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Puede que no tengas amigos, como decís vos, pero nos tenes a nosotros , que nos importas y nos interesa ti felicidad 😊

Awww asjkjasqwñ, que bella/o, muchas gracias

The Fault in our Dylan (O'Brien)
Dylan Sprayberry X Reader A/N It’s short. It looked longer on paper.

“Annnnddd, cut.” yelled the director. You exhaled and sat in one of the backstage chairs. You were waiting for your boyfriend, Dylan S., to be done filming his scene. You two were gonna go on a lunch date after he was finished. You scanned the set and saw his lovely face. His eyes met yours and he flashed you a wink. You looked away, blushing. You felt a breath near your face and saw Dylan O. “Sooo,” he said,“You look awfully red.” “Butt out, Dylan,” Dylan S. Saw you glaring at Dylan O. and as soon as the director yelled cut, made his way over there. “What are you doing?” asked Dylan S. to Dylan O. “Awww, her man came to her rescue!!!” You looked down, blushing (gif). “Are you okay (Y/N)?” Dylan S. asked. Then Tyler Posey came. “Hey everyone. How’s it going?” “Wellllll, Dylan here came to protect his girl.” replied Dylan O. “Awww, that’s adorable!” shouted Tyler P. “So cute, right?” “They’re OTP.” This kept going on and you just kept getting redder and redder. “Come on (Y/N), let’s go.” Dylan S. said. You nodded your head. You quickly left the set and went straight to his car. (Idk if he drives, so just go along with it) He drove you to (favorite restaurant) and you both had a good time, without the other Dylan and Tyler P.

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Congrats! =D 4000 thats AMAZING! Your art is so good, you really deserved it. (Also only shit how can you even follow me with so many ppl. O_O

Awww, thank you so much! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s such a huge number of people I have hard time picturing it, haha.

Anniversary Week: Day 6!

Hello all!!

With today being Day 6, our Anniversary Week is slowly coming to an end *awww o(;△;)o *
But don’t get too sad because we’ve brought you Koisuru Harinezumi Chapter 15!! Wheepeee!!

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With the last day of Anniversary Week coming tomorrow, stay tuned and stay sharp!

- Matcha

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I love all of your Undertale art and things! I was wondering what's the story behind all of Chara's alien stuff?

:’O !!!! awww thank you so much! 

As for your question, when Chara was alive, they like to pass the time by reading pretty much anything. They were mostly interested on the dark arts or the paranormal things because it’s both fascinating and also terrifying. Chara really likes things that are both cool & scary. 

Chara likes aliens the most because 1) Aliens are often portrayed as green creatures (their favorite color is green!) 2) They’re from outer space! A world that is difficult to explore! It just makes things more exciting! and 3) because they kinda relate to aliens, they’re weird and often portrayed as evil beings and stuff. 

Fun fact: Frisk always gifts Chara ANYTHING they see that has aliens on it.