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Imagine Being Star-Lord’s Daughter and Wanting To Pet Rocket

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“Hey, hey!!!” Peter looked back into the Milano behind him to see his daughter, Y/N, trying to pet Rocket as he lounged in his seat.

“Watch the fur, kiddo!” he cried.

“But you’re so soft, Uncle Rocket!” you said, brushing a hand over his head anyway.

“I ain’t no stuffed toy!”

“Of course not,” you said as matter-of-factly as a five-year-old child could. “You’re a raccoon!”

“Raccoon? What’s a raccoon? Why has nobody told me what the hell a raccoon is yet?” Peter chuckled to himself as he watched, and he turned back around to face the front of the ship again.

“What’re you laughing about, Quill? What the hell is a raccoon? Freakin’ Terrans…”

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I thought I’d show you my first ever picture taken with my boyfriend!! I’m so short compared to him that I barely even reach his neck!! In the two without his sweater he was sitting down but he still had to slouch just to fit into the screen lmao and in the one with his sweater I had to go in my tippy toes and hold my phone out at far as I could and even then he had to tilt his head to fit into the camera 😭

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Hey there.. So I'm really sad/depressed/binge watching Once, missing CS like crazy. Any fics you can recommend? I need more CS in my life. Au or not. Btw all the stories you write are great! I always love them.

Awwww I’m sorry you’re depressed and i’m right there with you! Along with missing CS like Crazy! 

Thank you so much :) I’m so glad you enjoy my stories!! Some recommendations I have are:


Beyond The Horizon by @alexandralyman 

Fragile Design by @xerxesrises 

Call Me by @mayquita

Special Instructions by @bleebug

Take Me To Church by @optomisticgirl


Rash Defamation by @tomeandflickcorner

Breathless by @acrobat-elle

Light of All Lights by @ripplestitchskein

Pirate Booty by @spartanguard

Roses In December by @justanotherwannabeclassic


Also here’s some other amazing authors you might want to check out that post one-shots like it’s their job ;) @its-like-a-story-of-love @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket @ilovemesomekillianjones @thesschesthair & @unfolded73 

Hope this helps!

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I really love how open you are with asking readers what kinks they'd like to see and considering the suggestions they make like idk how to word it but I just think that's really great and nice and it makes me feel happy seeing it so thank you for being awesome! ^.^

Awwww 💕❤️ Thanks! 

I honestly love hearing your kinks and working with them. It’s great fun for me too!