awwww look at their hands awww

BTS Reaction #56

BTS’ reaction when you buy them flowers.


“Awwww thanks Y/N, this is so sweet! It really means so much to me~” *adds it to the pile of flowers other girls gave him*

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“Oh, these are for me??? If I knew you’d be doing this, I would’ve bought something for you too. Ah… take this for now” *makes a small heart with his hands*

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“AWWW YOU REALLY DIDN’T HAVE TO!!! Thank you Y/N, I’ll treasure them forever~” *waters the flowers and keeps them in his room to look at whenever he’s upset*

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“You’re giving me flowers a week after our anniversary” *pulls out a paper and starts calculations* “I forgot to give you flowers” *continues random scribbles* “WHICH. MEANS. YOU’RE TRYING TO GUILT TRIP ME.”

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“People usually give flowers to someone when they confess… so is this your way of telling me something?” *wink wink*

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“AHH thanks Y/N, they’re my favorite types of flowers too! Are you trying to woo me now? Cause if you are, you’re doing it right!” 

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“Is today some special day or something?” *completely oblivious* “Since these are technically mine now, I’m giving you some flowers too~” *hands you some of the flowers you gave him*

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