Send me a @ and I’ll generate an au from this list and make a starter - It was another calm day in the sea. It was low-tide and the whirlpools were really calm, like they were asking for someone to play with them. Mito was playing happily on the water, swimming with the fish and sometimes she went back to the surface and splashed her tail in the water. She never was so close to the sand in low-tides, but today it was different, she wanted to see how the beach looked like. She really had good times playing in the water but she was lonely. She never met someone, so she had as habit talking with the fish or singing in the night, this last one was made with the hope to atract someone to talk with. She let being caught by a whirlpool and swam until the deepest part of that place and caught some shells for making necklaces. What she didn’t noticed was that a little boy was watching her, sited in the sand, near to the water. When she noticed him it was already too late. He had a look in his face, something looked like with fear. Yes, fear… She already saw this feeling before, people got scared because she was different, she had a tail and she couldn’t go to land. She was a mermaid…… “Did he saw me? Oh god I hope not!” To be honest, she was more scared than he. But she couldn’t help and splashed her tail one more time in the water, and slowyly swam and hid behind a rock. But she was so curious and she wanted to talk the little boy, but she also was scared about it. She peered out of the corner of the rock, her red hair shinning with the water. This could be the only chance of her to meet someone. “Now or never!” She thought to her. She swam near the place the little boy was, and called for him. “Pssst! You! Are you fine? You look lonely.”