((This TFA Whirl design was largely created by @cadaverriffic!!!!!!!! It’s super good and I feel slightly bad about the horrible stuff that happens to Whirl. Slightly.))

I bet you thought I forgot about the beautiful bird daughter of the TFA Lost Light AU, eh? Well. I didn’t. But also I’m tired of inking/coloring right now so this shall have to suffice. Whirl is…complicated, and young, in the TFA Lost Light AU. There can be no Autobot victory while Decepticons maintain complete air superiority and the Jettwins open the door for further experimentation, for better and more refined attempts at recreating warbuilds. All the better for Whirl’s existence.

Not so great when she’s fair game for darker forces still.


- And what is this fair beauty’s name?
- She’s sort of named after you, Doctor.
- I beg your pardon?
- Say hello to Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.


Karneval official arts - my edit

Gareki & Yogi for cutie Lola-chan @miyakuli

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(from Sheik on the association meme) "The colors silver for armor and steel, white for feathers and purple for royalty or respect. Long winter nights, sunny afternoons at bad times, water, and well-manicured short fingernails. That is usually what I think of when you cross my mind."

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“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you enamoured with me.”