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Rising from the Ashes||

I don’t know how to stop this. Try it!

The pain was insurmountable. She was burning from the inside out, unable to breathe, unable to think. 

Please, stop it!

The smell of rotting flesh and the screams were enough to cause her to wish she was already dead. There was no way for her to hasten her fate, though, as she was pinned between scrap-metal and earth. 

We gotta hurry!

Nothing but anguish filled her now. All she could so was suffer as sulfur filled her lungs and ash coated her eyes. 

All she knew now was death.

                                                               - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A guttural roar rose from the grave as the ground shook. It was a mediocre site, with small stones symbolizing who had been buried there. No one was around to witness the soil move, with pale digits piercing the earth in search of light. As more flesh became exposed to the night, and a pair of crimson eyes opened for the first time in an age, the sky above lit up in a brilliant display of lightning. 

Rain poured down, soaking long tendrils of hair and a poor excuse of a dress. It clung to her ethereal form as her bare feet stuck to the ground. With renewed strength came a horrible pain. She fell to her knees, screaming into the darkness as grief overcame her in full force. 

So much death. So much loss. So much destruction.

They would all pay.

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So I reread "I'll be Your Platinum" and <333 I'm just imagining the first shopping trip Jack takes Kenny on... Jack being picky and a little grumpy until he sees Kenny in a gorgeous suit and then he's so pleased and happy. Also, like, I know Jack's a photographer but like, indulge me and tell me he has an office or something. One day Jack forgets his lunch and he texts Kenny to bring it over. Just the image of Jack in a nice suit fucking a naked Kenny over his desk


look yes. i cosign all of this 100%. jack is like ‘kent i don’t think you’re taking my cufflinks neuroses seriously’ and kent is like ‘lol you are correct sir’ and kent wants a pinstripe suit WHY DOES HE WANT A PINSTRIPE SUIT, JACK IS IN PHYSICAL PAIN. 

but oh man. when kent comes out of the dressing room in versace. OH MAN. all of the stress just melts off jack. the world is good again folks. everything is good.

kent probably sucks jack off in the dressing room tbh, as i alluded to in the fic. 

and yeah jack can totally have an office. maybe he does seasonal work for his dad? i dunno but there’s def an office and there’s def office sex. over the desk. in the elevator. UP AGAINST THE FUCKING PICTURE WINDOW, YO. kent winds jack’s tie around his hand to drag him in to kiss him, HELLO.


Is that a 2p!Hetalia video?
It is a 2p!Hetalia video!

And even better, it is 2p!Denmark!

Cell Mates and Soulmates

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Loki x Reader

Cell Mates and Soulmates

Prompt: Hello! I saw your post about wanting more requests! So how about a Loki x Reader soulmate AU where they have side by side cells in Asgard’s prison and they fall in love over the course of several months and finally make an escape together and lead their lives on the run (all Bonnie and Clyde like)??? That would be AMAZING!! Thanks toots!

Note: Awww yisss! Soulmate AU. Okay, so this is the type where your soulmate’s first words to you are written on your wrist.

Okay, so maybe Asgardian prison wouldn’t be the best place for a young mortal girl. It certainly wasn’t the safest, what with the other inmates around, but you had been curious and somehow ended up trespassing on Asgardian soil, if that was even what you called it in this golden place.

The guards escorted you to a cell, shoved you inside, and locked the magical border behind you. You sighed before calling after them.

“Did I mention I’m sorry?!” But the guards walked down the hall, ignoring you.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” asked a voice to your left. You stopped dead in your tracks, glancing at your wrist. There, the same words were scrawled in a fancy cursive script. The words grew warm, tingling.

“I’m…no, I’m not,” you struggled, still shocked. You looked over at him, the tall, slender man dressed in green and black. He had sleek long black hair and radiant green eyes. You stepped closer to the golden magical barrier to get closer to him.

“In my eternity, I never thought I would lay eyes on you. I was beginning to lose hope.” He paused, meeting your eyes with a smirk. “Soulmate,”

“I’m (Y/N),” You introduced. “And I take it you’re Loki, huh?”

“You know of me?”

“Big time. I kind of figured after a stunt like New York you’d end up here.”

“Well, I suppose all things happen for a reason. Here I am. There you are. It seems like destiny to me.”


Months passed, and you and Loki spent every day together, reading to eachother across the hall, having conversations about all of his long, long life and all of your life back on earth. You told him about how you used to look at the stars, unable to believe that humans were alone in the galaxy. He told you about how he saw the stars in your eyes.

You wished nothing more than to spend all of your days with him, and he would do anything to touch you, to kiss your hand and hold you in his arms. There was one problem. You were both in prison and divided by magical barriers.

“Do you think we’ll ever get out of here?” You asked, staring at the ceiling of your cell.

“I have a feeling,”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I may have knocked out the guards with a little spell I picked up.” He started, sitting up in his chair. “I’m just waiting for-” The golden barriers flickered before disappearing. You stood up slowly, looking out of the cell in disbelief before tentatively stepping out of its confines. Loki met you, reaching out with a shaky hand and pressing it to yours.

You melted into his touch, your heart beating so fast you thought it might burst. It only took him a second to wrap his arms around you, kissing you feverishly. You broke away, breathing heavy. You didn’t want to, but you had to.

“We need to get out of here,” you reminded him.

“Of course,” He nodded, slipping his fingers through yours. “Follow me, my love.”

“Why do I get the feeling this is only the beginning of the adventure?”

Malise: Your father and I have been talking… his bestselling books have brought in quite a bit of cash and we’re thinking of moving to the nicer neighbourhood in Oasis Springs. But we want to leave the old house to one of you.

Finn: Meh. I don’t need it.

James: Give it to Arlo! I want to move with you guys if you’re gonna get a bigger backyard.

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awwww yiss

  • who is more dominant in the bedroom?: Welp if we’re talking about normal bedroom stuff like “don’t eat in the bed” or “clean your part of the room” then obviously Yukine. If we’re talking about *wink wink* then Yato.(Yukine tried to switch once and try dominating. It ended very poorly.)
  • who complains the most?: Both. Yukine complains about Yato’s laziness and how he can’t work for shit, and Yato complains about Yukine’s complains (he has terrible comebacks btw). The fact that they’re always complaining about each other is their way to say how happy they are to be together. (They can’t properly say it most of the time because they are both complete dorks)
  • who’s the laziest?: Yato. He dies try his best at everything, but tends to give up very easily, unless Yukine tries to make him wake up and move his ass.
  • who wakes up the earliest?: Yukine goes to bed very early (when it’s starting to get dark enough for him to be afraid) so he wakes up early too. Even when they go to sleep at the same time, Yato sleeps a lot.
  • who does the chores around the house?: Both. Yato is the one who usually cleans and does the dishes he has heichou senses, but since he’s lazy and is sometimes away from home trying to get followers, Yukine ends up doing them too. After a few fights, though, they come up with a timetable (and Yukine would kick Yato’s ass if he doesn’t do what he has to do).
  • who is the most protective of the other?: Yato. The fight with Bishamon was really shocking to him, so he gets protective very easily. Yukine wants Yato to know he can protect himself, but he’s still happy to see he’s worried about him. He won’t ever say it, though.
  • who gets jealous the easiest?: Yukine gets jealous a lot. After all, Yato’s… Yato. He’s somewhat learned to control his jealousy, but he still gets jealous even if he knows he has to reaso to be jealous of them (Hiyori, for example).
  • and a song or group of songs that describes the ship: I CAN’T CHOOSE ONLY ONE GOSH.
Natsu's Priority.

Now that Igneel is gone, Lucy and Happy have become Natsu’s priority. I know, it might sounds pretty NaLu-like, but let it cross your mind:

You all remember the scene where Natsu and Happy are talking about the guild, right?

His expression is the proof of his sadness about the guild that’s been disbanded, but otherwise he is totally okay with it because he is thinking about Lucy immediately.

 (doodling on her beautiful face while she’s asleep T_T)

The fact that he is not thinking about the guild any longer, but about Lucy, is the proof he is going to be okay and can handle everything as long as Lucy and Happy are by his side.

And this picture tells its own tale… Natsu and Happy didn’t wanted to gather them together until they realized what she has been doing all the time…

Natsu’s priorities are Lucy and Happy and that makes me really, really, reaaaally happy … T_T