awww this is too cute

Dating Jughead would include

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Requested by anon! sorry if this is short but I hope you enjoy loves :)

warnings: none

- cute nicknames

- Teasing him with the name “Forsythe Pendleton” when he’s mad

- But he can’t stay mad because you’re too cute

- “awww are you writing about me?”

- “no.”

- (you both know he is tho)

- Helping him with his novel (that only you’re allowed to see)


- Him laughing because you’re a dork

- “I’m gonna expose you, Jones. not such a genius after all huh”

- “I dare you.”

- Tickle fights

- Movie nights at the Drive In

- sweet forehead kisses

- long passionate kisses

- neither of you are big on PDA but you’re always holding hands

- you’re inseparable

- Being completely comfortable with each other, you can tell each other anything  

- deep talks

- stupid talks

- He LOVES Hugs and being close to you

- And ofc Dates at pop’s where you always steal each others food

- Him being overprotective because he worries about you a lot with everything that’s happened lately

- Having so many inside jokes

- You’re basically partners in crime

- Sharing the same dry sense of humour

- people assuming he’s always sad/mad but he’s actually the sweetest person ever

- Both complaining about “The rich kids from The Goonies”

- He’s not good with his emotions and you understand that and are always there for him

- You’re so thankful you have each other

- You both still feeling that tingling sensation in the pit of your stomachs every time you say “I love you”

- (which is a lot)


Aww.. Baek looks so happy to be on stage with Yesungie :)

Most dedicated ELF; Park Chanyeol.

RyeoSoo :)

Awww.. Kris and Suho look so happy


Xiumin and Sungmin XD Too cute!!

Sehun being adored by Donghae

Suho living every ELFs DREAM

The two cuties again

Chen, I want to be in your position,or Kyu, I wouldn’t mind either XD

Tao dancing with Heenim, they are both too fab!

Baek doesn’t seem to mind xD

Suho, Kyu-biased

Kris, finding excuses to be near his bias

Tao got a bit emotional when SJ won xD

Kris went to a SJ concert xD

Baek happily being dragged away by Hae

Every ELFS wish is to get a selca with a member

And to not have to share that selca with any one elsexD

Then Tao wanted his chance (Poor Sungmin)

What a bonus, they even got Donghae in it!

Donghae Stan

Whispers “I like you more than Tao does” LOL XD

Can i just squeal for a moment <3

Lay is a Donghae biased too xD

I have loved looking over these again, EXO really love Super Junior and that is why I love both of the groups. TBH, groups that love Super Junior are always groups I start to love because if they love Super Junior then they must be really awesome!! xD

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Your victuuri drawing was so cute, awww!!!! Sorry if its too much to ask but can you show us your art process?

thank you :) i’m glad you liked it! 

if you mean like, how i draw, it pretty much just goes like this:

i don’t really know how to explain what i did but i hope it helps!! :) 

A few times Baekhyun bothered Xiumin xD

Awww.. To me he still looks too cute to be afraid ofxD

Those eyes, Baek couldn’t take it.

Learn Baek, he doesn’t like it. Lol. 

Back up Baek, baozi might hurt you xD

Lol! Baek looks way too happy. 

Whatever Baek said, Chen finds funny. 

Xiumin is not impressed.

Lol. Baek probably got it when they got home. xD

I still can’t help but find him soo cute even with the title ‘strongest in Exo’. Kkkk