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Hi! I wanted to know if you wanted to write the: ,,I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you" prompt? I'm a really big fan of your cute fics, I've read every single of them and enjoyed them so much!

Awwwwww! Thank you so so so so much!!! You’re so so so so sweet!!!! I really liked writing this one! It was really sweet and sort of angsty. I hope you like it! Enjoy!!!!

“Guys this is Lola.” Tom motioned to the demon girl standing next to him. “Lola, these are my friends.” He told the girl. She didn’t seem like she cared too much.

“Oh… what happened to Jamie?” Star asked a bit confused. She remembered the kid Tom had been hanging out with  just a few days ago.

“We sort of just… lost touch.” Tom shrugged.

“After a week…” Marco nodded. “O…kay.” He looked over at Star who shrugged. Lola said something to Tom and he nodded.

“Okay, we’re gonna head out. I’ll see you guys later.” He waved at his friends and he left with the girl. Marco watched them go and looked out the window. When they were on the lawn Tom gave the girl a kiss and held her around her waist.

“Maybe this one will last longer than two days.” Marco huffed. “What’s been up with him lately? He’s just running around with all these different people that he meets in sketchy places. None of them are nice and he doesn’t seem… happy.” Marco explained.

“I’ve noticed it too.” Star sighed. “Every week he’s got a new stranger.” She recalled. “And he’s been going out like, every night to some parties with them. I don’t like it.” She rubbed the back of her head. “But he can take care of himself I guess.” Star decided.

“I think I should check up on him tonight… see how he’s doing.” Marco decided. Star nodded, worried sick about her friend’s sudden change in personality. It’s like he was a totally different person. “Star I… I don’t like this change.” Marco sighed. “I liked Tom how he was… and he’s not like that anymore.” He explained.

“Maybe he’s just… going through a rough time?” Star suggested. Marco looked away. He had to figure this out. He couldn’t lose Tom.


“Is Tom here?” Marco spoke as loud as he could over the music being played in the bar. It was a sketchy place under a building. And it was filled with people from different dimensions. They were all either dancing or drinking. And a group of people were in the back, handing something back and forth. But it didn’t smell like a drug from earth, and the smoke was glittery.

“What did you say?” A girl called back.

“IS TOM LUCITOR HERE!?!” Marco yelled. The girl shrugged and swung her head back, drinking something out of an unmarked bottle. Marco looked around. This place wasn’t the type of place Tom hung out at. Sure he loved parties, and to have fun. But this was too much, it didn’t even seem real.

“Marco?” A voice spoke. Marco turned around and saw Tom looking over at him. Tom laughed and gave Marco a hug, stumbling over his own two feet. “Oh my god! It’s so good to see you!” Tom laughed.

“Tom, are you drunk?” Marco asked. Then a boy who was with Tom started laughing and put his hand on Tom’s shoulder to keep him from falling.

“Trust me, he is WAY more than drunk.” The other guy assured. Tom laughed and tried to give Marco another hug.

“Marco! Marco… Marco, this is Bryce. I met him here.” He smiled.

“What happened to Lola?” Marco asked. Tom made a confused face and shrugged.

“I don’t know.” He admitted. “But it’s fine though, Bryce is super cool. He told me to drink this, so I did and now I feel great.” Tom smiled, playing with a little bottle. Marco shook his head and took it away.

“No, you can’t just do that. What has gotten into you! You’ve been acting insane for the past weeks!” Marco exclaimed. “You can’t just drink something that a random person at a party gives you! Do you know how dangerous that is?”

“Here comes the safe kid, right on schedule.” Tom rolled his eyes, looking like he was about to topple over.

“Okay, fine. Call me the Safe Kid, I don’t care. Come with me.” Marco grabbed Tom’s arm and the demon ripped away, nearly falling back.

“Hey, don’t grab at me. I’m staying here.” Tom told him. Marco groaned and gripped his hair.

“Tom, you are a MESS, I’m taking you home.” He told him. Tom just shook his head and pulled away again.

“No, Marco. You’ve done more than enough.” Tom snapped at him. Marco fell back confused, he was about to ask but Tom kept rambling. “You just messed all of it up for me! All of it! And now you wanna make it worse by helping me. I don’t WANT your help! Just go away.” He shoved the human, and Marco growled.

“Fine! Have fun here with your friends!” Marco hissed. And marched off. Tom watched him go and then he felt somebody pull him aside.

“Come on Tom, let’s-” Bryce was cut off by the demon.

“I feel bad.” Tom sighed, looking off at the direction Marco left.

“Who care about him?” The other kid asked. Tom then shook my head.

“No, I don’t feel bad like that… I just feel… bad.” Was all Tom could get out before he collapsed.


Tom opened up his eyes with some difficulty and looked around. The room looked so familiar, but his head hurt so badly he could hardly process anything. “Oh good, you’re up.” A voice came. Tom looked up and saw Marco sit down next to the bed, he looked angry.

“What happened?’ Tom asked, wearily sitting up.

“Your so-called friend left you passed out in the corner of a bar.” Marco told him. “Nice to know you have such good taste in friends. God! Why were you being such a jerk!” He hissed. Tom rubbed the back of his head and Marco kept scolding. “You’ve been dating random people for just a few days at a time, and then going to these dumb parties and getting drunk and hurt! You’ve been acting so stupid!” Marco cried.

“I know… I’m sorry.” Tom sighed. Marco sighed and sat back down, crossing his arms. “I’m gonna stop all this… I promise… I have to stop all this.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I just… I thought it would help but overall… it’s been making it worse.” Tom shut his eyes as tight as he could.

“It’s been making what worse?” Marco asked, scooting closer.

“I thought… I thought if I ignored it it would go away. And tried to repress it with all this other stuff.” Tom leaned back, but Marco still didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Tom, you need to tell me what’s going on.” Marco begged. Tom sighed.

“Marco… I… you make me feel things that, I don’t want to be feeling… but at the same time… I don’t want that feeling to stop.” Tom blurted out. “I… I think I love you, Marco.” He spoke. Marco’s eyes widened and Tom groaned, but continued talking. “It’s torture… the most wonderful torture there is and I… I thought if I kept dating other people soon they’d give me the same feeling you do but… I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.” Tom spoke.

Marco stared at him for a long time. “All this time… you’ve been in love with me?” Marco asked in shock. Tom sighed and nodded.

“I-I’m sorry. I thought by doing all this dub stuff I could cover it up and run from my feelings but… they just keep coming back… I had to tell you. I love you, Marco.” Tom continued. He looked at Marco for a long time in total silence. “Oh Marco please say something. Please just say anything!” Tom begged. Marco bit his lip and then jumped forward, tackling Tom down in a hug. Tom froze and Marco held onto him tight.

“Tom I… I miss you.” Marco sobbed. Tom held onto the human. “I don’t like the way you’ve been acting and the things you’ve been doing because… I love YOU. I do! I love you! Why would you run away from that?” Marco asked.

“I was scared I… I thought you wouldn’t feel the same way I…” Tom trialed off, in total shock. He just clung onto Marco. “I promise never to leave you again, Marco… please give me a chance I love you! I do and I-”

“Shhh.” Marco cut him off. “It’s okay.” He assured. Tom looked at him in shock and Marco kissed the demon on the top of the head. “I understand… and I’m just glad to have you back.” Marco grinned. Tom smiled and hugged the human around the waist.

“Thank you, Marco… thank you.” Tom was near tears and Marco just kept hushing him.

“It’s okay… I love you.” Marco spoke. At hearing those words Tom felt like his entire world just lit up with a million lights. He felt that fluttering feeling in his chest and he felt lightheaded and totally joyful.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” Tom cried, hugging him tight. Marco smiled and held the demon close.

“You know you threw up in my shoes last night.”

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You guys hyped for the Emoji Movie? BTW, love you guys!

Everyone: ………………. *deep breath* 

Mulligan: God, no! The Emoji Movie sounds so dumb!

Lafayette: Mon Amour!!!! What if people want to see the emoji movie!?

At the same time:
Laurens: I guess I want to see it.
Hamilton: No! The emoji movie is for little kids and the trailer already made me want to kill–

Laurens: *tackles Hamilton* Lexi!!! Don’t say that! I love you! *kisses Hamilton*

Mulligan and Lafayette: Awwwwww!!!

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Hey I just wanted to let you know that in the last day or two your blog has definitely become my favorite of pretty much everyone I follow and I just wanted to send a little appreciation post. Like literally whenever I scroll through your posts I get this dumb little smile on my face and it gets bigger and bigger the more I read and I'm not usually one to smile that much while reading stuff. Like I literally lol when I read your posts. Quite often actually. So just thank you for existing !!!

awwwwww thanks for sending this! It really means a lot to us that you care that much!