awwww all my babies

bumbumshaky  asked:

To my fellow ace babes: isn't our mom the best?! :D (seriously, I've been identifying as ace for nearly a decade, and this place of trash makes me feel the most welcome ;A; love all my fellow trash siblings!)

AWWWW. I love all my babies. :)

And seriously, I really do think the dumpster is a pretty friendly place. Most of the internet is a fucking shitshow, but I think most of us are genuinely nice? So…go us for being really welcoming weirdos!

Jay wasn’t even there when this baby was born, HER FIRST GRANDSON.

she hasn’t said A WORD and when she landed in LA she went to the Spa and instagrammed handcreams and bath bombs. And now she is all “awwww my baby grandchild” ???? Alright.