I went to a musical last night at my old university, and they had 2 dogs in the show, and they were 100% the highlight. 

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hey fishy ! i love your fic so much, seriously, i almost forgot what a good fic was like until i started reading yours and was like ‘wow... wow... WOWWWWWW THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIIZ’ and you have single handedly inspired me to start writing again ! i have been wanting to become part of the ao3 community but never been able to but now, more than ever, want to join you and contribute to the fandom but i don’t know how.. any tips/suggestions ?

Awwwwww anon!!!! Thank you!!

Tbh I think AO3 as a platform is shit for community building (cf Livejournal before the Russian takeover haha). But I think if you wanna make friendos and stuff you should participate in fic writing events or themed weeks (though I’ve personally done neither …not for the lack of desire tho). Use tags sparingly but strategically.

Make sure you link to your tumblr or twitter and ideally have the same name everywhere for people to find you easily. Talk to other writers, COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT on things you’ve read / enjoyed. Basically my rule of thumb is to try tell ppl personally a nice thing and soon u have a network of fandom creator buddies !!! Idek sorry I know these are like common sense stuff so maybe not tips …

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I've had notifications turned on for your posts for a while, yet I still find myself checking your page all the time just in case Tumblr missed something. I'm glad you had a fun weekend! Can't wait for the next chapter♡

Awwwwww, you are so freakin awesome! I’m working on Chapter 12 but I’m having a mildly dramatic day. I woke up the water had been cut off in my apartment (not normal, I pay my bills ya’ll) and it’s sorta snowballed from there. My hope is to get to a coffee shop to work here in a moment, so hang tight! 

AHailey is just steering at the night sky wondering were’s Gene. Yes Gene’s alive and that armor was made somewhat matching gene. And I loved in the comics Hailey’s the one that wants to keep the spear not Gene and now I dub they spear  Warrior  defender of light.

Awwwwww Look at her! I Love ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!  With in the next few chapters, we’ll get to see Gene try to save Hailey from an evil underground Mob boss! Not to mention see just where his crystal is!

Awwwwww. One of you liked my pics so much your sharing me with your friends. This turned me on so much I had to share ( I asked first and edited out names) thanks sweety 😍💦💦💦💦😚

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🌼 (Hi fren ily)

Awwwwww hi fren ily2!!!! <3 ((sorry this took so long i was working on patton’s birthday edit ahhhhh))

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i love you cole you’re amazing okay? okay.

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(If these get annoying please tell me) TP Zelda is a big fan of the theatre, in particular the Opera and the Ballet. She takes Link one time because “you haven’t lived till you’ve seen the Opera” and while it wasn’t his cup of tea he enjoyed it simply because Zelda loved it. She asked him what he liked most and he said “your smile during the happy parts” (they went to see more Opera’s together after that)

(liv you have no idea of how much it means to me. the fact that you’re sharing your headcanons with lil ‘ol me fills my heart with positivity ❤️)

Awwwwww! And at the end of the 5th function, Link became a fan 😘