He seemed exactly the same. He has still got a real magic to him and he’s every bit as eccentric and beautiful and weird as he always was. I’ve always been cognisant that I owed Aidan a huge debt of gratitude, being exposed to his level of craftsmanship and integrity at the start of my career. He was a very powerful guiding force to me.
—  Charlie Hunnam when asked what it felt like to be working with Aidan Gillen for the first time since Queer as Folk. (x)

Another paper down 6 more to go. Alex felt like shit, he left Thomas alone with Phillip. What kind of father did that ?! Apparently him. At least philp had someone to look up to for father’s day. He felt a hand and jumps his tired eyes panning around. Washington, great hear it comes “ What on earth, Hamilton what are you doing here on father’s day ?! ” Washington asks quietly and Alex shrugs “ I should ask you the same thing. ” He whispers harshly. God he was stressed out he forgo- oh god did he just ask Washington- “ Hamilton you know me and Martha didn’t have children. But you do have a little boy ” he whispers his voice quiet “ So you shouldn’t be here. Doing work. ” he growls his fierce look makes Alex shivers “ Whose even with him ?” Alex swallows thickly and glanced away “ Jefferson. H-he likes Jefferson as a dad more then me anyways !! So s-so …I ..I ” he stops and looks away closing his eyes and George grabs his shoulders and leads him towards the door “ Well what if I send you home on work leave ?” He asks a grin appearing and Alex opens his mouth but crossed his arms “ You don’t get what all this is abou-” “ yes I do son. I’m not an idiot. Just trust me and go see Philp. ” He whispers and Alex pulls away slightly and sighs “ Fine. ” He whispers and walks towards the door

Thomas sighs as Phillip looks at the card he made Alex “ Daddy why doesn’t he want it ?” He asks and Thomas bites his lip picking him up “ No no baby dad just hasn’t seen the card he’ll definitely want it !! Look at the glitter !! ” He whispers softly and Phillip tugs at his hair his big eyes and freakles popping out with the contrast of sadness. He pulls his phone out seeing that Alex hadn’t answered a single thing. He scoffed and bounced around with Phillip in his arms and then he hears the familiar shoes on the steps and the door opens to red eyed Alex and Phillip squeals “ Daddy daddy !!!” He squirms out of Thomas’s arms and dashed over grabbing his hands “ where you been ?” He asks in the slightest country accent that he caught from Thomas “ I-I ..went to work I thought you wanted a father day for Thomas ” Thomas eyes widen and he kneels down about to speak but Phillip does it for him “ Silly daddy !! I wanted you both for fathers day !! ” He felt Thomas nudge him and he gasps and runs to get the card but stops seeing the broken pen in Alex’s pocket and turns hugging him but his small hand runs down grabbing the pen and he giggles as Alex squeezed him. Feeling slightly better. He pulls away and rushed to the kitchen with the card and pen and puffs his cheek as he climbs up on the counter and grabs the bandaids and climbs down his smallw feet struggling but he he managed with the handles on the drawers and puts the pen pieces together and wraps it up and calls for Alex seeing him and daddy talking and kissing. Eww. Making a face but shyly tenses up as Alex walks over and smiles “ Yes phil ?” He asks and he sees Thomas coaxed him slightly and he first gives the card. It’s a picture of them all with a rainbow of glitter and it says in a shaky colored pencil “ Love you daddy’s !!” And then he smiled and tears well up “ Oh philly this is beautiful !! ” he whispers encouragingly going to hug him but Phillip holds his hand out and Thomas tensed up but relaxed realising as the smaller boy pulls out the fixed pen “ I… I made it all better !!” He coos and giggles as Alex accidently lets out a tear out and picks him up “ Thank you baby ” he whispers kissing his cheeks and spins slipping but Thomas was there to try and catch their weight but they all collapsed into a smiling love heap in the kitchen floor cover in glitter and a new fixed pen .