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im a trans kid (female to male) and i love you!!! seeing you support us is touching, please remain awesome for at least the next 1000 years or so?

Awwww I love you back!!!! I shall do my best but I can only promise to remain awesome the next few seconds or so, after that, no promises! Lol but you shall ALWAYS have my support!!!



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You make everyone feel so welcome, and fight for everyone's cause! You'll surely go to heaven, insha'allah. Just wanted you to know. -your Muslim friend and ally <3

Awwww thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️ love youuuu

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Spit, it's 36° degrees (96.8 F°) in Tucuman r/n but it feels like winter. Seguí haciendo tus cosas gays un abrazo grande. Se te extraña/we miss you :)

Also awwww ❤

tambien Los extraño :33
Falling asleep on Benjamin would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Awwww Ben :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him being worried when he feels your head on his shoulder, thinking you fainted or something, making him touch your forehead

-Him asking you in a whisper if you’re alright, only to get no answer, making him get worried again until he hears your little snore

-Him chuckling, realizing his mistake before just sitting up in a position that will make you comfortable

-Him trying to keep his mind to something else, like reading but being distracted and glancing at you over and over

-Him trying to figure out if you are cold
or hot and finding anything to make you feel perfect

-Him wrapping his arm around you to feel you closer and just getting comfortable with you, only to quickly remove himself back whenever Ezekiel or the other men would walk by

-Him hiding the sun from you with his book to keep you comfortable until he can’t hold it anymore and apologizes for it

-Him stroking your hair to comfort you back to sleep whenever he gets the feeling you might wake up

-Him just looking at people who speak to loudly to hint at them to lower down their voices

-Him getting embarrassed whenever you would fall into his lap and just looking around to get anyone to help you get to bed

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You just gave birth to yours & Professor!Peter's first child so you're on maternity leave, but you surprise him by coming to visit him during lecture WITH the baby & he's writing on the board so he doesn't notice you until the class goes "aWWWW" because there's a precious, chubby lil baby & Peter turns to see what the commotion is about & he just drops the chalk "bABE OH MY GOD" & he rushes over to you & the baby & gives you both quick kisses (quick enough so his students won't see & he (1/2)

discretely sneaks you a few extra kisses when the baby isn’t looking so they won’t get jealous) & he gently cradles his baby as you set his lunch down on his desk & he’s just smiling & rocking his baby & he’s so happy “No homework tonight; class is dismissed, see you all tomorrow!” but nobody leaves because they all want to see the baby

i’m  fucking crying that’s what i’m doin g for th elove of god

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How about a bit of girl time with Yui, if that's okay? Maybe Yui could have a friend to hang out with, somehow getting away from the vampires for a bit. What would they do?

Admin Mawile: (ノ*゜▽゜*) Awwww~ This is writing reader as said friend, okay?

-Thanks to a life of being constantly bitten and terrorized, Yui doesn’t really have the energy for normal friends. She’s usually some degree of exhausted, and the idea of hanging out with friends again just sounds tiring. She would like to have more of a social life, but it seems difficult to find people willing to put up with someone who’s always tired and anemic. 

-Considering the above, you’re going to have to accommodate Yui’s low energy levels when hanging out. Anything more difficult than a little bit of shopping is too much for her, and you’re really better off just staying home and finding something quiet to do, like doing each other’s nails, watching cheesy movies, or swapping stories about annoying people in your lives. 

-Yui has a lot to complain about, and you’re very likely to wind up listening. Even when practically ranting, she never says anything more mean than calling someone “difficult” or “confusing”, and you will soon be very sure that she’s the kindest, most tolerant person you’ve ever met. That, and you’ll probably want to punch the vampires that hurt her. 

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I was watching bst on youtube and my mom was standing behind me because she likes the song esp the wonhae manhi manhi but never watch the music video and you know jungkook's part at 2:30. My mom suddenly said he is so handsome, he has a nice smile and she keep asking me where is Jungkook. (she called him 'that kid') Guess my mom wants a son in law already. Lol. Just kidding.

awwww your mum sounds so cute!! my mum thinks jungkook is handsome as well but she doesn’t listen to their music,,,, whenever i scream or anything tho she knows it has to do with him so she doesn’t even question me anymore adjskdlsnckej

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Wow 10 años es mucho mucho tiempo! 😱 Les deceo sinceramente muchos muchos años más juntas!!! 💖😘✨

AWWWW ASJGAKJFDG MUCHAS GRACIAS *///* pues sí, 10 años es muchísimo (más el tiempo en que no fuimos pareja XD) Pero la sigo amando como si fuese la primera vez *///* JKSHFLKSdhflkSJF

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Daisy liked a pap pic of Freddie yesterday at 1dnewgeneration on IG. I wish I could screenshoot and submit but I can't :( It's all there.

awwww Daisy!