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Can Makkachin be a stray that victor takes care of :O ?? Maybe he finds Makkachin (or makkachin finds him?) and they both love each other lots. Side thought - Victor wanting to make makkachin an attack dog but a friendly poodle isn't exactly the most intimidating...

Awwww, that’s such a cute idea!! ;w;
I do have plans for Makkachin in the FAR future, so, fear not! >w<
But yeah, I imagine Victor wouldn’t be able to turn away a stray that looks at him with big, doleful, eyes XD

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I really love your draws, you make my sad days become on happy days (*˘︶˘*) (Sorry for my bad english)


I never thought the day would come when I’d actually gush over WA’s 3x02 “first” kiss. But it just happened.

Also I watched the 3x03 scenes again & gushed shamelessly.

I CRY. 😭😭😭

They were so innocent & sweet starting their relationship. I love how they are now so so much, but there’s just something rly precious about the beginning of their relationship. Awwww.

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finrod + humans

awwww anon! First Contact in general is one of my favorite subjects especially in sci-fi, to the point where that scene where the Vulcans land in Star Trek First Contact is the only movie scene ever that can be relied upon to make me cry every time I watch it. But, otoh:

long long after Finrod’s meeting with the Beorians, after some moved off out of Beleriand without taking place in the First Age clusterfuck, or after some of the populations who didn’t go to Numenor lost track of their history, and the record of this meeting passed into legend and myth, they have this strangely persistent folk tale archetype, or story motif, or ancient cultural meme, that still crops up.

It sort of exists alongside between those wildly different yet oddly similar tales of the fae and other spirits – the ones who come by night to snatch away babies and leave changelings in their place; the ones who sneak into peoples’ houses and secretly clean or leave presents behind for them without being seen; the ones who lure people to their dooms with their hypnotic songs or glimmering lights or hallucinations; or the ones who promise, for various reasons, to grant people great magical wishes if called upon; or the ones who lurk in the shadows just to deal some unknown hurt. It has the same weird faintly-narcissistic bent to it, the idea that not only are there strange and powerful beings out there, but that they are for some reason fascinated with humans and will go through a huge amount of effort just to come into contact with them. Or ensnare them.

This tale-image-thing has the same idea of some powerful, beautiful, otherworldly creature with glowing eyes and silent feet and a sweet irresistible voice who sneaks among sleeping humans and spins dreams and illusions; but the core of this story is that this creature, at the sight of humans, loses its heart to them and so it becomes the one ensnared, and its powers and arts are bent to the humans’ service until it dies. It’s a pretty silly and ego-stroking wish-fulfillment or power-fantasy trope, everyone knows the stories about the creatures who have sex with humans while they sleep and drain their lives are much more realistic and gritty. But somehow it just keeps popping up, again and again and again.

(After enough time has passed, Galadriel thinks it is the funniest thing she’s ever heard.)

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I have a headcanon that Boris is a wonderful singer and when Bendy found out, Boris wouldn't speak for a few days because he was so nervous. But then Bendy started singing one of Boris' favorite songs and they song a duet. It's their little secret.


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aha April I though about you earlier, I saw on instagram a men posting pictures of his cat and his cat look a lot like mine Nutella and so now I tag him in my cats publications because he loves cats too XD the three of us should creat idk a group called 'cat lover' and in it we should share the cutest pictures of cats we have and scream of happiness and talk about cats all day XD (yeah I have that kind of ideas in my mind yeah... XD)

Awwww! That’s just what the world needs, more cat photos! 


What is Cool About Jinguji?

Kishi: I guess it’s the fact that his clothes and his thinking is adult-like. (Kaito sitting nearby - “Jin-kun is such an adult!”) I think it’s cool how he’s more mature than his age. Also the way he develops so many hobbies and researches them.

Ok, that’s almost creepy.

What is Cool About Iwahashi?

Jin: There’s nothing cool about him. (laugh) I mean even his clothes are cute and today he wears pink. (Iwahashi who sits in front of him is grinning) Rather than being cool everything about him is cute!  Even the doughnut he got from Fukasawa (Tatsuya) and put on his smartphone is cute. (laugh)


Wink Up 2017.03