TF/TS’s MC: Guys, let’s just sit around and appreciate our friendship. I love you guys so much! ❤️

Zack, Tyler, Abbie: awwwwwww I love you too!

Chris, Kaitlyn, Becca, Zig: awwwwwwww I literally love you too!

The old James somewhere: awwwwwwww I’m so proud of you! And I love you!

‘James’: awwwwww I lo—


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I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and i love him so much. He's caring and sweet and dorky and my life is a million times better with him in it. Our anniversary is coming up in a few weeks but I've never had an anniversary before so idk what to do. I really want it to be special

Awwwwww that’s so cute! I’m still debating what I want to do for my six month! You guys should go visit the place of your first date or do something you both enjoy! Best of luck to ye and happy belated anniversary!