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seeing as how you're already adorable, you would be fricken cute as heck O.O

Awww!! I’m not adorable but man if I had the money I sure as hell would be haha

Preschool Headcanons

-Exchanging valentines with the class and all the Alpha children competing to give out the best cards to impress the Omegas

-Little Omegas shyly offering to share their snacks with their crushes because they’ve seen how pleased their Alpha parent is when their Omega parent gives them food

-Playing dress up and an Alpha makes fun of an Omega dressed as a fire fighter because “that’s not an Omega job”

-Teachers having to scold the Alpha children for trying to grab the back of the Omegas necks the way they’ve seen their parents do

-Little Beta children being clingy with the teachers to ensure they receive as much attention as the other dynamics

-Alphas and Betas seeing that an Omega friend is cold and quickly offering their sweatshirts because even they know how easy it is for Omegas to get sick

-Alphas helping push the little Omegas on the swings and excitedly praising them when they learn how to do it on their own

-Going on field trips and the Alphas constantly wanting to hold the Omegas hands because they are so worried about them getting lost or falling down

-Alphas and Omegas having to nap on opposite ends of the classroom because the Alphas kept latching onto them in their sleep if they were too close together, Betas get to sleep on whichever side they want

-An Alpha knocking down an Omega’s block tower on accident and feeling so horrible for making an Omega cry that they also end up crying because they feel so guilty


So basically it was a summary of what happened in season one, but episode 0 of BnHA had some mesmerizing watercolour endcards - ahhhhh I cannot wait to see what season 2 has in store for us *-*

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I live for your art and I've told you this before but I'll say it again, you are amazing!💕 if you're not super busy drawing more amazing things, would you consider drawing some dennor fluff? ;o;

Awww thank you again sweetie♥ ;v; And I kinda own it for dennor fans for not drawing these boys in a while despite many asks, so finally here! Some sleepy cuddles

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france, prussia, south italy, lithuania, and russia reacting to a shy s/o who always very nervously asks them for hugs all the time

Awww anon, I love this ask! It perked up my mood a little writing the response for it. :) I’m still pretty tired though - hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow - so these are a little shorter than I would have liked. Still doll, I really hope you enjoy them and that they warm your heart like writing them did for me~! <3 

France: Ohoho~ He would be very happy to receive so many hugs on a regular basis. Maybe a little too happy, if you catch my drift. He’d probably try to get in some gropes every couple of hugs, the sly fox~ Seriously though, it does make him feel good to know that his s/o is open to showing physical affection with him, especially since they’re so shy. He feels good about himself because of this, well more so than before. When he’s not flirting, Francis would give his s/o a quick peck on the cheek as a thanks for the hugs. <3

Prussia: He’d be a little surprised the first couple of times his s/o wants some hugs. He knows how shy they can be and with his sometimes overly outgoing personality, he’s still a little unsure how they even want to be with him? However, Gilbert definitely wouldn’t turn them down, he’d be giving his s/o big bear hugs whenever they wanted them! Anytime, anywhere, just ask, s/o! He can be rather affectionate when he wants to, so all those hugs would really warm his heart. He’d definitely be super grateful. <3

South Italy: Romano would be a blushing mess every time his s/o asked for a hug, honestly. He loves giving hugs, especially to his wonderful s/o, but physical affection kind of embarrasses him. Especially if the two of you are in public when a hug is requested. That won’t stop him from doing it of course, but he won’t make eye contact and might grumble a little about how needy his s/o is. Plus, they’re just so cute when they get all nervous and ask for hugs … help him, his heart is pounding. <3

Lithuania: Toris can be a little shy when it comes to physical affection as well but he’d be less tsundere about it than South Italy. He just isn’t used to having someone so close to him that they want to hug him all the time. Or really anyone that cares about him on a deep level. It’s something that will take him a while to get used to, so in the meantime his s/o will just need to be patient. If his s/o asks for a hug in public, especially if it’s in front of Russia or Poland, he’d die of embarrassment but would be overjoyed all at the same time. Can he have another, please? <3

Russia: Awww s/o, you’re so cute~! Ivan would absolutely love it if his s/o gave him hugs, especially if they did it on a regular basis. The poor man grew up without much love in his life so he really needs it now. To know that his s/o is pushing past their natural shyness just to hold him makes him feel really special. He’d be like a ray of sunshine every time they asked for a hug, even if he was in a bad mood before. He would give them extra long, snuggly hugs that would end with him patting their head affectionately while smiling. <3

-Mod Lily

GOT7 reaction to another member flirting with their s/o

Awww thank you ily


Mark would be pissed, to say the least. I think he’d probably walk up to the two of you with an expression only to be described as murderous. He’d probably ask the member wtf they thought they were doing before taking your hand and pulling you away. I think he’d hold a grudge against that member for a while, honestly.


Oh hell no. Jaebum would be at your side so fast you’d wonder if he’d just materialized. I don’t think he’d say anything to the member at that second, preferring to let them explain themselves later, but he’d definitely shoot a glare and lead you somewhere else, where he’d ask you exactly what the member was saying to you so he could get a better grasp of what happened. 


Jackson is pretty impulsive, so I think that when he saw another member flirting with you, he wouldn’t think twice about chewing them out right then and there. Later, though, once you had cooled him down a bit, he would probably want to talk more civilly about it and work something out because he doesn’t want to hate any of his members, even if something like this happens


He’d try his best not to murder the member in question. I think instead of leading you away like the others, he’d throw himself into the conversation and throw some serious shade not-so-subtly let the member know how pissed he was. Eventually he’d get so angry he’d just come out and ask why they were doing such a thing when they knew you were with him and it wouldn’t be pretty


author’s note: I searched for forever, but this is the best gif I could find omg

Youngjae wouldn’t be able to think clearly, he’d be so upset. He’d doubt whether you wanted to be with him or not, not because he didn’t trust you, but because he’d suddenly start to doubt himself. I don’t think he’d come and talk to you or the member, but would wait until he saw you again to ask what happened. Honestly, he’d be so upset about the whole situation, he might just have to talk shit about that member for a bit to cool down enough to go and deal with him face-to-face. 


Pissed. When he caught the member flirting with you, he’d hesitate for about .5 seconds, but then would stroll up and announce that you were dating him, so he was going to take his girlfriend on a date, thank you very much. When you two had left the area, he’d start ranting, asking who tf the member thought he was. He’d probably feel a little insecure, like Youngjae, so you’d have to comfort and tell him you weren’t going to leave him for another member.


I’m really conflicted about Yugyeom. On one hand, I think this would really upset him, but I also think he’d be good at controlling himself and not doing anything rash. That said, he’d definitely walk over to the two of you and just sort of put an arm around your waist and stare at the member. If, for some reason, the member kept up the conversation, Yugyeom would roll his eyes and start to pull away.

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I dropped by your stream earlier and holy?? shit?? you're fucking adorable. I just wanna hug your face because of how cute you are!! Definitely made my night.

Awww ;O; thank you so much <3333