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Imagine Being Star-Lord’s Daughter and Wanting To Pet Rocket

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“Hey, hey!!!” Peter looked back into the Milano behind him to see his daughter, Y/N, trying to pet Rocket as he lounged in his seat.

“Watch the fur, kiddo!” he cried.

“But you’re so soft, Uncle Rocket!” you said, brushing a hand over his head anyway.

“I ain’t no stuffed toy!”

“Of course not,” you said as matter-of-factly as a five-year-old child could. “You’re a raccoon!”

“Raccoon? What’s a raccoon? Why has nobody told me what the hell a raccoon is yet?” Peter chuckled to himself as he watched, and he turned back around to face the front of the ship again.

“What’re you laughing about, Quill? What the hell is a raccoon? Freakin’ Terrans…”

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Thor, Loki, Steve drabble

Request:  So, I volunteer with a bunch of kids and whenever I walk in they get super excited and yell Ms. (Name)! And they swarm me. So, how would Loki, Thor, and Captain America act if they followed their s/o to a daycare or classroom and saw this? -Anon


“I’ll just be quick okay? You don’t have to come in if you don’t want to” you said to Steve as you walked towards the classroom door whilst Steve followed awkwardly behind.

“It’s okay, I like to see where you work” he says with a smile and you turn to face him, stopping at the door.

“Sorry, I know it’s not as interesting as yours” you said with a small smile. Steve smiled at you and placed his hands on your shoulders.

“Oh come on, that’s not true. You really think Tony would be able to handle all these kids on his own?” he asked and you giggled before you opened the door and all the kids turned to face you, grins on their small faces. They all ran up to you and started talking and asking if they could play games with you before one of the girls pointed towards Steve.

“Who’s that?” she asked and you laughed at her.

“That’s Steve” you said, and Steve awkwardly smiled and waved at the kids which made you laugh.

“Is he your boyfriend?” she asked with a giggle. You smiled at her and nodded which made Steve laugh. All the kids started asking questions and Steve stood to the side simply watching you and couldn’t help but wonder, if this was what a normal life with you would be like.


“You sure you want me to come with you?” Loki asked you, picking at his hands nervously which was a common habit of his.

“I won’t be long, I’m sure they’ll love you” you say and Loki rolled his eyes as you walked closer to the door.

“Yeah, because I look like a bundle of joy don’t I?” he said sarcastically under his breathe, not intending for you to hear. You stepped away from the door and walked towards Loki, holding his hand and smiling.

“Yes, exactly” you said, kissing his on the cheek and walking towards the door while Loki just smiled at you.

You walked  into the class and all the kids looked towards you and broke into massive amounts of cheering and smiles,

“Miss L/n!” they all called out as they ran over to you and all spoke at once, swarming you with glee. You tried to talk to everyone at once and broke out in fits of giggles when they said something funny. Loki just stared at you and smiled. He couldn’t help but think, how on earth did someone like him deserve someone as innocent as you?


“Sorry hon, I just need to go in and pick up a few things and maybe talk to the kids for a bit” you said, walking towards your usual classroom with Thor following patiently behind you. He was always so patient and kind when it came to you and your job. He knew how much those kids meant to you and was finally glad to see these kids who bought so much of your affection.

“I don’t mind Y/n, I know these children mean a lot to you” he said, smiling at you warmly. You smiled back at him and the both of you reached the door and opened it, revealing all of the kids in the classroom who all looked up at the door as soon as it opened. Big grins appeared on their faces as soon as they saw you and they all started to giggle and swarmed you with glee.

“Miss L/n! Are you teaching us today?” one of the small boys asked you and you sadly smiled back.

“Sorry kids, I’m just staying for a little bit and then I have to go” you said. All the kids yelled ‘Awwww’ in sad unison and you felt really bad.

“Hey don’t worry guys, I’m going to be here all next week though” you said, and all the kids gleefully bounced up and down.

Thor smiled at all these children who loved you so dearly, and loved how much you cared for them. He awkwardly hovered by the door before you noticed him and laughed at the height comparison between him and the kids.

“You can sit over there if you want. I’ll try to be as quick as possible” you said, gesturing towards the corner of the room with one of the little girls deciding to sit on your lap and play with your necklace which made Thor laugh.

“It’s alright darling, I don’t mind” he says, standing in the corner of the room, noticing how gentle you were with these children. Your job might not have been one of a warriors, but he thought it was much more important than that. Your gentle nature was one of the reasons why he fell in love with you.

–Time skip–

You had finished playing with the kids and finally decided that you should make sure that Thor wasn’t too bored as you walked over to the corner of the room and smiled at the scene in front of you. Thor was sitting in the corner of the room, telling stories of Asgard to a set of shy brothers, one boy with jet black hair and another with light blonde hair.

Truthfully, even the members found me very difficult at the beginning. But now they approach me first and comfortably play and joke around with me. Whenever they do, the truth that we’ve gotten close is realized again, and I feel thankful.
—  Leo, @star1(앳스타일 2015.5) Vol. 38

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Yeah for a while now *slowly looks up at him with a still red face* I've been trying to get you realize that. *continues to rock back and forth* -Cheers

Mush- Ya been tryin’ ta- am I really that blind?

Kid Blink- Yeah, ya are. Sorry, Cheers, you’s gonna hafta excuse ‘im. He ain’t accustomed to this sorta thing. Mush, pick ya jaw up off the floor an’ just ask ‘em out already!

Mush- Okay, okay, quit rushin’ me! *slightly flustered* Cheers, you wanna… get somethin’ ta eat sometime? My treat?