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Awwwwwh you naturally have such a gloomy looking face... Even when you're happy! It's the tragic back story isn't it?

I was born this Wade, I was born this Wade. I’ve got a face on as I was born this Wade, BORN THIS WADE! 

Honestly I have no idea LOL

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Happy anniversary to one half of my OTP! You guys are awesome and I hope you have a great anniversary. ❤️

Awwwwwh thank you so much ;v;

(Yea for those who dont know its me and Dignified’s three year anniversary u//v//u~ Dig if you’re reading this I loooove yoooou~)

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Confession: I don't particularly remember how I come across your blog, but I'm definitely glad I clicked follow.


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This cartoon never was my childhood memory (I'm a russian teenager) and I only found it on the Internet. Thank you for kinda keeping Powerpuff girls alive in your blog. I thought that mostly all have forgoten it, but your stuff reminds me there are still true fans of PPG. Keep it. Thank you.

Awwwwwh, this was such a nice message to get! Glad I can share the PPG love overseas!

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I ship you with Ashton because you guys would be hella cute together and you seem like a cool person and he would probably love you so much.

awwwwwh thank youuuuuu!!!!!! haha i’m not very cool but okay if you say so it must be true lol

ship: lh, ai, mc, ch

song they wrote for you: long way home

blurb: if you give me an idea

date together: going to the zoo

gif of you two:

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pic/gif of ship:

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a fansign:

sorry i’ve been so slow!! thank you for your patience <3333

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OH LOOK AT THAT, THIS ONE HAS MILD BONDAGE archiveofourown (.) org (/) works (/) 1387144 but awwwwwh thats the last of it u_u

I’m getting an error when I type that in? Can you try sending it again?

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You have a wonderful and blessed rest of your life and make sure to continue on spreading the love and I hope down the line you get everything you ever wished for and more. much love

AWWWWWH THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️ I hope for the same for you also I pray love and prosperity comes your way .