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I'm on a long road trip with my best friend and the only thing that's getting us through it is me reading these imagines to her while she's driving. Just thought I should share that with you! ☺️

awww that’s so fun, hope you guys have a good time!!

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I hope you have the best time at the concert Gee! So glad you and your mom get to go! My mom is my best friend and we're seeing 5sos in a few weeks and having a girls weekend and I'm soooo excited!

Thank you, sweetness! Awww! That sounds so fun! I hope you have an amazing time with your momma! :)) xx.

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To answer about the bf/11 hrs ask... We went swimming, played cards/board games, went to dinner, and watched a movie and he's such an incredible person omg omg he's the perfect human being if there ever was one

awww that sounds so fun im so happy for youuuu

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Youu sorta. And also this one girl but she doesn't have a Tumblr. Oh, and iatethepurpledragon a little bit. She seems nice. Confessions are fun. Tumblr is like my diary now.

I know, right? Tumblr is so fun.

Awww that’s cute, but to like me you HAVE to be blind Im sorry