awww yi

Just rambling LOL

So this morning….after having an amazing snow day off (awww yis!) I wake up this morning to find that it is -17 outside my house and that it apparently makes me giggly…AND THEN I ADDED COFFEE TO THIS MIX! Needless to say…my coworkers are mildly weirded out as I work on warranty shoe returns while chittering happily to myself. Great start of the year I must say.

To note though to the jeep/suv that was burnt to a crisp. I hope that guy is okay….

  • Me, trying to be a good kitty mama: Here kitty! Brushy brush!
  • Kitty: Awww yis! Brushing time! *flops*
  • Me: *brushing the kitty* Okay, now let's get the other side.
  • Kitty: *stubbornly staying put* No, only this side. Keep brushing.
  • Me: But we need to make sure to get all of—
  • Kitty: Only this side! No moving. Just brushing.

okay so I watched big hero 6 and it was amazing as always~ but i was going to take the bus there cos of the snow but changed my mind at the last minute and walked and i’m glad i did. 

I never buy snacks at the cinema bc they’re so expensive so i went next door to the local tesco and went to the drinks area and there were a bunch of books and i glanced at the off-chance and it caught my eye



and this is great cos you get the team in their super hero outfits

but you also get them in normal clothes!

fred, wasabi and hiro all have to lean slightly bc they have no bases and the super suit honey base is wonky as frick and her face scares me she has no colour in her eyes 

but other than that i love them XD

oh you also get a big as frick playmat with four locations on it: streets of san fransokyo, the lucky cat cafe, the ito ishiko lab front and hiro’s room o3o

So my brother and I made a deal- I’d read the Percy Jackson novels and the Heroes of Olympus series if he read Harry Potter.

I just finished all ten books and sure, I’m feeling my feels with Leo and Calypso, and Percy and Annabeth, but there’s also something else that’s making me feel my feels-