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Anon: Your dark turtles are one of the most awesome, amazingly interesting and beautifully wonderful things I have ever seen.. and.. I may have some questions.. Firstly, what is exactly their origin story? I mean, how they ended up with the Shredder ( I don’t know if you have mentioned that before) Secondly, what is exactly their relationship between Shredder and Fishface, Tiger Claw and the other members of the Foot Clan?? And lastly, where can I find a story about this whole thing???????????????????

Awwwww, well thank you so much, Anon!! =D I’m glad your enjoying it ^^ Makes me happy to know that!!
Questions are great!! Thank you! <3

Their origin I’m still piecing together, so I’ll just give you a brief summary. This is kind of a what if Yoshi had chosen to go to New York when Tang Shen wanted to.
So Yoshi, Miwa, and Tang Shen moved to New York before the big fight that caused everything.
Yoshi hide their tracks well.
It took Shredder a few years to hunt them down. By this point Yoshi had been mutated into a rat and had the turtles living with him in the sewers. (He bought the turtles as a gift for lil Miwa) While Tang Shen And Miwa lived in a small apartment. They visited often.
Anyway, Shredder eventually found Splinters hide out and attacked. Splinter got away, while Shredder got the kid turtles. (Kinda similar to how he got Karai)
Shredder saw them as freaks sure, but he saw their potential. He knew another mutant (Tigerclaw) and had a vision of a mutant army someday and with them he’d be unstoppable. So Shredder called in Tigerclaw to train them, the best of the best.
This may change, but for now this is what I’ve got.

Interesting question!
Alright, their relationship with the Shredder is the most complicated thing.
They are fearfully respectful of him, but resent him for the things he has made them do. They don’t hate him but they sorta do, but they don’t. (That makes no sense, haha, sorry but maybe I’ll find better words to explain it later). The turtles don’t know any better anyway, so for mutants like them, I guess they think this is just how they are supposed to be treated, so they just accept it.

Shredder only sees them as his soldiers. He treats them like his other henchmen (Xever, Bradford, etc.) they are his elicits. Maybe a bit more strict since the turtles are kids/teens and a certain turtle used to have a lack of focus…
The turtles have a sort of ingrained fear/respect thing going on with the Shredder, I mean, Shredder gives them the nessacaties to live and they do whatever mission he needs done. They are ninja. Assassins. And if you are their target, your pretty much done for.
So Shredder is let’s them do mostly what they want. Until they fail (or in the past disobey). The Shredder doesn’t talk rate failure from any of his henchmen.

Raph and Fishface are kinda the evil equivalent to Raph and Casey. I mean they got along pretty well in that one episode of tmnt so I figured if they weren’t enemies, they’d probably get along pretty swimmingly ;).
Razhaar and Mikey:
You don’t want them coming after you…
Talk about a creepy tag team. They make a great team.
Leo isn’t real close to anyone besides his brothers. He gets along with them most of the time and works great with them, just not close. He’s always on the edge, watching for any signs of things that could mean danger for him or his bros. Though most of the foot ninja are too terrified of the turtles to do anything and normally steer clear, but Leo has seen too many bad things happen to his brothers to take any chances..
He respects Tigerclaw as his Sensei, but theirs not a close bond like their is with Splinter.

Donnie is mostly holed up in the lab, so no interaction, beside his bros and Shredder (and training with Tigerclaw). He never turns his back on any of the foot.
Don has learned early on, you do what Shredder wants and your more prone to getting small rewards. Like Shredder lets him do whatever Don wants in the lab, no questions asked, cause Don hardly ever fails or disobeys.
Now that does not mean he’s all buddy-buddy with the Shredder. While Shredder may think of Don as his leading scientist (like Baxter Stockman, but actually capable, haha), Don has other things up his non-existent sleeve. He’s just bidding his time…

If I’ve forgotten a member of the footclan you wanted to know about, please, let me know =]

I’m glad you like the idea! And sadly, that’s all it is right now, so you won’t find it anywhere, but the little stuff I post here ^^ (or little stuff on my http// but your more likely to get complete answers about the past out of me than them, haha ^^)
I’m not much of a writer, but maybe I’ll give it a try sometime, who knows
Though there has been a few people interested in writing a few fics (though they may differ from my headcanon) and if they do I’ll reblog them here =]

Thank you so much for the thought provoking questions and the interest!!

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News flash: You are cool af don't ever change

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Sylphy, my nine year old sister loves you! She sais that you are her favourite sans! Isnt that cute? >w<

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i love that your blog is drama free and you're so kind and polite to everyone and answer any of our asks & your gifs are amazing :D

AWWWWW THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! i don’t even know if you realize how much this means to me, like it makes me so happy that i know my blog is a positive place for people i honestly cant stop smiling!!!!! :’)

That photo of Calum and his bass has just got me thinking, like imagine you were on tour with him, your best friend and sound check just finished so both of you were just lingering around the arena for a while, and he’d just be holding his base plucking a string every so often, whilst you were talking with each other. And it would be so chill and you would both just be discussing how good the tours been and trying to avoid the topic of when you go back home. And recently, there’s been a lot feelings between the both of you that you would never dare to tell the other because friends should stay friends. And he can’t get over how perfect you look just sitting there on the ground facing him, giggling at a story that was too funny for you to even finish telling out loud. It would be then you’d be like “oh my god the lightings perfect here, lemme get a photo.” To which he would comply to, and pose still holding his base while you took it from where you were sitting. Once the flash was off, you leaned on your knees towards Calum to show him the polaroid, but he wasn’t interested in it at all, he was only interested in you. So as you were on your knees, your face just inches away from him, he would just be like ‘ah fuck it’ and lean in, cup your cheeks and plant a very over delayed, passionate kiss on your lips. And when he’d pull back he’d just be like. “You know it’s been me whose been sending you those roses on Valentine’s Day every year right?” And this time it’d be you who’d lean in and plant a kiss on his perfect plump lips. And in years to come, you’d find that old polaroid, with a bunch of others whilst moving into a new home with Calum, and smile to yourself when you see the writing on the bottom. ‘Our first Kiss. Tulsa 2016 X.’