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This summer I was dating this guy and he was really sweet. He was a huge Doctor Who fan and we were talking about how awesome the TARDIS is. I said is he had a TARDIS I would definitely marry him and he said he had to get hisself a TARDIS then. It one if the cutest dating moments I have and it's one of my favorite memories.

Awww, the cutie! X

Thorki Thursday: The fics that got me hooked

I got hooked on Thorki via my fortunate/unfortunate love for Tom Hiddleston, which introduced me to Tumblr. I spotted a particularly hot bit of fanart with Loki in a schoolgirl uniform (by @pelissa-art) and Thor attempting to look up his skirt, followed the link to the accompanying extremely filthy fic by @beckerbell, and bam! That was that. 

So, I guess that @beckerbell‘s hilarious and scorching hot “A New Set of Clothes” is to blame for my Thorki obsession, in a way, because if this fic hadn’t scratched all my itches SO HARD, I might not have kept devouring fics. Curse/bless you, @beckerbell! The premise of this fic is beyond perfect: teenage brothers Thor and Loki make a bet that if Loki loses, he’ll have to wear an all-too-revealing schoolgirl uniform to school. Horndog Thor can’t resist how sexy Loki looks and corners him in the art room. Still one of my all-time faves.


Another fic I found through fanart (of Loki being spanked in a French maid outfit) is @cavaleirahh’s “Dirty Little Secret”. Nineteen-year-old Loki moves in with his brother, and things go just fine until Thor accidentally catches a glimpse of Loki in a pair of panties and becomes obsessed. This is a four-part series that is wickedly, wildly hot– the one with Loki in a corset and stockings is definitely a favorite.


“Eight Months of a Century” by @stereobone is a fic that I believe I found by searching AO3 for Thorki fics with lots of kudos. This one was written not long after “The Avengers” came out and was my introduction to mpreg, which works like gangbusters in this fic. Thor brings pregnant Loki to stay with the Avengers, and things get hilarious and complicated. Tony is brilliantly written in this one, and there’s great porn too. Highly entertaining and a lot of fun.


I think that the first epic Thorki series I read was @umakoo‘s “Light in Monochrome Night” series, which I believe was also my first Jotun Loki fic. I absolutely adore the world-building in this series, and I love haughty, dangerous, deadly Jotun Loki and his attraction to the arrogant, reckless Thor we know and love. The development of their relationship and the plot of this series are both very satisfying, and porny goodness abounds as well. Read and enjoy!


I love this moment so much. Great callback to the first time they met. What I found even more adorable than Felicity’s walking down memory lane is Oliver’s shy-boy-awww-shucks reaction to it in the last gif. So sweet.