awww so cute!! thank you so much! :)

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Hi! I love your blog so freaking much! I was wondering if you would be willing to write MC and Saeran being buddies while she dates Saeyoung? Saeran defends her from his pranks, listens to her when she and his brother fight, these kind of things? Thank you so much!

Awww, that’s cute af! Hope you like this:

Saeran and MC being friends

  •  It started while he was still in the hospital.
  • You would come to watch him while Saeyoung would go home to take a quick shower.
  • He couldn’t let you two alone for long without getting really worried, Saeran was very unstable, he could hurt you.
  • But, surprisingly enough, whenever you were there, Saeran would just be really quiet, sometimes it looked almost like a catatonic state.
  • And you wouldn’t push him too much on talking, so your company didn’t feel too much as a burden like his brother’s.
  • After the twins start their journey on making amends, your presence became a constant, and it didn’t bother Saeran, for some reason.
  • What makes him feel comfortable with you is the fact that you’re always telling Saeyoung not to try so hard and give Saeran space and time.
  • Like, THANK YOU! Somebody with some senses here!
  • Actually, staying quiet next to you while you blabber about whatever was really amusing to him.
  • Okay, maybe at some point, these feelings were a little confusing and he could feel a little crush going on.
  • But then he got a crush on the girl who works at the ice cream shop and it made sense: he just has a thing for really nice people, but it doesn’t last long.
  • Yeah, he finds out he just likes to hang out with you, but romantically speaking, you’re the perfect match for his brother.
  • You’re a good influence on Saeyoung.He likes to hang out with his brother after you leave them two alone.
  • Mainly because when you’re around, his brother is much nicer and tries to balance his attention between you and him, finally giving him that space he needs so much.
  • He likes to go grocery shopping just the two of you, it calms him down.
  • He doesn’t talk much, and you respect that, so you do the talking and always buy any ice cream flavor he wants.
  • You also take him for random walks, that’s when he talks a little, mostly questions about what kind of people are the other RFA members.
  • Likes to watch TV with you, you’re always catching him up on the plot of things and he enjoys it when it comes from you.
  •  Also defends you from his brother’s pranks, sometimes you two join forces on messing with him and getting some payback.
  • It’s like a cycle, his brother treats him like the younger bro, and he treats you like his little sister.
  • He H A T E S when you and Saeyoung fight. Because everything is very passive aggressive, you don’t yell at each other, you just stop talking.
  • Then you two keep glaring at each other in the breakfast table. And it’s like: “Saeran, would you ask MC to pass the butter, please?” “Saeran, would you tell your brother that if he wants something, he can ask me directly?” “Saeran, would you tell MC that she’s doing exactly what she doesn’t want me to do?|” “Saeran, would you ask your brother if he’s calling me a hypocrite?” “Saeran, would you ask MC to stop twisting my words?” OH. MY. GOD!
  • He feels like he should do something, but he doesn’t know what. Then you give up, because you don’t wanna fight in front of him, thank god!
  • Usually takes your side in these fights. He knows his brother, he’s an idiot, you can be a little silly sometimes, but you’re fairly more reasonable.
  • So he hears all your venting about what stupidity his brother did now, actually, he just stays next to you nodding, sometimes he ‘s not really paying attention.
  • Then he goes to his brother and just says bluntly: “Stop being an ass and apologize to her already!”
  • Sometimes he regrets it, because the makeup phase is so dramatic and gross, with you and Saeyoung starting to get all lovey dovey again.
  • But it will be worth it. Soon you two will take this to somewhere private and he’ll be able to stay alone in the living room without you two fighting for the remote.
  • Tomorrow his brother will be radiating and do whatever Saeran wants to do.
  • And you three will take some ice cream in the park.

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I hope you had a fantastic day! I heard you had a pretty crummy week (with the airplane dropping off your sister a day late and overtime), so I rendered that sketch one of your coworkers doodled for you. I dunmo, seemed fitting. Anyways, do continue having a great birthday and a great summer!

AWWW this is so cute!! Thank you so much! :D :D :D

“Aw babe, thank so much for letting me practice on you. Did the injections hurt much? I was super careful love. Awww, you’re so cute trying to talk with a numb mouth, bless you. We should hang around until the anesthesia wears off really.. say, I’ve always wanted to have sex in the chair.. and there’s no one here! Ooh look, hard already… someone’s keen! I’ll just change my gloves and I’ll be right with you babe x”

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At first, i actually disliked Hanji. She, at the time seemed like an annoying character. But when i saw Levihan (and your blog), i started digging deeper to Hanji's character and pay more attention to her. And after a few weeks, my point of view changed dramatically. I love Hanji since!!!!!! _Guess i could say that shipping changed me_ AND it happens a lot -also with Levi- cause i tend to judge the characters on their first appearance. Idk, just thought that i would share my story to you.

Awww… this is so sweet of you. And no! I really like reading someone else’s story a lot on how they discovered the ship! And this is so precious. *sheds a tear* 

Mostly, everyone disliked Hanji at first! (But, no, I LOVE HANJI THE MOMENT I SAW HER ASDFGHJKL) and I have read those things many times now, especially here on Tumblr! and I think they didn’t like Hanji’s attitude towards Eren and its because she totes love Titans!

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and this doesn’t stop there. She’s also reckless at some point! No! Reckless at EVERYTHING! You can actually refer it on when she was almost eaten by Bean.

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And she’s really annoying TBH

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But, no LeviHan shipper will ever get bored looking and watching this iconic Levihan moment! The Hair Grabbing Scene!

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I wish someone would make a 1 hour edit of this scene. ;-;

And wow, thinking about someone knowing this blog and telling me they shipped LeviHan bcoz of it makes me cry so hard! I can’t! 


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Happy belated birthday zeph!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for blessing us with your beautiful art! (especially the colours!! you’re a huge inspiration!?) THANK YOU!

awww, thank you so much ;v; !!!

My thoughts about the when the world's collide

Oh my gosh I absoulotly love this two eps !!!!
We see mona and Sal commander again yay !!!🤓
Lol I can’t stop laughing at that monas face !😂
Utroms are so kind they helped the poor guy ….☺
Dang newtrolizer!!!!😤
Awwww….poor Raph he misses mona but he won’t admit it  ….😔
Donnie and april are just so cute , girl admit it you love Donnie is so obvious….😉
My OTP!!!! I always imagined that Leo and karai train togather in the dojo and it finally happened!!! Thanks tmnt crew!!!🙏
Wow karai said she likes Leo !!! Am I dreaming ??? Is this heaven wha…..😇
That smile of Leo you dork😍
Is that renet ??? I love her hair so much !!!😍
But what about shini???😔
Mikey just gathered all the hot girls around him self!!He has the best taste in girls among all the turts !!!😏
Raph actually plays so good with drums !! Nice !!
Holy space apples!!!
Awww he is so happy
Demotion x !!!
Yaaaaay Romana!!!😍
Leorai is pure gold !!! 😍Just look at this two dorks😍😍😍 karai said the exact same thing that Leo did before lol 😂Leo looks at karai at put his arms like her  Lol karai founds out that she has a hot for Leo as well😏
Monas blushing 😍😍😍
I can’t stop laughing at them lol 😂
okay we get it you guys are so in peace 😂✋
And…..newtrolizer ruins everything…😐
Raph and Mona again 😍
Lord dreg attacked them ???😐
Nooooo Mikey!!!!! Oh yeah and Sal commander sorry 😅
We are friends….yo (my stomach hurts 😂😂😂)
Newtrolizer again 😑
Karai climb down at the wall like a boss 😎
I never get tired of watching these two togather 😍😍😍
Leeeeeo!!!🤓 She loves him is confirmed 😋
April being badass 😎
Relax have a drink!!! Love that line!!!
Yeah Mona please stay on earth 🙏
Good timing bishop !!!
Poor karai she doesn’t know a thing about this places lol 😂
I thought that april gonna be jealous that Donnie and utrom Irma working together…😆
Somebody stops this guy he is everywhere😲
Waterbender april !!! Mae Whitman loves voicing character’s that have cool powers!!   
Nooo Mikey my baby😢
Everything is missed up and Lord dreg attackes great timing!!!!😐✋
Karai screams for Leo love love love love 😍
And Sal commander is gone too…
I never really liked you bishop so if you talk to my woman like that again Iam gonna….(I love Raph so much 😍)
Well said my girl 😘
Leo being badass as always 😍😍😍
Raphs plan lol 😂
Jeez april mona was just supporting of him😕 no need to bring up Mikey 😒in fact mikeys plans are very good sometimes 😊
Mona and karai being badass togather 😍
Yayyyy Mikey is back 😄😄😄
And he has some cool electric powers !!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Donnie tells karai to be careful is my favourite moment❤ (siblings time😍)
April screams for donnie😍😍😍
Chompy you are so cute😍
Again jeez april give mona some break 😑
Love karai lines so much😍
Yayyyyy turtle mech returns to the action ! 🤓
Mikey is just so awesome !😍
Weak is your face rocka rocka looooool😂😂😂😂
Karai and april (friendly moments 😍)
Mikey is sacrificing himself my poor baby😢
Leo and karaiiiiiii😍😍😍😍
April and Donnie!!!😍😍😍😍
Seriously my shipper heart can’t take it anymore😍
Mikey is back !!!you were awesome in this episode  😍
Awwww don’t get his powers man !😐
Leo and karai love parties lol😂
Yeeeees mona is staying on earth with the mighty mutanimals!!! So that means she gonna stay with karai and shini too !!!!😲😲😲😲😲
Lol Mikey takes Leo hands to cover his eyes😂 april fangirling😍 and Donnie is like 😕 and karai is like Iam done with you sh*t guys 😂
Thanks for reading all of this !😅
I apologize for my bad English 😆
I hope you enjoyed it ❤

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Band member: Harry Styles, sentence: "Stop being cute or come be cute in my bed." (Love you & your blog by the way!!! xoxo)

A/N-Awww thank you so much babes!! I love you more! MUAH!! 🤗💖

You had thought of something special this morning, really special, something out of the ordinary actually. You knew that your british hunk Harry was comming home today for the first time in weeks and since you also knew damn well that the two of you are going to have some sweet “I missed you” sex, you thought that you should step up your game a little. So, you grabbed your purse and swiped your credit card in exchange for a little something that will make you look extra hot for him.
As soon as you had come home with the shopping bag in your hand though you felt somewhat unsure but you needed to do this. You and Harry have been doing the same dance in bed since day one and you were afraid that he might get bored soon. Even though he could never ever feel that way towards you, still, you wanted to be on the safe side.

From the moment Harry stepped into the front door, the entire day felt like the most beautiful dream ever.
The way he would be so affectionate, attacking you with kisses and “you’re so beautiful’s” and “I love you’s” mostly “I missed the hell of you’s” it all made you feel so loved, so treasured. But now came the heated moment the two of you have been waiting for…

“Mmmm..uuuhh..H-Harry…Harry wait…” You moaned as you laid on your back on the soft and huge mattress, receiving kisses from your handsome boyfriend’s pink heart shaped lips all over your face and soft spot on your neck….

“Baby…I’ve been waiting so long to snog you…please don’t make me stop now…”

“But I have a surprise for you…” You smiled, and immediately his green eyes would be wide, looking down into yours as he hovered…

“You’re pregnant?!”

“Hahaha no babe not that.”

“Oh…then what is it poppet?” He quizzed.

You switched places with him, you being the one hovering over him now. You pecked him once more with a look of excitement, “Be right back!”

It only took you minutes to change, but you stayed way longer just to stare at yourself in the mirror. You were so nervous to step back out dressed in black lace lingere, Harry has never seen you like that before, so you felt more excitement to see his reaction…

“(Y/N)…preciooous.” He’d coo outside, making you blush..

“Comming!…Are you ready?!”

“Let me look in my pants….yea I’m more than ready!”

You rolled your eyes in amusement and took a deep breath, “Kay here we go..” You say before leaping outside and presenting yourself. Harry’s eyes went wider than before, mouth dropping open into the perfect O shape, you even noticed his dick twitch. That sexy piece of outfit sure complimented your body shape, not to mention it defined your clevelage.


“You liiiike?”

“I love babe…now take it off.” He quickly said, making you laugh.

“Wait hold on love! I think I’m supposed to give you a sexy dance now…atleast that’s how I’ve seen it in movies…” You tell him.

“Uuuuum…m’kay.” He semi impatiently responds, signaling you to go ahead. Then that’s when things became awkward for you. Since this was all new to you, you didn’t exactly know how to dance all seductively like most women do, in fact you didn’t really know how to dance at all, but you gave it a shot anyway and just started swaying your body. You tried your best to look hot as fuck, but according to your boyfriend’s face of trying his hardest to hold in his laughter, you weren’t doing a very good job. Soon you felt so stupid, especially cause there was no music on, you snorted and cracked up, Harry cracking up with you.

“Oh dear God I can’t believe I just…ugh!” You giggled as you covered your tomato red face like the monkey emoji. Harry smiled so lovingly at you, you may have failed at acting “sexy”, but one thing is for sure, he would always find you sexy no matter what, and also, you are just so stinkin adorable to your man right now….


“What?” You muffled, your face heated.

Stop being cute! Or come be cute in my bed! NOW!” ❤️


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How did you and your boyfriend meet?? You guys are so cute!

Awww thank you!!! I actually love this story so much because it’s literally from a fairytale but it’s real and I am still in amazement about it.

We actually met on the train and on tinder. When I first came to Switzerland, I went to a festival with my friend in Lucerne and when I was coming back to Zurich, I was on the train by myself, hungover as shit and looking like trash. The next thing I know, I see a beautiful man with blonde hair and blue eyes board the train and sit right across from me. I was so mad at myself for looking like trash but when I looked up he was staring at me. I thought he was staring at me because I was sweating beer and had leftover mascara on my face, but when I looked up again he was still staring and when our eyes, met he smiled. I smiled back. We kept making eyes at each other and when the conductor came to collect my ticket, I said something in English so after the conductor left, he looked at me and said, “Are you lost?”

I was not lost. I have taken this route from Lucerne to Zurich HB a million times. So I said, “Yes. I am very very lost.” He knew I wasn’t lost and I knew he knew, so it was really just his way of breaking the ice.

We talked so much that I almost missed my stop and when my stop came, I literally had to run off with my suitcase. The moment the doors closed behind me, though, I realized I. Had. Not. Given. Him. My. Number. 

I was devastated. I was like well, fuck. I will never see that beautiful human again. 

Later that night when I got home, I decided to open up tinder because I had already tried searching “Michael, Zurich” on Facebook which you can imagine came up with 10000 results- none of which were him. So I thought, hm maybe he’s on tinder. 

I opened the app, changed the location settings so that it would reload and get rid of my NYC matches, and boom. 

I’m not even kidding you, anon, he was the first one. THE FIRST ONE. 

I know that it most likely has something to do with the fact that our GPS locations were next to each other for so long, etc, but I like to think it was magic.

So, my heart was racing and I swiped right and WE MATCHED IMMEDIATELY. Turns out he was looking for me too.

We talked all night, went on our first date the next day, and the rest is history.

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Fanon Allen: angel. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Canon Allen: get out of my fucking way I'm gonna win this poker game and get all the money, strip everyone naked and leave them in the train with no clothes. No mercy. Innocent who?!

It’s amazing because people get distracted by his angel face and round big eyes and polite speech which is exactly what happens in canon too right before he shows his true colors always - actual Allen will talk shit about random women he’s just met, will hold Bak’s “secret” crush on Lena over his head and threaten him through it, will scare the living shit out of a small child the moment he realizes he’s a small child making him believe he’s been stabbed with a huge ass sword, has and will again yell at the most powerful bad on the whole planet while standing on his back??? - has stripped people naked for money and started stripping himself naked while talking about added prices for it, got in a shouting match with two enemies over who had it worse with their debts (related, had absolutely no qualms telling said enemies that his master was the devil incarnated while they were trying to make him defensive over him and I don’t blame him at all) also anything he’s ever done with Kanda ever, like, that’s a whole category on its own

I mean, Allen’s definitely super sweet and caring and protective of his ideals and the people he loves, but it’s part of his actual plot that somewhere inside him there’s still Red and that a mixture between Allen and Red is his true self and I’ll never stop being amused at how the fandom likes to forget about that tbh

Anon said: Different anon here; you said your creativity was influenced by how much material you get on the subject. Once these characters weeks end, would you be interested in getting some fics written for you? I like your art so it feels like a good way to thank you while also helping you get inspiration for more bokuro, I feel it’d be a win/win situation :) Good luck with all the work you have to do by the way!

I’m always a slut for words my friend !!! Tho I can’t promise whatever you write for me will make me want to draw, I could never and I will never say no to words about my otps haha

Anon said: do you mind other people copying certain aspects of your style? like not exactly the same but for example the way you kinda put the blush colour across the knees and elbows and such? bc i know some artists are kinda picky about that sort of thing

I don’t mind at all, go for it! Most of what I do with my style is a patchwork of things I liked in other people’s styles anyway, it would be really hypocritical of me if I told you I don’t want you to experiment with what you like too - let your creativity be free my friend!

And anyway as long as the hand drawing it is different and you don’t purposefully try to exactly copy something, even things taken from other people’s styles won’t look the same - that’s how art works, after all~

Anon said: hi!! so i was scrolling through your art the other day and it’s really cool to see how much you’ve changed *^^* i love your art so much and i think it’s really inspirational to see obvious improvement i guess? thanks ily good bye

OH MY GOD thank you so much!!!!!! *O* I’m!!!!! really glad you can see my stuff getting better???? AHHHHHH!!!!! what a good ask to get, I’m really happy right now hahaha

Anon said: Kirishima has a bad habit of chewing his pencils when he’s trying to focus and because he has those killer teeth his pencils get fricking destroyed and it stresses everyone out except him so his classmates give him a lot of pencils and he’s bamboozled as to why.

It’s good tho because Kiri doesn’t really realize he needs the pencils himself so he keeps on using his chewed-through ones and hoards the pencils he’s given by the others so when Bakugou’s temper ends up making his pencils explode or Kaminari’s stress fries his into uselessness or Mina inadvertently destroys hers with her acid he can just give them new ones and he feels really good about it

everyone else has no clue how to point out that that’s not why he was given the pencils to begin with because Kiri looks so happy about it too - one day Momo will just make a Crimson Riot pencil with an indestructible material and Kiri will love it so much and they’ll solve the problem once for all haha

Anon said: I seriously can’t get over your chibi style. It’s so cute!

AWWW THANK YOU!!!!! It’s super fun to draw too, so I’m happy you like it!!!!

Anon said: The way you are dodging angst is a true art tbh

Oh my god anon I got bad news for you seems like in the bakushima week I gave in to the soft-sads (note to self: never sketch out prompts when you’re feeling emo for other reasons)

Anon said: does bokuto peel the cheese stick or does he just eat it whole?

Anon as an Italian I have absolutely no clue what a cheese stick is. What is that. What are you feeding your kids anon. I’m concern.

  • <p> <b></b> [Bangtan's Hyung line when a member is feeling down]<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Is very gentle and comforting, carefully and calmly help them work out the root of the issue, gived them a lot of space and the affection they need.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Caring, gentle, trying to be comforting, puns. A shit ton of puns.<p/><b>J Hope:</b> Gentle, caring, comforting, generally awkward, trying to make them laugh when they feel down.<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> *pushes member over* Alright, nerd, who do I need to beat up for you? Some punk? Your feelings? Do you want me to punch your feelings?<p/></p>

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awww i'm sad the the tattoo au ended but IT IS SO GOOD AND PURE!! i love it so much ♡

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO GLAD you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  but what did kala say!!!

!!!!! Kouda can’t actually talk to animals, he can only control them! But Baku is Baku and as usual his knowledge of his classmates’… everything is approximative at best haha

Anon said: omg that bakugou with cat is so cute!!! (fun fact tho! kala mean fish in finnish so its a cute name for a cat)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s actually adorable!!!! *O* thank you for telling me!!!!

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As a traditional artist, I really appreciated that post. I also use crayola, but I scan, and i find that it tends to separate the colors that I blend. I might try to start taking photos, do you have any elaborations on the whole light thing? How do you do it? -PS your stuff is super cute!

ohh yeahh haha i have learned that scanners are basically color vampires

they suck the life out of any colored piece u_u

tbh i would only use a scanner if the drawing is monochrome or maybe monochrome + red. red is so forgiving haha
its one of the only colors that looks great no matter how you scan or photograph it

and awww!! thank you so much!! QuQ

its a bit hard to offer tips for lighting things bc its honestly so much about experimentation! here’s a few things i can think of off the top of my head tho :0c

1. morning to noon sunlight!

if youre going to be using sunlight coming in from a window for your photos i recommend using light from 10am -12pm/1pm

imo this is the most flattering natural light!

also!! this is the most flattering light for selfies too ;D

it creates a very soft yet warm light that will bring out your warm tones but its still soft enough to compliment your cooler tones too!

very flattering all around (which is why it looks nice on your face too haha)

this photo was taken under morning light! the warmer tones (like the hair, tights and skin) are a bit brighter looking than irl and i love that! when you start learning how light works you can make your photos look even better than the original! the pinks in her ears are actually barely visible irl, but i knew that the soft warm light would bring it out just enough to look really pleasant in the photo ^u^

2. white light!

if you can find a light somewhere that is completely white i recommend trying this too! white light is super pure and wont really affect your colors at all except by possibly making them a bit pale. which, if your drawing is pastel or light/soft in nature is a very good thing!

besides morning light ive found white light to be the most flattering and most able to not affect my colors in any way which is good bc obv you want your photo to be as close to the original as possible!

this photo was taken under white light and it looks p much exactly the same as the original!

3. take a photo of white paper

your eyes can play tricks on you! a photo may look fine on your phone but once you upload it to your computer it looks incredibly dark, blurry or weirdly colored!

i recommend taking photos of what ever white paper you are drawing on in all light sources you are considering using, and then upload those photos and look at the paper. you might be surprised to see how differently colored your paper looks in different lights!

whichever photo is the closest to the original paper’s color is the light you wanna go with if you want to make sure that your color is barely affected, if at all, by the light (like the pic above of howlite and moon!)

if your paper looks yellow in the light that means it has a warmer tint. it will make your paper look a bit like parchment and give a sort of vintage feel to the drawing like this one:

this drawing is actually quite old but its the best example i have of the yellow light effect haha
tbh i dont really care for yellow light (which is why i dont have many new examples) bc im much more aesthetically drawn to the cooler or white lights but yellow can def have a neat affect!

i hope these tips help!! <3

caped-ace  asked:

I just wanted to say that I got a bunch of your buttons in the mail today, and it completely made my day~! Got to work and saw a lot of stuff had gone wrong during the day (I work graveyard) so I was feeling down, but opening the package and looking at all the cute af buttons really cheered me up. Thank you~♥

I’m so glad you got them safely! q A q/

awww ;; I’m also glad that it had made your day even just a bit better *HUGS* <333 thank you so much again!

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Birthday Girl - Nico Hischier (#18)

Originally posted by at-hannabunton

What a cute human!!!!!! Awww! So there was no prompt for this so I came up with something and I hope it’s goooodddd!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 969

Warnings: just fluff!!!

Request: “Need some more nico hischier in my life 😫 would you mind writing an imagine for him?” - @brooke5bb


“Happy birthday baby!”

Your eyelids fluttered open as you were woken up to your boyfriend’s morning voice whispering in your ear.  Your mouth formed a smile, “thanks Neeks.”

Nico draped his arm across your stomach pulling you closer to his chest and you instantly relaxed back into him, both of you falling back asleep.

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