うちは - What reflected there was a real deal - Love.

A father’s love that could never resist seeing his daughter’s sadness, 
and a lover/husband’s love that never changes.

The way Sasuke hugs his own Sarada after seeing her sad face. 
The way he can’t take seeing that look on the face of his daughter and 
the way the talks to her as he pokes her head warms my heart so much. 
And him being all the same as he was before to Sakura during their
academy and genin days when it comes to showing his love towards her.
Being all tsundere and not giving her what she is asking for instantly
(but we all know he will anyway). He never shows her love to her openly
and want to keep it between the two of them alone. What matters is she
feels as he does. It’s refreshing to see that some things never change
between these two even know that they’re already married. It has been
the SS that I came to know, fell in love with and appreciate forever.

This be leaving us SS shippers with lots of questions and keeps us
asking more from the two of them (we feel Sakura, don’t we?) But well, 
it’s SasuSaku. What more do we expect? *winks*
today was really bizarre: jewish edition


ok so i live in a jewish area and bc of jewish school (since age 11) and jewish camps, i’ve never really been in a non-jewish majority setting

and now i go off to uni in 2017 (with a gap year), so i’m seeing unis now, and i’m not really sure why but it’s important to me to be visibly Jewish in this like outside space, this non-Jewish space, so i wear a magen david, a star of David, necklace when i go see them

the necklace is one i got for my 12th birthday and it is quite large for a necklace, also it sparkles. so that, and my skirt and sleeves for anyone who knows to recognise them, make me really visibly Jewish.

okay so i’m standing on the train platform with my four other friends (also all Jewish teenage girls) and this guy starts talking to us, this grown man. he tells me he likes my “David star”. he asks us if we’re Israeli. he says he’s really sorry for the Holocaust, he says it’s terrible. he says he believes the G-d of Israel is real. he asks us where we’re going (he’s going to the same place! what a coincidence! will we sit with him on the train? please don’t reject him! okay, now we have promised him, we mustn’t desert him), he - unbidden - shows me pictures of his kids, three daughters (six, twelve, and sixteen, as i remember). he says he’s Polish. he says there are only three synagogues in Poland left and one of them is in his town. he says his old next-door neighbour went on to do something in Shindler’s List. he says he thinks “Poland” in Hebrew means “G-d resides there” (an Israeli member of our group says she thinks it just means “Poland”, actually. he looks crestfallen).  he says he thinks Jew is a charged term and he prefers to use “Israeli” (we try to explain Israeli =/= Jewish, to no avail). he says he thinks the term Palestine is “cheeky” because of its etymology and he doesn’t like or use that term either. 
as the train arrives and we sort of sprint as far away from him as possible, with the excuse that it’s crowded and we want to get seats, he’s telling us he’s a theology student at the university, and he thinks “Yoshke haNazri” (he uses the Hebrew first name, as if he weren’t setting off enough alarm bells, and I correct the place-name to Notzri almost without noticing) is Mashiach.

(also: when walking through the campus, a woman wishes me “Shabbat shalom!”. i half-reply, reflexively, before remembering that it’s 2pm on a Thursday.)

when the train pulls back into London, and i see a man in a black velvet kippah, white shirt, dark trousers, and tzitzit, i almost cry with relief.

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I think One Piece is the only anime that can stir up so many emotions in me...

I don’t give a damn about what haters say but One Piece has the ability to make me cry out of sadness or happiness, feel overjoyed when the Straw Hats are united, and all sorts of other emotions at once… It just has that ability… So… Thank you, Oda-sensei, for creating this wonderful addition to my life :D

Fast Day Sunday 5 July

The Three Weeks, the period leading up to the fast of 9 Av which marks the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple, begins next Sunday. The Three Weeks has various customs, including not saying the blessing of Shehechianu (this blessing is said over new things, most commonly on eating new fruit that year or other new foods, and wearing new fancy clothes). If you have nicer-than-everyday clothes or shoes to buy or new ones you haven’t worn yet, or for some reason you really urgently need to eat a food which you haven’t eaten before, be sure to buy and/or wear and/or eat them before Sunday

Next Sunday (5th July) is also a fast day, 17 (Shivah Asar) b’Tammuz (next Sunday is actually 18 Tammuz but we don’t fast minor fasts on Shabbat so it’s postponed).
The fast marks many sad events that happened to the Jewish people, including Moshe Rabbenu breaking the tablets, running out of sheep for the daily sacrifice in the Babylonian siege, a burning of a Torah scroll, an idol being placed in the Temple, and the Roman breach of the walls preceding the destruction of the Second Temple (and, perhaps, the first one too)

It’s a dawn til sunset fast (exact times here). It’s a minor fast, so the ill or vulnerable don’t have to fast if it would endanger them; you should consult a rabbi if you’re in such a situation. If you’re exempt from fasting, you should still refrain from foods eaten for enjoyment (for example, chocolate or ice cream). You can wake up before dawn to eat, provided you had the intention to before you went to sleep.