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All these people asking for hugs and kisses from you, but I think you deserve some hugs yourself! Consider this your virtual hug. I hope it is cozy and happy ^^

Awwwww you’re too sweet <3 <3 <3 <3

Follower Shoutout Time!

I’ve hit another milestone! 1100 lovelies! It’s that time again to shoutout, the new people who’ve started following me. You are all amazing and lovely and I love you so much. Thanks for putting up with my blog and my writing and my random pug pictures. Mwah!

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I think...

ASK- Hiiii can I request? Y/n is one of the mickey mouse club cast and also in a relationship with mark? Then y/n sees Mark and the other boys teasing Herin and leetuk (the mc) starts to say that Mark and Herin should be together. this makes y/n jealous. 😬😂 its okay if you cant do it buttt I just want to say that your works are SOOO AMAZING i read some of them more than once hehehe 💖💖💖 hwaiting author nim 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 youre the besttttt

A/N- awwwww im so touched JJJJJ  I’ve tweaked the story a bit but I’ve spoken to you a bit and told you, and I’m so sorry I forgot to do this request because it was in my messages 0-0 This isn’t as good as I would like it to be but I have hardly any time and I really want to update for you guys

Ok I’m trying to clear up my school schedule and I only have 5 more weeks until holidays and then I have a 2 month break!!! So yay

Happy Reading~

Word Count- 700+

Genre- Angst?? It has to do with self-confidence a but so if you get triggered, im sorry

Member- Mark

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do you have any vampire matsu hc's??

((awwwww, yesssssss. i fucking love monster aus.))

Though he needs blood, Osomatsu is extremely laid back about where he gets it. Sometimes, when he’s feeling lazy, he’ll just steal from the hospital or have animal blood. But not having fresh human blood for long enough makes him more impulsive, much to the annoyance of his brothers, who want to stay hidden. But as the oldest, he is very protective of his younger brothers, especially when hunters are involved. You could say his last run-in with them was a real ‘blood bath’…

Karamatsu thinks he’s the most charming of the group, but that’s definitely not true. His painful personality tends to drive people away. However, his voice tends to bring them back to his side, especially when he sings. As the most musically talented of the brothers, he likes to perform in the streets and lure people into nearby alleys for his meal.

Even though Choromatsu tries to show some good morals as a vampire, he has been known to use his mind control abilities to his advantage, especially when his personal interests are involved. Why should he spend money on front row tickets when he can just ‘persuade’ the guard to let him in for free? Even with that, he tends to make his meals as quick as possible, having his fill before making his escape.

Ichimatsu’s talent is shapeshifting, and he likes to use it all the time. Sometimes he will stay as a bat or a cat for a full day! But because of this, he is the most antisocial of the brothers and will avoid human interaction at all costs. He prefers attacking from the shadows, acting as an innocent cat before turning on them and taking their blood.

Jyushimatsu is hard to predict. Sometimes he will take advantage of humans walking alone at night, and sometimes he will straight up attack a gang. Out of the brothers, he is physically the strongest and fastest, so he is a fearsome opponent in battle. But since he is loud in everything he does, he also has the highest risk of being found out.

Todomatsu is the most social of the group, especially in the daytime. Since he has a strong resistance to sunlight, he’s able to go out and experience human interaction in the day. At night, he’s more picky with his prey, preferring humans that show off their wealth (free blood AND free stuff!). His cute charm is his killer trait.

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On the scene when he's on the helicopter shooting and trying to save Harley I just love the way he goes straight from laughing and shooting people to serious, possessive and protective as soon as he sees Harley. He stops what he's doing and his attention is solely on her because he doesn't want anything to go wrong and he wants to make sure she's there. You can see he really cares for Harley

Omg yes that’s what I LOVE THE MOST about that scene. He was like..shooting everybody out of her way so he can finally have her. awwwww gosh,this ship is going to be the end of me 

Thank you for the ask sweets <3 

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Barba having to cancel his meetings because you can't leave work and your daughters school called cause she's sick? How to they spend the day together?

awwwww he’d rush so quickly to get his poor baby and run right into the school nurse and scoop her up and kiss her forehead to check for a fever (even though the nurse already told him she has one)

then he brings her home and makes her some soup (out of a can of course because he’s not much of a chef) and ginger ale and medicine and crackers and puts on her favorite tv show even though he hates it so much (cailou - who doesn’t hate that little shit?!?!)

he gets her her favorite stuffed animal and blanket and lays with her on the couch, holding her and telling her she’ll feel better soon

he finally convinces her to watch a movie instead and she chooses tarzan so he puts it on and hums “you’ll be in my heart” to her :)-):)//)/))-//)

you come home later and find the two of them passed out on the couch with Tarzan still on in the background and it’s just so cute :-)

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Awwwww you grabed her waist Awwww

I was actually balancing myself cause I was standing on this metal thing, but I unnecessarily did it more than once.