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Omg omg! Your art lately!!! 💙💙 I've been away on holiday for a week and come back and see this! Omg I think I've been spoilt lately 😂 but seriously the vegeta you been doing is HOT AF!! 💙😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤 Keep up the good work ^^

Why thank you so much

There is more vegetable nakedness goodness on the way

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Hufflepuff!Ace cuz he's such a sap and so loyal to his brothers and Dadan and wb that he has Dadan's bead necklace and wb tattoo displayed on his back and Sabo's jolly roger with his name. What if ASL planned to get into gryffindor. And Ace was the one who went up to the sorting hat first and got hufflepuff. Then Sabo and Luffy subsequently mind spammed the sorting hat to give them hufflepuff to be with Ace even though they both have qualities to be sorted in gryffindor.

awww YEEE.  that’s really the only other option i could see happening in a legitimate au scenario and i love it too tbh.  i can just picture the hat being like “such courage…don’t you want to be in griffindor?” to sabo and luffy and them being like “NO HUFFLEPUFF HUFFLEPUFF HUFFLEPUFF” and the hat’s like sheesh all right i get it you really want to be with your bro

…………i just now realized what a menace these three would be if they were sorted into hufflepuff together omfg…….because THE HUFFLEPUFF DORMS ARE RIGHT BY THE KITCHENS.  

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Hiii c: do you have any headcanons for Otapliroy? How they got together or what their relationship is like. Thanks!

Oooh! I’m so excited to do this! I think these three would have a very fun and interesting dynamic. :3

(It’s long so i’m putting it under a Read More)

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And here’s a very late xmas present for @teamalphari who wanted asanoya with Noya loving on Asahi’s hair. Sorry it took me so long! It’s really nice to draw other ships from this anime, I gotta do it more often. x3

Investigation [Closed Starter]

Continuation from this.  @drorah-walks

The night passed with little excitement, though Weyoun barely got any sleep. He woke up the next morning, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and noticed Shekuu was already up and about. There was a minute where he considered bringing Shekuu into the mystery, but he decided the risk was too great. He would not put the Foundling in danger. He’d drop the young changeling off with Odo on his way to the infirmary, a typical routine for the two of them.

The infirmary wasn’t the most pleasant place for Weyoun, he was often bombarded with questions from Dr. Bashir regarding his biology. He could understand the doctor’s curiosity, but the enthusiasm was grating at times. He walked in, asking for D’rorah, claiming it was a follow-up on the examination the day before.

He wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery of his people, and she was the best resource he had right now. The Vorta doubted if even Dr. Bashir would be so understanding.

【腐】マクスズつめ  |  コト

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