awwwwwwn!! * *

When I re-watching this Vapp with sub, Jiminie said an extra actor gave him a drawing to him and V asked is it the one with glasses and minnie replied “No”. I be like just how many guys were around Jiminie. And then BANG! No wonder Jungkook didn’t let go of his jimin jimin jiminie at the set.

I don't know why Malum isn't everyone's otp - Masterpost.

First of all, those photos and gifs aren’t mine, so credits to the owners.

So there aren’t a lot of malum shippers out there and I don’t understand why, so I decided to make a thing.

They’ve been friends for 10 years. T E N  Y E A R S.

They even posted cute things to each other when they were little, this is really important.

Fetus malum is one of the cutest things ever.

Look at them aw.

Aw babies.

(This one isn’t cute, but it’s priceless)

They’ve grown up but they’re still the cutest thing ever and you can’t tell otherwise.

They look so cuddly in this one, sigh.

They’re sexy as fuck as well, yeah.

Their tweets are underrated and you know it.

Aw Cal

They need to be close even on stage.

They look so happy I want to cry

This makes me wanna scream.

Oh my GOD

Too sexy to be healthy.

They’re two cute idiots together, the perfect couple.


And when Michel is all cuddly and Calum loves it.

Or when Calum is all cuddly and Michael loves it.

(That’s not cuddly at all, that’s Calum pinning Michael on a bed, so it’s even better than cuddly!Calum)

Or when they just



The fond :-)


So hey,

Malum is the most shippeable ship ever.

And I don’t know why I thought this masterpost would be a good idea. I’m gonna cry in a corner.