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Tree Tour - Regarding each others’ existence

Yunho: In the past, I’ve said he’s a brother, a member, like the existence of that someone after getting married. Now, he’s another me. In Changmin, is someone that I long for. Because we are completely different, whether it’s our personalities or habits. Lately I’ve been feeling that as compared to a partner, he’s more like a “thing” which I consider (to be) myself. Yes, it’s really difficult to describe. Just, I want him to become mine. Changmin should be the same, in making my merits his own. [x]

Changmin: In my own eyes, I’m only focused on, “This person, Changmin, is lacking too much in this area.” But all these inadequecies, because there’s Yunho by my side to make up for them, (he) has helped me a lot. Or perhaps I can say, to be able to continue moving forward, it’s because he is leading me. If I start thinking, “Why can’t I do this on my own?”, I will feel frustrated on the inside. But it is precisely the fact that we’re able to make up for each other’s flaws that Tohoshinki was able to go on till the 9th year, and will also be able to continue from now on. [x]

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Db5k gif reaction to their woman denying them sex for the days she is on her period?

Jaejoong: *groans loudly* Wake me up in a week baby.

Changmin: “Aiisshh, how long do I have to wait?”

Junsu: “It’s only a few days, right? I can wait baby…”

Yoochun: *laughs like you’re joking and then stops suddenly to give you a pouty face*

Yunho: “Awww, I’ll be waiting for you baby.”

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