Akira: Ah, wonderful!

Haise: A-ah… Thank you, <Associate Special Class> Ghoul Investigator  Mado Akira.

Akira: Stop it! I’m feeling embarrassed.

Haise mentions how it’s amazing that she’s become Associate Special Class at that age as well, but she mentions how these times, it’s much more easy to gain achievements than in the past. She’s finally reached her mother’s rank, but… she remembers Haise is now First Class too. “You’re a Special Class now too.”

Haise: Akira-san… If you would, a hug

She sighs for a moment, but…

Akira: You did well, Haise

And she gives him a hug. Haise stays surprised.


This is the video (HQ) that Tom’s almost tripped over a safety bar because of hand kissing.

OMG! TOM! (((((T-T)