awwww no

Red and Lance conversation

Lance: *sit on reds cockpit and hug his knees*

Red: *makes uncomfortable noise*

Lance: sorry red just…give me a second

Red: *whats wrong Paladin?*

Lance: hah you also talk….just some problems and…nothing nvm I’m leaving *stand up*

Red: *lock the door* *you start talking now finish*

Lance: *scof* like pilot like paladin I guess…*sits again* I’m just…I feel useless sometimes you know I just UGH!!! *tell his insecurities and what he hate about himself*

2 Vargas later

Lance: *comes out of Red*

Keith: *tackle hug Lance*

Lance: what the?! KEITH LET G-

Keith: Dare to say that about yourself one more time…and I’ll beat you up

Lance: *looks at red with tears on his eyes* you big chismosa *hug Keith back*