expo. It’s by no means a complete list, but these are the scenes that I remembered the most. Also excuse the dumb descriptions and comments on some, I was shook ok. |

  • Ed running like a derp away from the alchemy wall sticks and then getting smacked in the face with one. Once he falls to the ground, another one pierces where he was just standing before the smack.
  • Those alchemy dogs attacking Ed and he slices their legs off with his lancer and some cool moves. He misses one and it jumps to attack but Al takes him down.
  • Ed is thrown up in the air bc of the wavy ground that Cornello creates using alchemy. Thanks to the stone Cornello basically jiggles the ground without touching it.
  • Ed face bloody and dusty/dirty after running around fighting Cornello’s Philosopher’s stone alchemy. 
  • Roy takes Cornello’s stone and sets fire to it with a snap in front of Ed who struggles to get free from the MPs holding him. Ed realizes it’s a fake when it disintegrates
  • Riza ordering a firing squad to get in position to fire. she’s wearing her brown undershirt and takes her place at the center front of the squad with one knee on the ground and her rifle in position - she yells ‘Fire!’

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Fullmetal World Whirlwind Tour First Stop Report! Ryosuke Yamada and Director Sori Appear at Anime Expo in LA!

The first stop on the World Whirlwind Tour was the biggest anime event taking place in North America that rivals the American comics event Comic-Con. The star of Fullmetal Alchemist Ryosuke Yamada and Director Fumihiko Sori appeared at the 26th Anime Expo in LA on Monday, July 3rd.

By the time the event started in the Expo’s largest room, capable of accommodating 3,500 guests, fans lined up in great numbers and in the blink of an eye, the line was overcrowded with fans cosplaying FMA, creating an atmosphere of great enthusiasm on site! The room quickly burst out into cheers of excitement once the names of Ryosuke Yamada, who was wearing a red leather jacket, and Director Fumihiko Sori were called.

When the previously announced, never-before-seen-footage was played for the first time at the Expo, with every character’s appearance, the audience erupted with reactions of surprise and excitement here and there. After the footage premiere, Yamada appeared once more and said a few words, “I’m glad that there was a great reaction during the showing.” Watching the footage, Yamada himself was surprised, and with a voice of relief he commented, “I thought that the quality produced by Director Sori was amazing, even more than during filming.”

When Director Sori commented, “No one in the world could portray Ed as well as Mr. Yamada,” the audience simultaneously broke out into yells of excitement. “If you all enjoy this film and support it, I think it would be great if this work could continue and get a part 2,” said the Director enthusiastically talking about a continuation, and once again the audience’s excitement was much, much greater than before. “About 20 years ago, after working on Titanic with a company called Digital Domain, I thought that it would be great to film a VFX heavy production as a director. I’ve loved LA since then and I’m really really happy and proud to be able to return again and show you this footage. This doesn’t mean that Fullmetal Alchemist is a VFX only movie though, it is a very story driven, emotional journey.” As the Director said this, the audience burst into great applause and cheers.

On top of that, when Yamada asked with uncertainty, “I was tackling a role that wasn’t exactly Japanese so of course there was some fear in the back of my mind, but I hope you all saw the footage and didn’t feel anything weird, did you?” to which, the entire room full of fans replied, “NO!” A moved Yamada responded with gratefulness, “Thank you for complimenting me, everybody.”

For his final message, Yamada said, “I’m very happy and honored to be able to have a project like Fullmetal Alchemist that is so loved around the world being produced into a live action adaptation in Japan. I hope that everyone around the world will be able to see this and thank you very much.” The Director’s message was, “I’m so happy now, so please enjoy this movie!” And with the loud cheers and applause from foreign fans, the event ended.

At the event, a surprise message from Hiromu Arakawa, the manga creator who is popular even abroad, was revealed and read to the amazed foreign fans. After the event, up to 50 foreign media outlets gathered at the press conference. The footage was a hit with the foreign media, who gave it favorable reviews one after the other, saying things like, “It surpassed the limits of CGI and VFX in Japanese film!” “Ed’s image [gets my] seal of approval!” “I almost cried at Ed’s portrayal” “The film Fullmetal Alchemist is the best!” “I could feel the staff’s love [for the work]” “It was terrific!” “Alphonse is the best!”

♦ Surprise Message from creator Hiromu Arakawa ♦

The manga feels like my child and all these spinoffs and other iterations of it, the anime, the games, everything else that you take, it really feels kind of like my grandchildren (haha!), and here they are flying, leaving the nest, exploring, and I’m really really proud to see them leave the nest like this. I got to take a look at the footage as well and it really felt like all these characters i created were there, present in our world. The way Ryosuke Yamada played Ed was very cool! Everyone out there throughout the world, I hope you take really good care of my cute grandchild when he goes to see you!

source: hagaren-movie

This is late, but…!
I had the best day ever!!
As I said before, I’m going to write a blog post when I get back to Japan.

Thank you very much to everyone who came!! Thanks for a wonderful time ⛵✩✩

AX 2017: Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Panel Transcription

The Fullmetal Alchemist World Whirlwind Tour!! First stop Los Angeles!

| Transcription of a major part of the panel that took place on July 3rd, at Anime Expo 2017 in Los Angeles. Although the panel was listed as 11am to 12pm, it only actually lasted about 35 minutes since it started late and then ended a bit early in order to clear the room. Still, a lot happened in that short time! Here’s the complete transcription! Very Long Post!! |

- NOTE: the MC is Ken Ayugai from Tokyo. Mikey’s the interpreter. I cut their self introductions and their final remarks which let the audience know that the next stop on the live action promo tour was Paris.

- ALSO we weren’t allowed to film or take pictures till after the footage was shown and they were real strict about it, but I’m sure the live action team will release pictures and some footage after their world tour ends in Japan on July 12th, so we just gotta wait like a week.

Also check out: Description of scenes in the footage

MC: So first of all, I’m sure most of you are aware of this but I’m gonna run you through the history of Fullmetal, really quick.

Mikey: Just a little bit, so you guys, you know there might be some people who don’t know Fullmetal Alchemist up here.

MC: So first of all, Fullmetal Alchemist is a popular japanese manga, which I’m sure you know, and it’s written by Hiromu Arakawa and published in the monthly magazine Shonen GanGan from 2001 to 2010. And this series has sold over 70 million copies worldwide and there’s been like a tv series in 2003 and 2009, the animated series. And the movie was in 2005 and 2011. And [when the] author gave birth to her children, she continued writing hoping that her kids would read it one day.

Mikey: Exactly, she wanted her kids to read this one day, so that’s a really touching story, right?

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Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Panel Press Conference @AnimeExpo 2017

Thoughts on the FMA live action panal. Contains spoilers

The live action FMA panal at AX was amazing but not perfect. I know that this may get me some heat….

Pros: *SPOILERS* kinda??

-December 1st release date (Japan guessing)

-Director Fumihiko Sori and Ryosuke reaffirmed their commitment to bring as accurate a representation of the original work as possible, to the point that Ryosuke did all of his own stunts. 

-They reaffirmed the possiblity of a Part 2 tot eh film, meaning that as per Director Sori, Part 1 has a very good conclusive end, however if it does very well and fans support it after theaters, there will be a Part 2.

****Start getting spoilery*** During the clips they showed, we got our first looks at Roy Mustang, Winry, Hughes, The Homunculi, Shou Tuker and Nina, and last (literally) but not least Riza. They all looked fantastic and looked the parts perfectly. Like seriously i think the casting was perfect.

-Got told that we may get a brief look at Scar and Maj. Armstrong but look “forward to part 2″ (no word on Greed/ling :( but I won’t make that a con)


Here is where I think that it kept it form being “prefect”. During the panal Director Sori said that he once lived in LA 20 years ago and worked in Visual Effects (VFX), he worked on a little film called Titanic. When he left LA and returned to Japan, he slowly began working into directing. He said; “My dream was to make a FULL VFX movie, and with this film, I finally did that” This line right here is why I was given pause. Now he did say this film has tons of “heart” and is “incredibly story driven” but during the clips they showed off A LOT of VFX shots and they looked very good, but there were a few times where during the shots and scenes they showed, the VFX looked so unnatural that I was ripped out of the immersion of what I was watching. You’ve all seen the trailer and seen the VFX in those, and they look good and feel natural. But there are 2 shots I’d like to focus on. **SPOILERS***

1. Building collapsing. This scene isn’t new, we’ve seen it in the trailers, it’s a scene where you see a tower start to get destroyed by alchemy and then the top falls over and looks like it’s coming right at the camera. This is all done in VFX and looked good and natural, but as being in the Panal we got an extra bit. Right before the tower “lands” onto of the camera, we get a jump cut to essentially a helicopter shot of the profile of the tower falling. The thing is that this tower literally falls in a perfect diagonal line that completely took me out of the scene and made me cringe, because building will never fall in a perfect diagonal line at a perfect degree angle. It was very easy to tell this was a computer simulation that was captured and edited into the film.

2. Scene where we see Lust on fire. We all know this scene form the manga and anime adaptations. Roy mustang lights Lust on fire. In this shot we see her already burning and almost calmly walking to a fence and grabbing it. This isn’t a man in a fire suit or something. It’s a VFX person walking with VFX flames on them. It certainly looked pretty but did not feel natural and I was pulled once again out of the immersion. We know that Lust screams in agony when she is burned but this scene (admittedly with no actual sound besides the loud music they played over all scenes to hide the actual audio for now) felt so unnatural of a person on fire.


I as a very big fan of FMA was excited and worried about this film when it was first announced. I was very excited to go to this panal to learn more. Upon leaving I am now very much more worried, BUT I am also very much more excited for this film to come out. So basically nothing has changed

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