BTS as tags on my fake chats
  • Taehyung: #CUTIES! #TAETAE! #2NDBF #this is so adorable omg
  • Jimin: #this is actually super adorable though #ahhh #cuties #my beautiful chimchim #me and my bby <333
  • Namjoon: #JASON HISTOLOGY GOT MY CRYING #THIS IS SO FUNNY PLS I NEED AIR #but this is so cute #damnit
  • Hoseok: #THERE'S REAL TEARS IN MY EYES #IM SCREAMING #squealing and screeching in my room
  • Jungkook: #BUNBUN #jikook is still real #I have nothing else to say #my baby bunny #awwwwww #so cuuuuuuuute
  • Seokjin: #hahahahahahahahahahahahahah #too good #goodness this is beautiful #never gonna not reblog
  • Yoongi: #oh my f*** god this shit is hella real


For the Nookie rough sex hc, all I can imagine is the night after they do the do and Hunter walks into the bathroom and realizes his back and the back of his neck is just covered in claw marks. He’d be just admiring them in the mirror, but Nate comes in and sees them and starts apologizing like crazy because h o l y s h i t he didn’t realize his nails were that sharp. Hunter just shuts him up with a kiss and mutters that he loves them.


youreviller  asked:

Happy birthday to my super cute ticklish tumblr best friend who means the world to me By far one of the nicest people I've ever met And a damn good friend And whatever she tells you it's all lies she loves being teased and tickled about her ticklish belly button and toes😏😜

Awwwwww! Thank you so much you cutie haha! Absolutely none of what you said it true! I don’t know what you’re talking about…

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I'm so happy for them (OnHo) :')) a little 9th Anniv honeymoon AWWWWWW!!! Maldives?! Super Luxurious!!!

I know right?! Anon, I’m dying here… kajshkahisud

They live together in Korea and Japan and now they traveled together. This is screaming honeymoon, I don’t care if they’re there for a photoshoot or shooting battle trip (like some people are saying). hehe

They for sure are having a good time there and this is amazing, they deserve to rest, and cuddle, and walk on the beach holding hands, and eat lots of food and drink too, and sleeping together, and…. lolol