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14, female, 5' 3 ½", brown eyes and hair (dark), I love drawing and creative writing. I have social anxiety, so going 'out' to a date wouldn't really be my thing, but we could cuddle and watch movies and stuff ❤

awww that would be so fun and you sound so smol and cute (your an inch taller me tho omg, im smol) and that would be so sweet i love cuddling + just hanging out at home with ppl so that’d be amazing <33 (and don’t worry i have anxiety too)

describe yourself on anon and ill say if id date you <33

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19, female; 5'4. Blue eyes and long blonde hair. I love art, history, and esp social media-- nerd out over everything, but in a cute way, I promise. OH OK, cute date ideas: an aquarium (but the kind that also has monkeys and those crazy pretty birds) date, or a park date. Somewhere pretty where we could talk without things being too crazy~

omg you have blue eyes i love blue eyes!! and your date ideas sound really fun awww

so the only problem is you’re 4 years older than me and honestly that’s fine with me but idk with you orz but you sound amazing so maybe in a few years, i’d definitely date you <3

describe yourself on anon and i’ll tell you if i’d date you or not!