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"It wasn't us! There was a raccoon!" (descendantsoffinwe - Ambarussa)


Carne sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as she looked at the damage done. There was something about her younger brothers faces that made her hesitate when it came to doling out punishment— he weaknesses in other words. “Alright…” She started, turning to both of them. “In what way was it a racoon? Were you chasing it about and..overturned… everything?” She offered, not fully believing their story.

“We did a lot in a short amount of time, and it evaporated quickly, then he came back and we did a lot more. But as far as him being a fan, and us being the band, we were clearly meant to play music together, and to write songs together, and have the weird chaotic experiences that we had. I’ll always be grateful and consider myself so lucky to have met that other person that I can sit down and write music with so effortlessly.”

- Anthony Kiedis on John Frusciante

camp counselor!Calum would take lifeguard duty during recreation time for the camp goers and he wouldn’t mind because he’d get to see you, a fellow camp counselor, in your swim suit while helping little kids in the lake. he’d pull his sunglasses down at bit on the bridge of his nose and sigh in bliss at the sight of you. you couldn’t help but stare at him looking all good in the red swim trunks while being shirtless now and then as well. but when you’d catch his stare, you’d smile at him and wave a bit as his heart begins to beat against his chest

Watching Yuri on Ice Epi 7

Lord I was surprised to wake up to loads of notes on my last post and- this episode killed me i swear. WARNING SHORTER THAN THE LAST ONE I’M SORRY I’M STILL NOT OVER EPISODE 7 CRI

WARNING NOT IN ORDER OF EVENTS SO SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE EPISODE (obv and who hasn’t watched this episode excluding anybody who just found yuri on ice)

^^ all my friends and I lmao


lord this is making me anxious

• Yuuri looks like me every morning bless cause i stay up until 12 on tumblr and ao3 oops


lord have mercy on my weak and fragile heart it’s not even 5 minutes into the episode just damn.

gosh dammit does this anime have a goal to make everybody adopt/marry at least 1 person? lord I have too many sons but I can always get more cri i haven’t forgotten any of my many son’s names

• I’m surprised Yuuri hasn’t fainted or at least fUCKING SNAPPED AT EVERY AND ANY MOTHER F- basically me all the time lmao

• JUST FUCK DUDE (all the moments were I had to take a breather which was inconvenient as I was on a time limit cause SCHOOL AWAITED not in order)


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ok i might have already requested this so ignore this if i have ! but a scenario w noya and his smol nd shy s/o and one day she sees him chagning shirts or something and she notices all his bruises from volleyball? and she like panics but she doesnt know what to do becuase hes SHIRTLESS and she just murmurs for him to be more careful etc etc and then cuddles and hugs and just loads of fluff

Awwww Noya~ Poor bby. I hope you like what I came up for you! Thanks for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Nishinoya Yuu:

“Where’s Yuu?” You asked Tanaka as he came out of the locker room fixing his beanie over his shaved head.

He regarded you with a raised eyebrow before nodding over his shoulder at the locker room door, “He’s still getting dressed. He got distracted with the inverted colors of his uniform and wanted to try it out to see how it looks on him.” Tanaka shook his head with a small laugh, “He looked fucking awesome. Not gonna lie.” He admitted before turning and walking towards the exit. He waved over his shoulder at you, “See you Monday, _______!” He called.

You smiled softly and leaned against the wall across from the locker room, deciding to wait for your boyfriend to come out and escort you home. Maybe even, possibly, convince him to spend the night. Your smile widened a bit at the thought of cuddling up with Noya under multiple warm blankets, his hair down from a fresh shower, his warm body pressed against yours with your head over his heart. The image made you impatient to get him home with you, so you rushed forward and opened the door to walk into the locker room.

It was quiet, a few moments of shuffling gave away where your boyfriend was. But you didn’t call out to him. Instead, you walked forward as quietly as you could and watched from a set of lockers away from where he was changing out of his uniform. There was a small blush on his cheeks, and you assumed it was from being pleased with how the inverted colors of his jersey looked on him, his hair was a disarray with some of his black hair hanging in front of his forehead like his dyed blond hair.

Just as you were about to step forward and whine to him to hurry up and walk home with you, he reached behind his neck and pulled up the jersey, grunting lowly and turning a bit so you could see the front of his body clearly. The quick, jerky movements caused the motion sensor lights to turn on suddenly, and you stilled your breath completely at the sight before you.

Bruises. Lots of them. Littering his chest and arms, as he took off his shorts you could see there were many on his thighs and calves as well. Some were yellow and healing while others were dark and just forming after today’s grueling practice. You knew he’d been hit while receiving some spikes and powerful blocks. You knew he put his heart and soul into having his teammates’ backs and making sure they had a safety net for when they weren’t successful in their attacks. You knew all of this. Yet, the sight of his injured body, and knowing it would only continue, made you surge forward and wrap your arms around his middle just as he turned his back to where you’d been standing.

He jumped in your arms, alarmed someone had snuck up on him, but the feel of your smooth hands resting over his belly and your face pressed into his back, he relaxed. Noya rested his hands over yours and turned his head a bit so he’d be able to see you over his shoulder, “______-chan?” He asked curiously. Noya didn’t understand why you’d suddenly hug him without a word. Usually, when either of you were giving affection, it was filled with coos and awed words of appreciation to make the other blush. It was sort of a game at times of who could get the most flustered; But this was different. Something was wrong. “_______? What’s wrong?” Noya asked seriously now, squeezing your hands in his before turning around to face you completely.

You didn’t remove your arms from around his middle, now pressing your face into his bare chest and forcing yourself to stay as far away from the brink of tears as possible. But the reminder of his bruises made you pull your face away and stare at his marred skin. “Yuu…..” You whispered quietly, feeling like if you spoke any louder that he’d somehow get another bruise to adorn his small body. You knew he wasn’t fragile. Not in the least. He was very strong and very capable of handling himself, but…. That didn’t stop you from leaning forward and kissing a forming bruise on his right shoulder. “Please…. Be careful.” You murmured lowly as you pulled away from the bruise. You let your eyes wander his bare chest and arms, letting one hand go from around his middle to trace around the outside of his bruises with your fingertip. Chills erupted over his entire body, and you slowly let your eyes go from a rather large bruise on his left forearm to look up into his eyes.

A bright blush was painted across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. You were sure he’d probably have a nosebleed if you kissed his body like that again. Finally, Noya couldn’t hold back his squawk of content and wrap his arms around your small body in a tight hug. “________-chan! You’re so cute!” He cheered happily, nuzzling his face into your hair and pressing his body flush against yours.

“Yuu! Your bruises!” You gasped, pushing him away from you enough to ease your worries.

Noya wasn’t having any of that though. His arms tightened around you and pulled you as tight against his body as he could manage, “No, _____-chan! I’m fine! I promise!” He assured in a rush, resting his head on your shoulder and closing his eyes with an embarrassed smile. “Just…. Just don’t let go, okay?” He murmured quietly next to your ear. You nodded and moved your arms to wrap around his neck so that you weren’t pressing against any of his bruises.

“I’ve got you, Yuu… I won’t let go.” You whispered almost silently, letting one hand stroke through his hair soothingly as the other wrapped around his neck to rest your hand on his opposite shoulder. His arms tightened around your middle and his face turned to rest in the crook of your neck, making you blush deeply at the contact of his lips against your throat. But when he didn’t push further, you closed your eyes and rested your head against his, knowing that sometimes he needed as much support as he dished out. When that was the case, you’d gladly be there for him.

This turned out more angsty than I intended lmao

Luke would stay home with his sick little boy while you’re out working. They’d watch Bubble Guppies or Looney Tunes while cuddling together in their pj’s. Luke’s little man would be snuggled into his daddy’s shoulder with his blanket and a runny nose while Luke laid lower and deeper into the couch so he could be face to face with his little guy. He’d rest his head on his kids head while his son rests head on his shoulder, watching the cartoons quietly and sleepily together with a big blanket onto each other. “Does Iron Man get sick too, daddy?” Luke’s little guy would whisper in a tiny voice. Luke would nod with a smile before kissing his head. “All superheroes get sick, bud.” He’d whisper back then his kids eyes would light up immediately. “Daddy, does that make me a superhero too?!” Luke would chuckle at his sons excitement. “Of course little man.”