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how about asgore for that meme?

-How I feel:  awwwwww buddyyyy, this sad guy.  I think he’s great cuz he’s this crazy dark character with a doofy-dad personality, how depressing is that?  The moral dilemmas surrounding him are just…horrible to think about.  I constantly think of that first child to fall after Chara.  I imagine him meeting them right outside the ruins.  Guiding them away gently.  Smiling and making them feel comfortable.  Offering them a cup of tea, and then…aw geez.  I don’t often find a character who I feel equal amounts of pity and shame toward.

-All the romo ships:  …..well I do have a ship for him.  and anyone who reads my fanfic will see it eventually.

-Non-romo OTP: Undyne aw man.  She’s like a daughter to him.

-Unpopular opinion: maybe….that he can be forgiven? |D I genuinely feel for him, he made horrifying decisions, but he took that burden on himself and never let anyone else kill a human.  It was always him.  It’s like he sacrificed his own soul for the good of his people, and even with the atrocities he committed, I truly think he had good intentions.  Also I’m positive he hates himself.  Idk if that’s an unpopular opinion but

-One thing i want in canon w/ this character:  hm.  Maybe more of him?  He was only in a lil bitty portion of the game but actually I think that serves his character well.  He’s this intimidating figure who, when you finally meet him, is a big friendly dad doof.  so…idk if i would anything more man


#Disneypranks with Friends: “Dumbo” Edition! 🐘 by Thomas Sanders

 "i’m a gentleman, you know. i’ll keep my left hand tied behind my back for you, красавица, and maybe you’ll have a chance…“

"we’ll see, самоуверенный засранец”

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