awwwe a selfie


I was tagged by the amazing @proudtobeadepphead  Awww thank you dear! Cute selfie! :)

1) Lock screen Screenshot: Ok my lock screen is my hubby, and that fine man is only for me, so here’s my background instead, lol. The Niffler!! I want one. Every pirate needs a Niffler.

2) Last song I’ve listened to: Enrique Iglesias, Subeme La Radio. Don’t laugh at me! It just came out today and its my jaaaaam!

3) a selfie: Oh god, I can’t today. Not happening. ;) Here, look at my pretty boat, took this last weekend. It’s enough of an extension of myself… :P

I tag: @princesspenelopenerfherder, @orionredstarr , @snowbryneich, @sheliesshattered @colorblindly @conquistadoradelmar @thepromiseofredemption  @bybyeblackbird & everyone else who wants to do this :))