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Hiii c: do you have any headcanons for Otapliroy? How they got together or what their relationship is like. Thanks!

Oooh! I’m so excited to do this! I think these three would have a very fun and interesting dynamic. :3

(It’s long so i’m putting it under a Read More)

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And here’s a very late xmas present for @teamalphari who wanted asanoya with Noya loving on Asahi’s hair. Sorry it took me so long! It’s really nice to draw other ships from this anime, I gotta do it more often. x3

【腐】マクスズつめ  |  コト

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I read part 9 of the meow cafe and for some reason I was crying I now I want to work at a cat cafe I love this fanfic keep on what your doing ❤❤️😍😂😆

awww!! yeees, come and join the cats fan club!!

and not gonna lie, that part was supposed to make you cry, haha!

thaank you and I will try!!

I just stood in line for like an hour and a half for these bomb ass pancakes. And the entire time I was thinking “awww yeee I’m gonna put bacon in it and cover that shit in maple syrup and then post a picture of it on Matt’s blog because hell yeah.
And then I got back to camp and was so excited I forgot to take a picture until I was half way done. So uhh.. yeah.
Maple bacon pancakes!