Não há maior prova de amor, do que amar. Veja bem: Você pode sofrer todos os dias, você vai chorar, vai doer, machucar, vai sentir ciúmes, vai ficar com vontade de quebrar a cara de uns 10 caras, vai protege-la da chuva. Terá de suportar seus dias de TPM, seus surtos diários, sua mania consumista, vai ajudá-la escolher roupas e calçados, mesmo sabendo que sua opinião não vai ajudar em nada, ela vai acabar levando o que gostou. Amar é um eterno suicídio, é como morrer e ressuscitar todos os dias e mesmo assim não deixar de amar 1% dos defeitos do outro.
—  Amar é suicídio. 
Qualquer tipo de amor é valido. Eu posso te colocar no altar hoje e no dia seguinte não conseguir olhar pra sua cara. Então se quiser ficar, fica! Mas depois não diz que não joguei limpo. Porque olha, eu tô te mostrando a minha pior parte e te dando a chance de desistir.
—  400 dias com Tom

One beautiful history about Ayrton Senna -

The year was 1992 when the Portuguese taxi driver John Justin came across an episode that would mark his personal and professional life. On a beautiful day, he opened the door of his Mercedes 240, old model, in Portela Airport in Lisbon, to drive a middle aged Brazilian as they would indicate towards the town of Sintra, 30 km from the capital.

“At the time I did not recognize who it was. I realized he was badly dressed, with a jeans jacket, and it was a simple and discreet person. He knew the road well, he told to enter this or that street. Until we reached the destination, a fantastic townhouse” remembers João, by telephone.

The ride cost 2500 shields, currency that was later replaced by the euro. The taxi driver took the money in 5 notes. With respect, as I used to do, I just kept it in my shirt pocket, and checked it out in front of the customer. Already back in Lisbon, John realized that he had received good value higher than the price showed by the meter.

“I was confused. Instead of giving me 5 notes of 500 shells, he paid with 5 notes of 5000, totaling 25 thousand. 500 notes and 5000 were really similar, with shades of yellow, ” he said.

Immediately thereafter, João crossed the road again and rang the doorbell of the fantastic townhouse. A maid answered it, and the taxi driver explained that he was there to return the surplus. She went to the boss and returned with a message: “He said you can keep the money. It’s a gift for his honesty. And asked for your phone number. “

From there, João found out that the customer was a world famous Brazilian. That the passenger in question was none other than Ayrton Senna, by now triple world champion of Formula 1.

Living with the biggest star in the main category of international motorsport was not going to extend for long. When he heard of the fatal accident at Imola that ended the life of the driver, on May 1 1994, João was dismayed. As a way of expressing grief, he bought a black tie and used it daily for awhile.

Until today, he keeps in memory fondly the times that he was beside the triple champion. And in the desk drawer, a banknote with 5000 shields as a simple reminder.