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What’s your favorite scene so far this season? There’s a scene in this episode where Connor and Oliver are just laying in bed. I love that—because they’re not back together or are they?—they don’t even know. There’s something really intimate about laying in bed talking to someone, and they’re not even touching. They’re just going through their day, and Oliver has this little mini giggle fit. That’s my favorite scene, I think, out of the whole season because it feels so real. In the middle of all of this stuff that’s going on, there’s always a sweetness between them, I really think, that kind of permeates through the show in a really cool way. – Conrad Ricamora

You’re on holiday with [George] and every morning he’d say, ‘Oh, come and see the trees’. ‘Okay, yeah’. And then the next day, ‘Oh, come and see the trees’. ‘Yeah, okay’. And then, ‘Come and see…’ ‘I’ve seen your bloody trees!’
—  Ringo Starr on George Harrison
If Watford had a swim team
  • Simon: *joins*
  • Baz: *annoyed* Oh, great. Just one more thing for the Chosen One to whine on and on about. You'll probably get everything in the room all wet and disgusting. And I'll always have to put up with that stench of chlorinated pool water. Bloody fantastic. I hope you drown.
  • Simon: Oh shove it up your arse, Baz
  • Baz: *sneers*
  • *later*
  • Simon: * walks by wearing nothing but a black speedo*

Canada does a really phenomenal job of producing music, actors, and entertainers. If you look at the number of people we have in our country relative to the number of people that are prominent in the entertainment industry, it’s pretty impressive.- Stephen Amell. 

  • <p> <b>Yoongi:</b> *whispers* Why are you so adorable?<p/><b>J Hope:</b> Sorry, what?<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> I SAID WHY ARE YOU SO ANNOYING?! *sweats nervously and run like there's no tomorrow*<p/><b>Jin:</b> BE A MAN YOU DIPSHIT!!<p/></p>
Other People's Weddings

The harder she shivers the harder he holds her.
An automatic response neither are aware of.
She shivers he brings her closer,
to keep her warm, he tells himself.
Just to feel her in his arms is it’s own reward.
Weather or no weather,
but the weather was bad.
Deep into a frigid October night
some might call dawn.
The weight of her
the shape of her
the drunken lopsided steps of hers
fit and fold
his and hers
and they practically collapse into one another.
One supporting the other,
both supporting each other
as they make their way home in the predawn chill.
And everything fits
just like the right puzzle piece.
A perfect couple as long as
you keep the gritty facts out of the picture.
A moment, like a photograph
that will remain perfect forever
held together
(or torn apart)
by time.


My conversation with Gerard after the 6-1 game? We have a close relationship and are in constant contact with each other after games. And to be honest there were some tears involved.  We hugged, and when you hug your grandson knowing what he represents to the fans and the club, well a couple tears come out, there’s no shame to it.
—  Amador Bernabeu, ex Barcelona vice-president & grandfather of Gerard Pique
  • [when Cassian is shipping out for an Alliance mission]
  • Cassian: Listen. It's 180 days, Jyn. What's 180 days to us? Our story is epic. Spanning years, continents.
  • Jyn: Lives ruined, bloodshed.
  • Cassian: Yeah.
  • Jyn: Come back to me.
  • Cassian: Always.