“awWwWwh hOW cUtE cOMe hErE” *pinches your cheeks*

you: *Gets into muay thai fighting position*

JIN: woAh thEre kidDo¡!¡

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“What is your favourite sport?”

You: “Overwatch”

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“HAIIIIIII~~~~I LObeu yuU”

you: “Thank you for your great love and we want to be with you all the time”

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“Where do you think our souls go when we die?”

You: “oH maN hOly sHieT….. mAybe …bIG BoOtY”

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“ESCYUJI MEE.. Jungkook …. no i mean y/n.. will you be…”

You: “im sorry…… I’m taken”

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“wHatUp brUdA”

You: “dA sKy iS uP…siSTa. (dO i loOk liKE a bRUda 2 U mR)”

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“——-M__A__——R—___R__—–Y ____M __——-E—-”

You: “E—__M____ Y——___R___—-R——-___A___M——

yOU’lL neVEr guEsS wHaT thIs sAys”

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*got a married a month later and now have three toddlers that are world heavy weight champions*

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Derek Hale fluffy imagine!!!

you and derek shower together for the first time and it’s super cute and fluffy and awwwwwh feels!

Okay enjoy!

You and Derek have been together for about 7 months and you are very shy and insecure so you have yet to let him see you in more then a Tshirt and some pajama shorts. Derek gets cut in a fight with Peter and had a gash on his chest and upper thigh. He isn’t healing as well as he used to anymore and he needs help cleaning his wounds with special stuff he got from Deacon. This means you must help him.
“Hey babe” you say walking into the living room where derek is sitting on the couch and he smiles “hey” you sit down next to him and he hugs you pulling you in and kissing the top of your head and you smile at his kind touch but you are nervous “your heart is beating so fast” he says looking down at you and you blush “damn it your wolf powers are annoying sometimes” you say because you didn’t want him to know you were nervous and he laughs at your comment “what’s wrong?” He says wanting to know the reason for your racing heart “deacon said I had to help you with your cuts which I don’t mind it’s just you know I have to help you in the shower” you say turning red looking up at him and he nods realizing where you are going “you could keep your clothes on?” He says unsure “like just keep the shower curtain open?” He says hopping you say something “it’s not just you seeing me” you say nervous and you lean in not wanting to see his face when you tell him “but um I’ve never seen a guy naked” you say blushing big time putting your head into his chest and he smiles pulling you in and hugging you he leans down by your ear “do you want to?” He whispers and you blush more moving back a bit to look at him “not any guy, I want to see you” you say sincerely and he smiles and leans in and kisses you and you smile. “Come on” he says putting out his hand for you to grab and you do unfolding your legs getting up following him.
You go to the shower and get the medicine out of the cabinet and set it on the bathroom sink. “This isn’t going to hurt is it?” Derek asks sounding very serious (even though he always does) “babe I don’t know probably though I mean it’s meant to heal a cut from a werewolf” you say shrugging “damn” he says and you laugh “your a werewolf” you say “suck it up” you finish giving him a light push “I’m still human, partly, I still feel pain” he says walking toward you hugging you and you smile kissing him and he lets go and you put the medicine down and he takes off his shirt which isn’t new you’ve seen him shirtless many of times but he then removes his sweatpants and leave him in his boxers and you smile at him “turn on the shower” you say to him and he does so and you stand next to him and open the curtain to allow him in “ahhh” you scream getting wet from the water and derek laughs now with your shirt all wet “shit” you say covering your chest “derek oh my gosh I’m not wearing a bra” you say blushing “I didn’t think it would get you wet!” He says turning around seeing your face all red “fuck it” you say and you take a deep breathe and pull your shirt over your head and drop it on the bathroom floor and you look up at derek and his eyes are wide and he looks up at you an steps toward you “why the sudden change?” He says looking you in the eye “I can’t keep hiding myself from you I like you a lot and id be lying if I said I haven’t thought about us you know” and you blush and he smiles and leans in “I’ve thought about it too, a lot” he says kissing your ear and side of your jaw and you lean back looking at him “come on lets clean you up” you say and he kisses you again and he pulls away pulling his boxers down and you breathe in looking at him “derek oh my gosh it’s huge” you whisper looking up at him with big eyes and he smiles “I appreciate it” he says and he turns around and steps in the shower and you pull your shorts and underwear down and follow him in.
“You look so beautiful” he says rubbing down your arms “so beautiful” he says again smiling and you just smile blushing still not sure how to act completely exposed to derek and you look up at him and he is looking into your eyes not staring to long at your body not wanting to make you uncomfortable “thanks” you say reaching out and taking his hands “a lot babe really thank you” you say and he leans in and kisses you “I mean it you look stunning! Granted I would think you look stunning no matter what!” He says kissing you again and you giggle and pick up the medicine “okay get under the water” you say to him “yes mam!” He says turning around getting under the water (“damn even his butt is perfect” you think to yourself when he turns around) when he turns around he is wet and his wounds are bleeding “you ready for this?” You ask getting the medicine “no” he says and you laugh smiling at him you move closer and begin rubbing the medicine into the wound on his chest “ahhhh damn it” derek moans “I’m sorry babe im not trying to hurt you” you say continuing to rub and you feel a kiss on your forehead “I know I know” he says wincing “okay done” you say looking at him biting his lip “you okay?” You ask hoping it wasn’t to painful for him “I guess” he says pulling you in to kiss you and you kiss him back. He sets you down and you look at him “I’m going to do your leg now” you say looking at him “don’t move I um” you stop unsure what to say “um don’t move because you know my face is going to be really close to you know” you say blushing “I’ll cover it with my hand” he says smiling at you kissing you and you kiss back taking a breath letting the water clean the wound on his upper leg for another second. You bend down and derek places his hand on his penis to cover it so you don’t feel so shy and uncomfortable and you begin rubbing it in and he lets out a big wince “yeah this one is worse” he says closing his eyes trying to bare the pain. You finish quickly to take the pain off of him. You come up and he let’s go and leans his head in your shoulder “damn it deacon shit that hurts” he says and you hug him. A few moments later you you feel small tender kisses on your shoulder and collarbone which makes you smile.
“Can I tell you something?” You ask and he picks his head up and smiles “what is it?” You blush “when you turned around and got your hair wet” you say and he nods “your butt is perfect derek” you say slightly embarrassed and without any hesitation he says “so is yours” and you blush and he spins you around “derek!” You say laughing “i had too” and you blush “you are perfect! everything about you” he says “don’t hide yourself from me okay I want to see you I want to make you feel amazing and show every part of your body love” he says and you blush and lean your head into his chest and he smiles and hugs you and you begin kissing his chest “this is what I needed” you say still in his chest “I know I shouldn’t want reassurance from others about how I look but I needed this I needed to know you liked what you saw” you say and he picks you up and you put your legs around waist “I do hope you love yourself and you body as much as I do but until then I’ll show it all the love it deserves” he says kissing you and you hold his face and kiss him back, passionately, and he pulls away “I mean it okay you are beautiful” you kiss him again and pull away “thank you derek thank you so much” you say and smiles you look him in the eyes “how about we finish the shower? Yeah?” You say and nods “let me clean you up” he says setting you down and you blush “may I?” He asks and you nod and he picks up the shampoo and puts some in his hands and you turn around and he begins shampooing your hair. The shower continues and you both wash each other and laugh.
“Look how cute and clean we are” you say looking in the mirror with towels around both of you “you wounds look better” you say looking at the one on his chest “yeah they do” derek says “deacon said it would only take 2-3 applications” you say towel drying your hair “good I can’t handle much more of that” he says walking past you to his dresser letting down his towel and putting on a pair of boxers and then sweatpants and a Tshirt. You walk out a few minutes later after finishing your skin are routine and he is sitting in the bed getting out the tape to tape us his wounds. You walk over to his dresser and pick our a pair of his boxers and sweatshirt of his to wear “you look better in my clothes then I do” he says seeing you walk over toward him “thanks babe” you say smiling doing a spin for him laughing and you sit down on the bed “let’s get you taped up” you say picking up the tape and derek lift up his shirt and you tape it and then he pulls out the one leg for you to quickly tape “all done” you say ripping off the tape allowing Derek to pull up his pants “like my own personal deacon” he says “not quiet but I’ll take it” you say smiling getting up to put the tape away and derek follows you “ready for some dinner and tv?” He says grabbing your hand “yeah” you say kissing him one last time before you both go out and begin dinner.

Hope you enjoyed it! I never have a set ending or plan while writing I just write why comes to me and seems natural to me!
Feedback would be appreciated!


so i went to jens auto and i was the last one in line!!! and i got to have a proper convo with her about books and foreign films! when it was finally my turn she was like “last but not least right?” and i was like “exactly!” and jen didn’t have as many gifts as lana so i was like “i brought you a book i’ve read and it kept reminding me of emma so i thought who better to give it to than the person who brought her to life?” and she was like “awwwwwh that’s so sweet what book is it?” so the security guy was going through the bag and he was like “this is such a nice gift” and jen was like “wait” and she picked out the book and i was like “it’s called orphan train i hope you haven’t read it yet” and she was like “no i haven’t i’ll definitely read it thank you so much!” and then i was like “i also added some of my favorite foreign films incase you ever wanna watch a new one” and she was like “omg that’s amazing! foreign films are always a good suggestion thank you!” and then i was like “you’re welcome jen” and she waved and i left and i’m pretty sure i died. She’s the sweetest most humble person ever and forever my favorite❤️